Vol. 8 Chapter XII

Sophy's lubricious vagina. • My sensitive propagator. • Need for mucilaginous cunts. • In another man's semen. • Sophy's vocabulary. • Her love of the scrotum. • Pissing bouts with Nell, and Sophy. • Both with kid. • Nelly later on. • My procuress. • Miscellaneous and many Paphian peripatetic whores. • Martha. • A female life-guard. • Two little ones on a hot day. • In a cab. • Carry and Sally. • Feeling and felt. • Half-sitting fornication. • Carry in a bedroom. • "Who first fucked you?" • Sally's home experiences. • Brother Jack's onanism. • A trio of mutual exhibitions. • Jack and the pail of water. • Carry cum Jack at 6:30 a.m. • Luck of a lad of fifteen. • Jack's fraternal intentions. • Sally's sisterly anticipations of Jack.

This idiotic, semi-albino faced, wench's cunt, by the perfection of surface and fit, alone attracted me to her. I used to tell Nelly of it. I made Nelly at times anoint my tool with cold cream and unguents, and once poured oil in her cunt and then fucked her, extolling all the time the delicious lubricity of Sophy's light fringed slit, and much to Nelly's jealous annoyance. One day when she had been about two years harlotting, and knew most things erotic, I imagine, she said to me when eulogizing what I called Sophy's sliggery cunt (where I got the term I know not), — "You'd like to poke in another man's spunk," and she laughed. "You dirty little bitch, do you think I'd be such a beast?" "I don't see that it is beastly, some men do it" — and after a pause — "at least I've heard so."

Soon after and about this time, my penis seems again to have got the intense sensitiveness of my youth. I began to think of having plunged my procreator into the leavings of Captain Blank in Liz M***d*n's and Nelly ***'s cunts, and what they said about it, and of similar episodes, and to wonder if any man had a taste for "buttered buns" — I seemed vaguely to recollect that the cunts of the women when thus lubricated had seemed very delicious to me, but attributed that to the fullness of my spermatic reservoirs, coupled with the lovely elasticity, and natural slipperiness of their cunts, and not to anything which Captain Blank had left there. I thought fucking after a man, a dirty trick, yet my prick stood at times, at the idea of its having been in the same sheath directly after another. This at times began now to occur to me when fucking Nelly L**l*e. What a number of pricks have been where my prick is, and what does that matter I thought, then began even to like the idea, and then to wonder if the enjoyment was increased by quickly entering a cunt after another man's journey there. Nearly all my life, as told, I had a most sensitive gland. — As my prick entered the sexual treasures of the dear creatures, I could tell if they had been recently washed out, or had used astringents. At one period I would not let a woman wash her split before I fucked her, unless I suspected that she'd recently had a male. Then after I had had a clap, I made them always wash scrupulously, but paid penance in the diminished enjoyment I had in pistoning, till the natural lubriciousness of their cunts returned under the soft friction and incitement of my prick. At times after their ablution, I covered my prick with saliva, and made them treat similarly their love temples, and sometimes made them moisten my prick tip in their mouths, so as to simulate the natural mucilaginous sur-face of their cunts, a condition which kind nature mostly leaves a cunt in, to be ready at all times and seasons to receive and gratify "John Thomas," the procreator, propagator, poker, pego, penis, of the male.

Somewhere about this time, the acute sensitiveness of my gland returned, and even increased, and a cunt in copulation without its natural viscosity, at first al-most gave me pain. I used my saliva for lubrication copiously, and if I could wait, and the lady would let me (Cyprians often don't like to be frigged or excited too much at first, and object to a prolonged clitorisation), I would rub and titillate her button till I felt the internal effusion of her cunt was sufficient. Then I embraced her with the energy and enjoyment which is the proper compliment that the prick pays to the cunt, and which the man owes to the woman who permits him. Sophy had a cunt with this perfect viscosity, that exquisite lubricity.

