Vol. 9 Chapter I

Introductory. • A thin female. • Plaintive address. • Lodgings. • Thinness. • "I can't do it." • Do it twice. • Suicidal intentions. • A lark in a park. • Alice T****h**l of Middleborough. • Loving couples in the open. • "Let's feel it." • Reflexions on fucking. • Idealities. • Two little sisters. • At a German bath. • An exquisite Austrian Paphian. • Delicious fuckstress. • A forgotten appointment. • Enter male. • Mein schwester's bedroom. • A treat at a peephole. • Up a lubricious cunt. • Mein schwester washing herself. • Fraulein gamahuched. • Groping and fucking. • On my gamahuching tendencies. • A family of harlots. • Two sister dress makers. • Anne and Maria. • Feeling cunts. • Forms, features, and cuntal resemblances. • A fart in a fire place. • On harlots farting. • Cunt farts.

I find that I have misplaced some manuscript, and that the four following little adventures took place after I had Carry and Sally in a cab, in the summer and in the autumn of which I renewed acquaintance with the Great Eastern.

The narratives of these little incidents are but little abbreviated, some paragraphs not at all — but the past is put for the present, in which latter tense most of the narratives of my amours were written. Late one night in Oxford Street looking at the battalion of harlots walking about, a well grown woman faced and pleased me — I was fit, yet had no intention of having a woman, was simply looking at them, pleased and yet sorry as they often made me feel, when in unphilosophic mood. "Good night," said she. "Good night, my dear." — "Won't you say some-thing more?" — "No, good night" — and I turned to cross the road to B**d St. — "Come home with me." — "No." — "Oh-do-I wish so you would."

There was something plaintive in her voice, and her manner was unlike her class. She had for some time walked by my side looking into my face without speaking. — There was gentility in her manner which pleased me. — "Do you live far off?" — "No only up there." — "I can only give you ****." — "That will do." — "Go on then and I'll follow — and so on we went on and on so far, that I stopped. — "Where is it?" She named the street. — "Oh! that's a long way let's take a cab dear." We did and drove to G***e R**d. — A respect-able looking young man opened the door of a very well and seemingly newly furnished house, and we went into a nice bedroom.

She kissed me several times when in the cab which I don't think I returned, and she felt gently at my ballocks. I had not felt much desire until she did that. Then my cock rose and the delicious lewedness coursed thro my body. — "Oho!" said she with a sigh. "It's a nice one I'm sure" — and she kissed me lovingly. — In the room she sat down with her bonnet on, then rose and kissed me several times. — "Would you believe that the man who opened the door was my father's servant?" — "No," I replied bluntly. "I thought you wouldn't but he was, he's just married and opened this house for lodgers, but he knows I'm gay." — I didn't believe her, thought it brag, tho I did not say so. — "Take off your things." — She left off feeling my prick which she had got out and was fondling, and began undressing.

She took off petticoat after petticoat — warm weather it was, — whilst I sat looking at her. Her arms were very thin, and I saw that she had the smallest breasts.

— "Go on," said I for she had stopped. — "What, all?

— I'm rather thin, do you like thin women?" — "I have no objection to them if they are nice." It was not true but I said that not to wound her. — She took off more clothing, pausing from time to time for me to say enough. But I made her strip to her chemise. — "I'm very thin," said she, "but I am as good on a bed as an-other woman," and she sat down on the sofa besides me.

I pulled up her chemise, felt about her, and I have never seen such a thin gay woman. She had scarcely breast or backside. Her thighs were half what they should have been, and below her knees were broom sticks. — My cock dwindled, and all desire left me, so after feeling her and talking for a time I said, "That will do dear, now I am going," and I put the money on the mantel piece.

"Oh don't go without doing me, you'll find me very nice — do me, I want it so badly, you've not looked at it" and laying down on the sofa she exposed her cunt, a youthful dark haired article. — I went to her and looked at it, not having even wished to see it before. — It was a neat looking cunt, but my prick gave no such signs of vitality as a fresh cunt ought to have caused. "Let's talk," said she, and I sat down by her. She clutched my prick and my fingers went on to her clitoris; she was a nice clean woman, but no sensation came to me for a time, and we talked on, she telling her history, and kissing me at intervals, and always feeling my doodle.