Sophy had a vocabulary picked up in the slums and fields I guess. — She was one of the few women I have known who liked playing with my balls better than my prick; hundreds of women whom I have had never touched my testicles, all liked to play with the stem and prepuce. — Sophy would handle my balls gently at first, then squeeze one stone, then the other, then hold the bag in her fist, and left the rod alone. Her language also had a ballocky tone. — "Let's feel your balls — how's your bolly?" When I began to appreciate more fully the pleasure which a nice pair of lips gave my prick, Sophy took to gamahuching with delight, but always held my balls in her hand when my prick was in her mouth. — She would lick my balls, smell them, kiss them all over. She was in fact fond of the balls.

— A hard, well wrinkled scrotum made her eyes shine with delight, "Your bally's full to night I know," she'd say.

Of course I had a micturating bout with these two girls. One night I took a large mackintosh and spread it on the floor before the fire, then we took off the sheets from the bed to dry ourselveswith, I laid down on my back, Nelly mounted me, and putting my prick up her began slowly fucking; Sophy start naked and straddling her legs over Nelly's arse, when we began to get lively in our movements, she half squatted and pissed on to Nelly's bum furrow which I pulled open with both hands. The hot stream came rattling down the furrow and thence on to my balls, making a pond under my arse. — In the midst of the splashing Nelly and I spent.

Some time after — it was a lushing night and I had taken them wine. — When drink had filled the girl's bladders, I mounted Nelly's belly. Sophy at first said she would not piss, it was her turn to fuck, but at length let fly her stream towards my arsehole. Afterwards I indulged Sophy with a bit of cock. How we laughed as we rubbed each other dry. — That night Nell, tho she tried, could not piss over Sophy, as she topped me. Sophy was a wonderful hand at the work, she could hold her cunt lips open and direct her stream like a fire-man, in which she resembled another gay lady already told of — I have seen some women unable to do this, and piss quite wildly.

The next night I had them, we all stripped. Nell laid on the floor on her back, I pushed under her rump a foot stool, then straddling over her I pulled up her legs and held them wide open, my arse was turned towards her face, my ballocks hanging almost over it, her cunt about a foot off the ground. — With her fingers she distended her orifice widely, then Sophy in baudy de-light coming close up and slightly squatting, thighs wide apart and holding her cunt open, pissed a perfect cataract on to Nelly's cunt. She hit it as neatly as if she had sent it out of a squirt. Then we put Sophy on her back, she held her legs as high up as she could, and Nelly and I pissed at the same time on her quim. Then on the bed, we fucked all three together. — Later, both girls pissed together over my prick as I lay on the floor, and I fucked again. We made such a mess that Madame S*k*s was angry, but I paid for washing and tipped besides, so all passed off pleasantly. — This was all done in the early days of their harlotry. — It was the pleasure of teaching, if initiating them into the amusements obtainable from their cunts, which gratified me. Their gratification was excessive. We made an awful noise when about it, but there were no other women in the house. Madame S***k*n*us occupied the ground floor, the girls the two upper floors, the only servant was in the floor above.

A month after I first met this couple, Nelly said, "You've got me in the family way." "And me too," said Sohpy. "It's other men." — Both were sure it was I, and that both were got so in the first week. They always afterwards declared that it was so. Sophy thought it was the very first time I'd fucked her. That poor woman afterwards was always getting in the family way. Nelly, in after years, used to say she never had enjoyed fucking in her life in the way she did the first week with me, and that she was dead sure I'd got her with child within the first day or so.

"Hasn't Nell a dark haired cunt?" said I to Sophy one day when I had them. "Yes, I like black better than my colour." — She had never seen Nell's cunt excepting outside. — Why should she? — It was like her own warn't it? — "Nor you, Sophy's?" — "No," said Nell. — I made them at once look at each other's cunts, and put their fingers on each other's and frig — I had jolly larks with them in the first days, and didn't I astonish them with the tales I told about sods, and flat-fucking — cow-fucking — dog-frigging — and cock-sucking or gamahuching — cunt-licking, and so forth. — They were both wonderfully green when they came to London; plain fucking and frigging was the extent of their knowledge.

To go back, for I have narrated much which occurred through several years afterwards, I had now supplied the loss of Sarah F**z*r, and knew where to go always for a quiet baudy evening, and could get every want gratified. — For two years I had a complete return of the virility of my youth, I renewed acquaintance with my old friend Camille, had again a strong letch for letting women piss on my hand whilst I felt their cunts in the streets, and one night in L**c**t*r Street, must have had twenty do so. — A few times I saw a lovely made woman who was a pose plastique, had her with her tights on, and fucked her thro a hole I cut in them. I fucked also a cheap woman in the Park, and wonder I did not get clapped, but Nelly's rooms were my resting place, whenever I felt weary or worried, or cared not about the trouble of getting pleasures elsewhere; tho later on I did not see her for months, and once, a year or more elapsed between my visits.

I saw Nelly mostly when I wanted a chat and comfortable rooms to sit and talk baudy in, and smoke till a poke terminated the evening. I reverted to my habits of getting peripatetic whores, whose gait, face, or al-lures struck my fancy. I went, tho but occasionally, to the A*g**e, to C**m***e, and other resorts of soiled doves, and had one or two old stagers whom I had tailed ten years and more previously. I called on Camille occasionally and gave her a cunt basting, and one or two other old acquaintances as well. These fugitive amours were all narrated at the time, but this must suffice for an account of the whole group — I must abbreviate.

Two or three years after, I made Nelly procure me other women, and very willingly she undertook the task. A vicious looking, dark eyed, shortish woman named Martha, said to be married, was one; and I think she was a hot arsed one for she took to my fucking con amore. — There was a big, stern looking woman whom I named my "Life-guard blue" — on account of a masculine, stern look she had. I soon had done with her, for altho I had her three or four times, she never would let me see her cunt, nor even feel it much or well. What was the cause, what the matter with her, I can't imagine. Something certainly was wrong in that spicy nook. Nelly declared she did not know, but had heard that she never would let men see her pudenda. I suppose she was ashamed of it. The last time at Nelly's I said to this "she life guard," "I'm not going to have you unless you let me see your cunt properly." She wouldn't, she would sooner leave. — "Well go then." She went, and I didn't pay her. Nelly had her monthlies on.

Some of my doings with both of those Cyprians will be told in their place.

At mid-day on a very hot day, tho towards the end of the summer of this year, I was walking along one of the main highways which lead to the suburbs of Lon-don, and was at a spot at some distance from the centre, when I passed two young girls who were sauntering idly along. The taller of the two had her arm round the other's neck, and looked not sixteen, the other perhaps a year younger. They were dressed poorly like the children of artisans. The taller was nibbling a piece of hay, which I saw her pull out of a truss on the pavement by a corn chandler's shop, and staring about her idly and rudely. I was voluptuously inclined that morning, was thinking of the charms of youthful cunts, and gave a loving glance and winked at the taller as I passed them. She returned the glance saucily yet half shyly, and instinct told me at once that if the girl had not had a prick up her cunt, she knew pretty well what a cock and a cunt did when they met. The idea fired my lust.

After passing them I stopped and looked back. They had stopped, and the tall one was looking back, but seeing me stopping they immediately resumed their sauntering. I should like to fuck her thought I, for she has such bright eyes, and turning I followed them quickly, and as I again passed them said aloud, "I'd give a shilling each to kiss you two pretty girls." Again I caught the tall one's saucy inviting eye. When I had gone ahead some distance, I returned and met them face to face again. They were half looking in at a shop window, half in my direction. Encouraged, I stopped at the shop, and looking at the window and askant only at them, so as to avoid attracting notice, said, "Come and have a ride in a cab with me." Immediately the tall one said, "I don't mind." The other only stared at me. The taller one then whispered something to her.

I stood without further noticing them, waiting for a four wheel cab to pass, nor they noticing me. At length one came by, I hailed it and it stopped. I half abandoned my intention whilst waiting, for there was a-considerable foot traffic, but it was at a part where the road passed through a poor neighbourhood, the traffic was mostly of humble people, poor girls were hanging about, hucksters were in the road, the pedestrians (mostly working people) seemed hurrying and probably to their dinners, none of the well to do were out, nor in-deed were there many I expect at any time just there.