I was quite cold to her — "I can't do it," I said — "and often go home with women only to see, feel, and chat with them," saying this to avoid wounding her. — "You don't like me, because I'm so thin." — "Not so."

— "I don't like doing it," said she, "but I do want it so

— I haven't had it for a week," and kneeling down at once, she took my cock in her mouth; I had not hinted at such a thing. — The friction of her lips and tongue took effect, it stiffened, desire came, she rose up triumphantly smiling. "I'm so glad," said she. Then we went to the bed, and her cunt received it. In copulation it seemed as nice as that of other women's, but I al-most wondered what I held in my hands as I recovered from my pleasure, and moved them over her skinny backside. She spent almost directly my prick went up her. "Oh, it's lovely," said she "keep it in," and twining her spidery limbs round mine she held me to her, clipped my cock well with her cunt, and then easing off from me slightly begging me to keep my cock in her which I did pretty well, she got her right hand between our bellies and frigged herself whilst I was still in her. Her eyes closed. — "Lovely prick, lovely prick," she kept ejaculating to herself as if to excite herself till she spent again, and then her legs stretched out, and she laid tranquil. — My cock was actually stiffening in her, thro her cunt clipping as she spent, but I drew it out intending to leave her, her thinness displeased me so.

But she held me. "Don't go yet — wait and do it again." — "I can't it's late." — "Not very, you could do it now if you like — I haven't enjoyed a poke like it in I don't know how long — what a lot you have spent — shall I wash it?" — It was irresistible. — My penis had been getting more sensitive for some time, and a fresh washed cunt even hurt me sometimes, and if washed out with anything but water I could tell it directly. — I like them just as nature has made them when left untouched for some hours, moist, smooth, lubricious; to feel my prick gliding as if over oiled ivory. — "No don't wash." — We talked for a time. She was from the country, of well to do parents, had been seduced, had a child now dead, was turned out by her parents, and turned gay. — The landlord knew all about her, and would tell me if I asked him, but not her real name, nor where her home was. She volunteered all this, and then to her seeming joy I fucked her again, after she had made me piddle, and wash it, and she had sucked it up to stiffness.

"I dare say you won't see me again will you?" — "I rarely see any strange ladies, there is a lady I see constantly who has all I can do." — "Tell me what she is like." — I did and lied eloquently. — "You don't like thin women — men don't, I get on badly, nearly every farthing I get goes to pay my lodging and washing. I can scarcely get enough to eat — I will drown myself — I often think of doing so in the night." — "Nonsense, go home." — "Never — I wouldn't show my face there again, it would kill the old people. — If I don't get on better soon I'll drown myself — I go and look at the canal sometimes as I go home." I doubled her fee, pitying her, and left her sitting on the sofa crying bitterly. She had not been drinking — it was true despair I feel sure.

Passing a park entrance one misty and warmish night at about ten o'clock, I thought I should like to feel a cunt. I had felt many in earlier days there. I entered and saw couples sitting on the seats close to each other, and further from the walk, couples indistinctly in more compromising attitudes. Moving on to the grass nearer so as to see better, — looking at couples fucking always delights me — there was a man on a seat bending a little forward and a woman standing up in front of him — stink fingering of course. — A little further on was a woman sitting, and a man standing up in front of her. Her arm dropped down as I approached. The man turned round from me, turning again the other way as I passed him, tho it was too dark to see faces or even a prick if out — I know well that the girl was frigging him — most likely — I passed on not looking round, for why should I disturb couples in their amorous play, I should not like it myself. But I should have liked to have seen him frigged, and an old desire returned as I saw this fun obscurely in the misty darkness, a desire which I thought satisfied and gone for ever. — How soft and smooth, tho solid, stiff, yet semi-elastic is the male love truncheon. How smooth and nice to the hand, and I thought I should like to feel one once again. — Alas for my virtue. A square built, shortish female passed me, walking rather quickly. "Are you going, Mary, to piddle?"