Quickly I entered the vehicle, the elder girl needed no further invitation to follow, but the younger hesitated. "Come on Sally, he says he'll gie us a ride," and she pushed the shorter one in, following herself. I shut the door and told the cabman to drive to * * * * *. It was a long way off, but the road I knew would be a quiet one. The girls made no objection even if they heard, but seemed delighted at a ride. The cabman I am sure knew my game, for he grinned.

Excitement and the broiling sun had made me hot, and for a minute I could only wipe off my perspiration, but lust soon stirred up. I looked at the elder, who sat opposite to me staring half saucily, I wondered what from her saucy look that she was game. "I'm in a sweat." "Ain't yer just," said she. "Aren't you?" "Not much." "Your cunt's in a sweat isn't it now?" "He, he," she giggled. "Here's a shilling, let me feel it." — I offered her the shilling and not waiting for her to take it or reply, pulled her rapidly on to my knee, kissed her, and in a second my fingers were on her split. — "Don't do that now sir," but beyond slightly closing her thighs she made no resistance. My fin-gers were well between the lips, and her cunt felt quite sticky. — Young girls I notice don't seem to wash their quims much, for I have usually found them sticky when I have suddenly felt them. I rubbed it with my fingers, and she seemed to like it, for her struggling was a mere sham, yet she kept exclaiming. — "Oh ain't he a going on Sally. — Don't now sir." — Sally sat staring at my doings.

I felt her cunt for a minute, then gave her the shilling. She held it in her open hand for Sally to see, before she pocketed it. —Then I offered Sally a shilling to feel her cunt, but she refused and resisted. "Have you got any hair on your cunt Sally?" "Shan't tell you." — "She ain't, she ain't fourteen, but it's a comin," said her friend. "Feel my cock," and I pulled it out. Both laughed and refused, but Carry soon repented, and felt it, with much gratification. "Isn't it big and stiff," said I. "I don't know." "You do." — Seizing her, I put my mouth to her ear and whispered, "You little devil, you know you've had a prick in your cunt, let me fuck you." "I ain't," and she giggled. — I went on whispering about fucking. "What's he a telling yer?" said Sally, who seemed curious at the whispering. — "I'm telling her I'll give you a shilling to feel your cunt." "Shan't," said Sally. "Feel my prick then." "Feel it, it won't bite yer," said her friend. The girl refused. — "Have you ever felt a man's cock?" "No," said she, boldly and postively. "Oh yer lie — yer have — you've twice felt Jack's." — Sally made no reply, was shut up, and looked stupid.

In a little time Sally, by my continued requests, and at the advice of Carry, got her shilling, and not only felt my cock, but let me feel her bum. I had Carry on one side, and Sally on the other, both standing up with their backs to the doors of the cab, both feeling my standard whilst I was feeling their little backsides.

It was delightful to handle their buttocks, but I wanted further satisfaction. "Show me your cunt Carry and I'll give you another shilling." She wouldn't, she should be seen, but that at length was arranged. Sally stood looking out of one cab window, whilst I with a little resistance threw up the other's petticoats as she sat on the seat opposite to me, and disclosed soiled underlinen, and stockings dirty enough to have shocked my prick if it had had eyes. — But it hadn't, and stood stiffer than ever, when a very little triangular bit of flossy brown shewed at the bottom of the girl's belly. To get a better view I seized hold of her legs, and pulling them up, tilted her back. She kept laughing but asking me to leave off. Then Sally turned her head and seeing my game, uttered a solemn, — "Hoh! ain't he agoing on."

I had my look and wanted another feel, so got Carry on to my knees again and my finger on her cunt,

— 273 whispering that I'd give her half a crown to fuck her. — "Oh no," — she couldn't. — "She'll tell perhaps, and the people will see us when passing." — But she sat feeling my cock, longing for it to be up her, whilst I rubbed at her clitoris till she wriggled her bum. "You rub this till you get pleasure don't you?" "Some-times," said the slut laughing. "Oh don't — leave off."

Again I tried it on with Sally, and at length succeeded in feeling her little cunt whilst she kept her legs closed, but nothing induced her to let me look, and as she got noisy —"No I shan't then, I don't care if she do — I shan't, then — leave off" — I desisted.

"Take us back," said Carry suddenly. "If mother goes out afore I get there, I shan't get nothing to eat — and she'll row me tonight when she comes in." — She was very much in earnest. — "Let me fuck you then and I'll go back at once." — We were just then at a spot where there was very little traffic. She refused. Sally might tell — I refused to go back and increased my offer.

At length, promising another shilling to Sally to keep standing and looking out of the window, I pushed my legs well forward to the front seat, and between Carry's thighs, who was standing up in front of me. She was almost too short, her cunt was a small mark to hit, but the little bitch was in heat, and earnestly and silently aided my efforts. My prick was in such a state that it would have pierced a board, and directly it got its tip on her split, with a heave up of my arse, it was fixed as tightly up her cunt as if she'd been pegged. Then I clasped her little buttocks and fairly lifted her off the floor, she came forward, her arms round my neck, her face near mine, and I began fucking with short thrusts; my prick never moved more than an inch backwards and forwards, the position would not enable long strokes, but it was enough. — "Do you like it Carry?" "Y-hes," she whispered. "It's up your cunt." "Y-hes — a-har." "Are you coming?" "Aha — Y-hes — soon," and then with delicious short wriggling movements we both spent, and Carry's head fell over my left shoulder.

I thought my pego would never withdraw, and in meretricious thoughts was content to leave it in its soft luscious compress, holding her still round her small backside close to me. She lay with head on my shoulder, silent, tranquil, enjoying the gentle dilation that my prick still gave her cunt, when floating, dwindling slowly in abundant sperm — in the soft mucilaginous bath we had made together in her temple of love — her feet still scarcely touching the cab floor, her cunt squeezing more and more down on to my ballocks, as she felt the rod slowly receding from her. — Sally looked round. — "You'll lose your shilling if you don't look out," said I just recovering from my pleasure as I noticed her. — The girl then stared steadily out of the window but Carry was roused, I let go her backside, and slowly she sat back on the seat opposite as we un-coupled, looking at me with quite a luscious smile, a smile of delight and gratitude for the voluptuous treat I had given her. Then her eyes settled on my moist pego hanging its head over my balls, for I had still lascivious delight in letting it hang out for her to see, my knees still between her legs as she sat, her petticoats dropping over them could fall no further. Thus for a minute smiling at each other, we sat.

Time was pressing, I covered up my ballocks and sat up, she dropped her petticoats, Sally turned round and sat beside her, staring first at me, then at her companion. The little slut knew, I'm sure, what we had been up to, but never spoke a word as she took my shilling. I told cabby to drive back, and was glad of air, for the sun was beating down, and the cab like an oven, as I had closed both windows to diminish the area thro which people passing could see.

I took Carry on my lap, felt that gluey little quim, kissed her, and kept up a conversation in whispers, much to the annoyance of the other, who every now and then kept jealously asking what it was all about. — I offered her a sovereign, if she would bring Sally out that night, and induce her to let me fuck her. — She'd try but feared she couldn't. "I knows who will do it to her tho." — Her own mother often stopped her (Carry) going out of a night, but if she'd had a drop she'd be sure to let her go. — Sally's mother wouldn't let Sally. They lodged in the same house, but she would try. — Soon after I got out, paid the cabman, and told him where to set the girls down.

The evening came, I somehow had made up my mind that I should fuck the virgin Sally — if she were virgin — for I couldn't get her to let me feel her closely enough to verify that. I was disappointed. At a little past seven o'clock at the appointed place, Carry appeared alone. Sally's mother wouldn't let her daughter out. "I think she'd a let yer do it to her if she'd come, she told me she would." — Carry went with me willingly to a house, and I stripped her. — She had put on clean stockings and chemise, I had told her to do so when in the cab in the morning. — "Shall I fuck you," said I. "Yes do," she replied quickly. I mounted the little lass, and gloried in the sweet little pouting, half fledged sheath I fucked when I felt the little lass was having as much pleasure as a grown woman. She was revelling with me in copulation, sighing her voluptuous sighs in that sweetly quiet way which girls do, till they learn to break out into the lewed exclamations of delight, which many do as they grow older. — Then after she'd wiped her cunt outside, and our passions were subdued for a time, we talked.