— "No, I'm going home," and she stopped. I laid hold of her arm which was a thick one, and knew from that and her outline that she had a fattish bum. — "Come on to the grass, let me feel your cunt and I'll give you a shilling." In half a minute I had my hand between her thighs. — "There is spunk in your cunt."

— "That there's not, I wish there was, no such luck. — I've not had it done to night." — "What are you going home for?" — "I've been crying at not getting a chance, and going home to bed, for I've not had a mouthful to eat or drink since breakfast." — "Why?"

— "I've no money and have pawned everything. I'll get something to eat now with this shilling."

"Sit down here and feel my prick." She did, and then my baudy imagination was stirred. — "Piss over my fingers and I'll give you another shilling." — "I'll try, but I can't do much, come further off, for the police may see us here." — She squatted and poured a little warm stream over my hand. — "Do you like the girls to do that to you?" — "Sometimes, don't you do it to other men?" — "I have only done it once before, Lon-don men are so funny." She spoke with a strong provincial accent. — There was a frankness in manner, a readiness and ring of truth about her.

We adjourned to a seat near a tree after I had dried my hand on her thigh. It was getting more misty and I felt secure from observation. — She told me her history, perhaps a lie, perhaps true. — Alice T* * * *h* *l of Middleborough — ran way with another girl to London to better herself, the other girl was gay and she knew it but Alice then was not. — "No I was in service at home, and had put by seven pounds in a saving bank." — They slept at a coffee house in a street leading out of the E*g*w**e Road, a servant was wanted there and she took the place, but found the pay bad, the work worse than at Middleborough, and the food muck, so her friend advised her to leave and see gentlemen. — She would not at first, but not getting another place went to stay in the lodgings of her friend, and went with her to a music hall. They came home with a gentleman, who fucked her friend before her, they had all been drinking, and her friend then persuaded her to let the gentleman fuck her. "She made me let him. — I'd never had a man before. No, I'd never even put my finger up it — of course I likes fucking now, what gal doesn't? but I don't get on. — I've got my seven pounds away from the bank at Middleborough, she told me how to get it, and we have spent it. I wish I were back at Middleborough. — I did get my belly full there — here I often don't get enough to eat. — Liz says I haven't got cheek. — I've only been in London two months al-together."

She had a decent little room but a long way off she said, so gents had her in the park — or in houses close by. Would she let me have her for half a crown? — I wished to know how cheap it could be had. — "Too glad," said she, and she twiddled my prick till I began to feel I wanted to spend badly. — "I'd like it done too," said she. — "We can do it here, but I'm rather short and the grass is too damp to lie down to night, I do it standing generally over there, there are fences over there to lean against." — We went still further off, and found a vacant seat near an out of the way walk. — "Here is your money, half a crown — now don't let me fuck you if you are not well." — "Thank you, sir — I'm all right as far as I know." — I sat down, and turning her back towards me, she pulled up her petticoats and put her buttocks towards my pego — I felt her cunt, but prudence restrained me tho her flesh felt fat, smooth, and clean. — But I had scarcely seen her face. —"Let me frig you. — I'm frightened to fuck you." — "I don't like that done to me sir, but you may if you like." — I turned her round into a convenient position and frigged her. — "Are you coming?" — "Yes, do it a little higher up" — with a little more frigging she spent. — I felt her agitation coming on, felt the quivering and jerking of her loins and buttocks, round which I kept my left hand. — "You haven't spent" — "Oh, I have, feel, I am quite wet — I haven't done it for two days." — Her tight little cunt was wet I felt.

That grope made me salacious beyond control al-most, yet I feared to fuck in a channel I had not seen. — "I'll give you half a crown to suck my prick." — "No, I can't." — A little persuasion did it. — She sat down on the seat, bent forward, I stood up and fucked in her mouth. — She was a novice at it — "Don't I do it right?" — "No — you hurt," — "Oh don't let it go in-side." — "I must." "It will make me sick." "No it won't, I shan't spend much." — "Oh, don't squeeze my bonnet" — I had put my hands on her head. I then laid my hands on her cheeks, pulling her mouth to me and spent. She retreated it as the life giving fluid spurted, but I pulled her head to me tightly, holding her cheeks till my full pleasure was over.

"I'll have a good blow out before the public's closed, my belly's regular wobbling thro emptiness," said she. — I paid her twice as much as I'd promised, feeling pleased with her, and again sat down feeling her back-side. — "You've a fat solid arse, for a London park woman." — "I was fat when I came to London, but have been getting thinner ever since," said she, and walked off quickly, thanking me gratefully for the much larger gratuity than I'd promised. — Said I — "You know you've been lying." — "What have I been lying about — come to my lodgings and I'll soon make you believe." — "Good night dear." — "Good night sir, I hope I'll see you again."

Strange it is how I enjoyed this prank in the open. — It made my cock stand several times since when I've thought of it, and even when with a lovely woman. But my mind often wanders away from the woman in whom my prick lies, to the recollection of other cunts and their pleasures — I have questioned gay ladies, and find that when being fucked, they also often think of other men and other baudy deeds. For years my mind when poking women, ran occasionally on fucking two short girls whom I met in Piccadilly at day break one summer's morning. Two short girls, — sisters they said, and I had both of them.

Soon after this in early autumn I was at the baths of ******• At seven o'clock a.m. I was on the promenade near the brunnen, and saw a woman looking about twenty-five years old, with whom in form, height, features and complexion, few could compare. She was one of the most beautiful women I ever saw, and unmistakably a whore, tho she neither looked right or left or at any man. I followed her up and down discreetly til I caught her eye, gave her a significant look, and followed her to her lodgings. At the foot of the staircase told her that after breakfast I would be with her at half past ten that morning.

There at the time was she expecting me, in a loose peignoir which thrown off, left her but a chemise of finest cambric, and that removed left her nude, all but blue silk stockings and kid boots. She was one of the finest, most beautiful perfect creatures, that God ever created, yet she was but a Paphian, facile to a degree, and without any nonsense about showing it. Soon she was on the bed, and between a pair of thighs and buttocks perfect in form, smoothness and color, opened a smallish, delicate aperture, fringed sufficiently with chestnut hair. It was of the most enticing description, was indeed one of the loveliest cunts I ever saw. — Neither clitoris, nymphae, vagina or lips, were too large or too small, — ample crisp and fine hair was around it, and shadowed the mons, but not a hair was on her buttocks, nor near a little tight anus looking too small and close to let a straw through it. The oval buttocks with their gradual elongation into the loveliest tapering thighs was exquisite. In fact, buttocks, belly, thighs, fringe, gap, clitoris, nymphae, color, all were perfectly beautiful.

Tearing my clothes off rapidly in lustful impetuosity throwing myself upon her greedy of her charms, hurrying to pierce her, to fill that divine gap with my spunk, with a plunge up went my prick into her. It was a bottomless cunt, my tip found no obstacle, all was divinely soft, lubricious, elastic, compressive. In a thrust or two it found its place, no thrusts were needed more, it was in a fleshy paradise, needing no exertion to enjoy it, and where it loved for a minute to remain quiet. But the lovely sheath had its own desires, its own way of acting, of evoking pleasure, of getting out from my testicles the emulsion which was to soothe its heat. — With the gentlest heaves, with imperceptible compressions, it received my equally gentle movements, constricted, pinched my pego more and more, and yet with exquisite delicacy, till at length from out of my reservoirs, spurted my spermatic mucilage, and I died off in her arms faint with pleasure, sleepy al-most with sensuous fatigue, clasping her buttocks, sucking her sweet tongue as I lay quietly up her; whilst her thighs gradually sank lower, her belly ceased its heavings, her cunt its grips, and wallowing in my sperm, both prick and cunt lay joined in blessed quietude.

How I wish I'd been younger and at liberty, I think I should have had her night and day till exhausted, but that was physically and for other reasons impossible. But I enjoyed looking at her, and as she appeared in handsome clothing at the various places, sat and looked, or followed and looked at her, and in my mind's eye saw those lovely thighs and belly, that exquisite cunt, as well as if she'd been undressed. Then I began to wonder what other man had enjoyed those charms, and longed to see a man as handsome as she was, giving her pleasure, injecting his semen into her.