At first she was reserved, then open, and for an hour I questioned her much, and she me a little. What sweet confidences between a girl of sixteen and a man not far from fifty. The difference in age gave our conversation an additional charm. It was semi-paternal, yet all about fucking. — Of the hour's talk, all worth telling may be soon told.

She had never been in a baudy house before, and had only been fucked two months. Her father died some months ago, her mother was a charwoman and drank. Carry had been a short time a nursemaid, and now did rooms, looked after another sister, and worked with her needle. — She and her mother quarrelled. "Now who fucked you first?" — a young man she knew — "quite a young man" — that's all I could then learn. Sally and her mother lived in the room below, her father was a chair maker, but was a blackguard, sometimes disappeared for a month or two, and her mother got their living principally, and she often was drunk. There was a brother nearly sixteen years old and a younger sister, and all three slept in the same bed, and in the same room as their mother and father.

Sally knew all about fucking tho she denied all, and was so demure in the cab. She had seen her brother's cock and felt it, and he had seen Sally's cunt. — "His cock is a good big one too." "Then you've seen it." — Carry didn't deny that. The brother one night tried to do it to his sister "And she'll let him one day I knows, tho she says she won't." Little by little, I got out that these two youngsters had one day frigged the lad, and he'd seen both their cunts. He was a shop boy at a grocer's.

Suddenly a light dawned upon me from some remark she made. "It's her brother who fucked you first." — She broke out into laughter, and denied it. — But I insisted, and at last she admitted it.

Carry had to fetch pails of water upstairs, and the lad used kindly to do it for her — one morning her mother had gone out to work at six o'clock, when the lad knocked at the door as he was going to his work, and asked if he should fetch her a pail full. She accepted and he fetched it. She instead of getting up when her mother left went to bed again, and was in her chemise. He wanted to bring the water in. — "No put it down outside." He said he'd throw the water away. So she let him in, he put down the pail, then began kissing her, she'd already seen his prick, and his spunk, he'd seen her cunt, and a few minutes after-wards, that lucky lad's prick was in her virgin niche, her hymen was but a bleeding split, his sperm was sticking his balls on to her buttocks. — She was in for fucking after that. — When once a female's tasted the sugar stick, it's not long before she gets another taste.

Since then whenever Jack got the opportunity he fucked her, and she let him willingly. — "Why shouldn't I now." She'd never had another man. — But Jack was a blackguard, for tho he'd promised to tell no one — had "took his Bible oath" he wouldn't if I'd let him, he had told a shopman where he was working, and the shopman came after her and told her. But she hadn't and did not mean to let the shopman, she could not bear him — and I was the only one except Jack, who had done it to her.

She didn't think Jack had told his sister, but he'd said he meant to fuck his sister, and Carry felt sure she'd let him some day when his mother was out. "She knows all about doing it bless yer. — Why she's seen her father and mother adoing it often, and has seen her father's prick."

That was the history got in an hour's talking, whilst feeling and finger stinking, and by that time my pego being in admirable condition and she delighted at its size and look. — "Oh yes, it's much bigger than Jack's, — took it up her notch again, and again I wetted its little soft interior with my sperm, and she spent charmingly in my arms, kissing me.

I was in love with the little lass, and fucked her once more but she was in a hurry to get home, her mother would knock her about if she found her out of nights, and unless drunk her mother usually kept at home. She hoped her "mother would be out on the screw." — Couldn't I be where I first met them in the day, then perhaps Sally would go to a house, and let me have her. I couldn't well do that soon, but arranged to be that day week at the same spot and hour if Carry would. She agreed but never came, and I never saw her more.