Of this divine creature I can say no more than that for some weeks I saw her often. I could have loved her, big woman, sausage eating, beer drinking woman, harlot tho she was. I could have loved her, for she was for sexual pleasures absolute perfection. She loved her profession, yet was not greedy of money. "I can have as many men as I want, I expect a friend at half past eleven," said she, on the first day, "and you must go." — How many scores of women I have had, whose cunts never seemed to give me such complete physical pleasure as this woman's did. — To be happy with any woman the cunt must fit the man's prick. — A subtle refinement of sexuality this, but such is my belief, and then in conjugal life all is happiness.

One afternoon on a blazing hot day, I called without notice, and had not been in her room five minutes, was not undressed nor she, and I had placed her on the bed with her clothes negligently thrown up so that her magnificent backside and cunt were visible. I sat in a chair opposite the bed enjoying the luscious spectacle, when a knock came. "Oh" said she, "I'm so sorry, I'd forgotten. I was to see a man at this time, and he's here, go into the other room for a minute, it's Mein Schwester's room, till I've sent him away." Quick as lightning came the letch. — "No, I'll wait, let him fuck you, let me see him fuck you, then come into your sister's room, with all his sperm in your cunt and let me see it full of it, make him quite naked, you be so too, and I'll pay you well." In polyglot language, in half whispers, all this was said, but I was understood. — "Yah, yah, — but you cannot see — the sparm yes — schnell, — go — he is outside." More knocks were heard, and in a few seconds I had passed through the door into the sister's room, locked it, peeped, and Oh joy! found I could see the lower half of the bed, and a tall handsome fair haired young man standing there, talking to my woman.

Until that moment I did not know my charmer had a sister — I had seen her walking about with a shorter and younger woman, and this was Mein Schwester who began her blandishments in a very quiet way and spoke in a quiet voice. — Did I mind her dressing? — certainly not — whereupon she stripped to her waist and began washing a lovely youthful breast. But I wanted to see a fine couple fucking, and could not take my eye from the keyhole. Finding that, — "If you get on a chair you'll see better" — said the Fraulein pointing to the door; and sure enough thro a natural crack high up in an ill made door, I now saw the whole bed.

He was caressing her, feeling her cunt, sitting on the bedside with her. She had got his prick out which looked like a rolling pin, its tip uncovered, red as crimson, and ready for insertion. They spoke in foreign language of which I understood but little, but from occasional words and from her movements, knew that she was urging him to undress. A blazing hot day it was. All at once he began undressing in haste till in his shirt. "All, all," said she, and off that went whilst she threw off her chemise. There they stood naked, a splendid couple, he nearly six feet high with clean white flesh without hair, with a stalwart prick full seven inches long, and thick as well. On the bed quickly she laid, her exquisite thighs apart. I could see her adorable gap which he licked for a minute as he stood, then laid down beside her for a second only, she handling his splendid organ whilst he felt hers. But all was too quick, his prick must have been standing whilst waiting outside her rooms for me to escape, it was rigid when he undressed, and the next second he was on her fucking. Then I could only see his back and a bit of his balls at times, as he thrust and withdrew, which he did with such energy, that in a minute I saw by the movement of his arse and his pressure on her, that the libation was given. Then they lay languid and quiet.

Wild with lust, not willing to lose any of the spectacle, I beckoned the sister to me, and pulled off coat and waistcoat as I stood and gave them to her whilst looking still thro the aperture. — Soon I heard her say something, which I knew was that she'd go into her sister's room and wash. Down I got, pulled off every thing I had on but shirt and socks, and just as I'd finished doing so in she came, holding her finger to her mouth for my silence, holding her cunt to prevent the sperm from dropping, but speaking aloud to her sister. — At once she knowing my letch laid at the bed side and opened her thighs. Oh accomplished Paphian! and how they like their trade when they succeed.

There was the lovely cunt, its red surface well nigh hidden by white thick sperm. The sperm hung to the fringe, it lay thick low down on the orifice of the avenue into which the libation had been poured. — My brain whirled with sensuous excitement. I scarcely knew what I did. — Intending only to have seen the copulation and the results, now the desire to have her just as she was, to cover my prick with his sperm, overwhelmed me. Motioning her on to the bed, I threw off my shirt, mounted her, and plunged my prick into the soft semenalized vagina, revelling in baudy de-light as I felt the grateful lubricity on my prick, then felt all round the stem where her cunt lips touched it, and rubbed my balls against her bum furrow, so that all his spendings might be on and about me. Then not so young now, or so full as my predecessor, I lingered quietly up her, thinking with salacious delight of what I'd seen and where I was. — "Have you spent with him?" "No he was so quick," was all that was said. Then at the idea of giving her pleasure, of fetching out her juices I began my thrusts, my prick squashing the sperm as I moved it up and down. My beauty's passions were roused, I know that this fucking in another's sperm excites women; murmurs of fuck, prick, cunt, sperm, ejaculated in three languages were given, and with our tongues exchanging and mingling their salivas, we spent together, and the essence of two males and her own spendings mixed together in her cunt.

Before my stiffness had gone she uncunted me, washed, and went back to him. I with prick still moist mounted again the chair. There he laid naked on the bed (it was a scorching hot day) feeling his prick. "Have you washed?" said she. — "No, I'll fuck you again," and pulling her on to the bed he began feeling her cunt.

Tho. tired and reeking with perspiration, I wished to see more, but got down and washed. Silently. Mein Schwester held the wash-hand basin for me. Then I mounted the chair again and watched them at their amourous dalliance. Soon after on looking round, I saw the sister was start naked sponging herself all over. Was it to wash herself, or to show me her charms?

He did only what I have done hundreds of times, and described many times in this narrative of my secret life, but how fresh, ever fresh and voluptuously exciting are such scenes, such amatory amusements. To me this was exquisite. There were these superb creatures in the fullness of youth and beauty, feeling each other's genitals, feeling all over their bodies, and kissing almost in silence, for speech is useless almost in such delights. Then his mouth settled on her cunt and he gamahuched her. How I envied him, for I have al-ready sucked and tongue titillated that lovely gap. Soon her lovely backside writhed, her belly heaved, and as he kneeled I could see sideways his prick, stiff and nodding as his lust got stronger with his delicious amusement. Why did they not consummate? I was impatient to see the termination, to see her thighs around his — his buttocks oscillating with the thrusts of his prick up her cunt, I longed to be feeling his buttocks whilst at the exercise. But he was now in no hurry, wisely delaying the lust destroying crisis. — There I stood peeping, start naked, sweating now with excitement, every now and then looking down at the sister leisurely washing herself from head to foot. Soon she had put on chemise and slippers, and looked up smilingly at me. Another peep, they were talking side by side, his prick lolling on his thigh not now quite stiff. The glorious finale would not be yet, and down I got, for my companion began to rivet my attention.

Questioning her, she declared that she was the sister, was twenty-one, her sister twenty-six. Her eyes and face showed family likeness. "Is your cunt like your sister's?" — "I don't know." "Show it to me, take off your chemise." — Without reply she took it off, and laid on the bed. I saw that potential almost omnipotent charm of the woman, that red, central, hairy framed furrow, that scented, red lipped, division of her belly, that orifice which subjugates the male whether emperor or beggar. The gamahuche of her sister was in my mind, she was perhaps being gamahuched at that moment. The letch seized me, and applying my tongue to the Fraulein's cunt, I licked it rapidly, thinking of her sister's gamahuching, wishing we were all in the same room, and gamahuching side by side.

When the Fraulein had enjoyed my lingual treat, when the twitching of her thighs and bum gave warning of her coming crisis, she pushed me off. "Nein, nein, fuck me." — I stood up, prick stiffening, and looked at her rosy flesh. Much younger, neither so tall nor so stout as her sister, but plump and fine in form, with solid bubbies was she. She'd such a pretty mouth, that I cried, "Suck me." — "Wash it then." — Rapidly I sluiced my injector, heard speaking in the adjoining room, ceased frigging the Fraulein, mounted the chair again, and saw her sister opening wide her thighs for the entry of that grand love staff. — "He's fucking" — I cried, and then with rapid multiplication of desires in my brain, wishing for all things voluptuous, to be fucking both the sisters at once, to be frigging him, cried out, "Suck me, suck me, mein leben." Without a word or any hestation, she took my penis in her pretty mouth, and so I stood, her tongue and palate ministering to my pleasure, whilst I saw the other two joined into one body, heaving, thrusting, writhing, as he plunged his pego up and down, till one long cry of pleasure, told that his sperm was shooting into her.

Then getting down furious for similar pleasure I mounted Mein Schwester, fucked hard and quickly, and just as my pleasure was increasing, in came the elder start naked as before. I stopped for a second. "Come to the bed," I cried and moved my beauty and myself close to the wall to make room. The elder laid down, I buried my fingers in her lubricious cunt, put my prick again in the younger, and fucked out my sperm into her in a delirium of baudy desires, and visions of what I had just seen.

The man went away, the two washed their cunts, I spent another hour with them, they and myself naked, for it was a day on which nudity was alone tolerable, and then fucked my favorite after putting my prick first into her sister, then into her. The elder said she didn't know of that natural crack in the door: perhaps not, but perhaps thro that crack some one has seen me, fucking her — what matters?

I could not for health's sake fuck her as often as I desired, but visited her at times solely to see her naked and to gamahuche her, for now I love gamahuching a pretty cunt whether quite a young one or not — love to give a woman that pleasure which few whether harlot or modest can refuse.

She told me she was born at * * * * * and had four sisters. — One was kept by an Austrian nobleman. — An-other was a gay lady at * * * *. She and her sister there made the fourth. They were a harlotting family evidently, all beautiful and open to all the male sex. — Thank beneficent providence for that.

I had returned to England, at the end of the autumn and was going along *** Street at about half past eight one night in early winter, when I saw two, young, shortish women standing at the corner of a cross street. It was away from any main line of thoroughfare where doxies mostly pick up their friends. I looked hard at the one facing me as I crossed the road. — "What do you think of me? You'll know me again," said she. — Gay from that I knew she was, I had not before been quite able to make up my mind whether they were strumpets, or not.

I felt larkish. — "You're pretty, and I should know you again, if I felt you as well as saw you." — "You'd better feel me then." — I passed up the side street and at a few yards from the street lights stopped. She had followed me, and I offered her a present to feel her cunt. It was refused. I increased my offer, and next minute was groping a youngish quim, as I knew by the feel and the quantity of hair on it. "Come home and see me naked, we are only at number fifteen in next street," — and she put her hand down and squeezed my ballocks outside my trowsers, whilst I was busy with her split. I agreed her fee for the amusement at her home. Then, "That's my sister and we live together." —"She's not." — "She is, look at her, we are like two peas." — The other came now quite close. "Let me feel her cunt then and if I like the feel I will." — "What are you going to give me," said sister. "Nothing for the feel unless I should go home with you." — "Look if any one's coming Annie," said she to her sister, and so saying raised her clothes a bit. I felt her cunt and agreed she should come with us. — In three minutes I was in their rooms, which were comfortable enough, in a respectable looking eight roomed house in a quiet street, and with fires both in sitting room and bed room. There was also a small bed in the corner of the sitting room.

They undressed, and whilst doing so we chatted. I'm so fond of seeing women undress. Both had blue eyes, brown hair, and were exactly the same height, they were not good looking. —"You're not sisters," I said, tho I believed from their look that they were. "We are tho," both cried out in chorus. "She's the eldest." — One was nineteen, the other eighteen, they were dress makers, but couldn't get enough to live by work. — "So you both turned out together, who was fucked first?"

— The eldest was, neither had been fucked more than a year.

By that time they were naked. The eldest was a little stouter than the other, but both were slim, well made, and in form, colour and feature unmistakably sisters.

— "Now let me see your cunts." — At the bed side, and then with their backsides towards me kneeling on the bed, I inspected the divisional slits of their bellies, and really in hairyness and colour, and generally in look of the locality they were wonderfully alike. I have before noticed in sisters a family likeness in cunts. It's a subject I have been curious about. On the contrary I once had two sisters (so calling themselves) who tho alike in features and form, differed much in colour, and between whose cunts there was no likeness whatever. I wonder whether the pricks of the boys of a family resemble each other, if cunts do, why should not pricks?

The elder had slightly more hair on her gap, and I selected her for my exercise. Undressing myself, I laid beside her and titillated her a good deal. She rubbed my already rigid love staff up and down vigorously and more than I liked, for I was in no hurry. "Leave off, I'm in no hurry." — "Don't frig me then so much." — "I'll do it till you're ready to spend, and then you'll spend with me." — "I shall spend with you, I'm nearly spending now, get on me." — But I was going to prolong my pleasure, so leaving off frigging her, whilst she relinquished my tool, I cuddled her close to me, and put my prick up against her belly and squeezed it there with mine, and so we held ourselves close, clasping each other's naked arses.

The younger one all this time was standing naked with her rump to the fire looking at us, and suddenly let a short, sharp, ringing fart. "Maria you beast," said her sister relinquishing me, and turning round (for her rump as she lay was towards her sister and my face was towards her). As she spoke, out from her sister's bottom came another short, sharp, cracking fart. — "'You dirty beast, what are you doing?" — "It's better out than in — we all do it sometimes," said the girl laughing. — "Go into the sitting room" — she went — I was disgusted, for I hate to hear a woman or man fart, but turned to my companion, mounted her, my prick began its work, and very soon we both spent with much enjoyment of each other, saucy whore tho she was. — Then I dressed and gave the elder more money than the other. — "Oh! give me the same as my sister." — "I've not fucked you, and it's all I promised you." — "You may fuck me tho if you like, — do" — and she threw herself on the bed, widening out her thighs and exposing her little crack invitingly. — "You are a dirty little devil to stand there farting." — "So she is," said the elder.

The idea of leaving a cunt untasted which was at hand, and a nice, tight, youthful looking one, upset me. I didn't want another spend, yet longed to put into the cunt. It began to make me waver. — "I can't, my prick won't stand." — "I'll make it." — "You must gamahuche it then." — "I won't gammerouss," said she. But finding I was going she agreed to do it. I undressed again, laid naked with her on the bed, groped the little tight cunt, then had my shrunken pego brought to the stand in Maria's mouth, and fucked her cunt whilst the elder played with my balls, and incited by me (for the idea suddenly came to me as I fucked her sister) pressed my bumhole with her thumb. But it being so soon after my first emission, I took a long time in getting the second, and fucked away in her tight cunt long and heartily. — "Oh I'm coming," said Maria, and I felt from her movements that she was. Then sensual excitement came at once to fever heat in me as I heard her words and sighs, and brought me to a crisis, and we mingled our juices in her cunt at the same instant.

"You're a dirty little devil," said I, laughing after-wards. "I never knew her do such a thing before," said the elder quite seriously. — "Will you come and see us again, there are no other lodgers, we are believed to be dressmakers, and never go out or bring gentlemen home till it's quite dark, ask for Miss * * * * * if you call" — I never did call.

I've seen a thousand and more females piddle and wash their notches, but don't think I've heard an accidental windy exhalation from half a dozen of them when at those operations. Of one or two of those I'm sure I have told in this history. I have however some dim recollection of a female intentionally farting, and of my disgust, and perhaps it is told of here. But am not at all sure even of the occurrence, and thinking back now more than thirty-five years, don't at this moment recollect the event or the woman.

[But I've heard a woman's cunt fart more than once, a windy exhalation which astonished me at first. I've heard women deny that a cunt could fart, but the wornan from whom it escaped whilst I was gamahuching her (one of the sweetest, cleanest and loveliest) asserted it, and the abbess who was present at the interesting controversy, said that such ventuosities were not uncommon.

[I find at the beginning of the next chapter, reference to a little hairless cunted bitch, but that episode has been a little misplaced in my abbreviated narrative. It should have come in here.]