Vol. 9 Chapter VI

A chapter on gamahuching. • The taste cultivated with girls not gay. • A swarthy French woman. • In a Russian bordel. • The red haired French woman. • At the Alhambra. • Miss E*w***s met. • Plain face, perfect form. • Our silent supper. • Nudities complete. • Fucking and sweating. • Pale ale in bed. • Gamahuching preliminaries. • Her lovely cunt. • Lewedness. • Double minetting. • I'm deceived. • Her Spanish lover. • Her baudy talk and lascivity. • Friend Eliza. • My narrow escape. • Reciprocating enjoyments. • Frigging herself. • The first floor lodger. • Her opinion of Miss E*w* *s who disappears. • A Saxon Paphian. • A hirsute cunt. • At the sea coast. • The shell box seller. • A very risky poke. • On the beach at night.

I had early in life and indeed till middle age as told, been indifferent to having my cock sucked or gamahuched, had indeed forbidden French women — who do it as a matter of course, either as a preliminary or finish — to operate on me, altho exceptionally I had permitted it, and of late years even occasionally, sought it. I had gamahuched but little all my life with the exception of my virgins — or very pretty young cunts. — Virgin cunts always attracted me that way, there was scarcely a virginity which I had not licked deliciously before I shattered it, and think I have told in this history, of all those on whom I bestowed that honor. They were nearly all young, but I was not insensible with some women to the endearments of mutual cock and cunt licking, when both I and the lady took a fancy to do it together. — With most gay women I cared not to do it.

But I liked to persuade quiet girls who had never done it, to tickle my pego with their tongues, and finally put it into their mouths. It was delightful to see their desire to comply under an affectation of dislike, and inexpressibly exciting to gamahuche a nice fresh girl, who had no idea of what a tongue could do on her clitoris, and who after declaring it, "Nasty — oh don't now" — began to quiver and sigh, her pretty bum to twitch and jerk, her belly heave gently up with manifest signs of voluptuous delight. — Then that sudden cry of, "Oh — oh my — aha — leave off —I shall do it else." — The clutch at your head, the catch of the breath, and the sudden escape of salt liquid from her cunt on to my tongue, gave me with such females, the most exquisite voluptuous enjoyment. — But as compared with the large number I have tailed, these were few and far between, for women are not naturally salacious, and there are many who prefer the prick up them to any preliminaries of pleasure — I have I may mention, once or twice deceived modest ladies absolutely, by treating their mouths exactly like their cunts, when they had no suspicion that I should do so. I found that a very amusing novelty, and they really didn't mind that cheating tho they said they did.

I went home about this time one evening with a French woman, a dark swarthy creature with fine eyes. — After undressing enough to show her breasts, she dropped on her knees and began sucking my cock as I sat — I objected, but she said her poorliness was on, so she finished me that way. — It was done with such art, delicacy of touch, tranquillity and refinement, that when she offered me a second pleasure that way I accepted it, and went away thinking that after all it was a very agreeable variety of sexual pleasure.

Soon afterwards I was abroad, and at a bordel at * * * * in Russia, selected a most delicious, fresh, beautiful creature and quite young. We neither understood each other's language, or but two or three words only. Tho full of sperm, I had one of those nervousnesses come on of which I have told, coupled with a fear of disease, for I was going to travel where I could get no medical help, and fatigue would increase any ailment I might have. — So my cock would not stand.

The house was of its class a novelty in that place and had been newly started by a French procuress, and such a collection (at a baudy house) of lovely creatures of different nationalities, I never saw before or since. They were got together for a special occasion which only occurred annually, and different nationalduties were needed. But tho I had been two weeks with-out fucking, I could get no cock stand thro fear or nervousness. The lady laid along the side of the bed, thighs wide open, I stood by her head, could see her all over, and with a little bend could feel her lovely brown haired cunt, and thighs. She was as said lovely in face and form. I made signs for her to gamahuche. "Minette," said I. — She knew the word, and immediately engulfed in her mouth my penis. — After a few movements thro her lovely lips, it stiffened sublimely. — She made signs that her quim was to be its ultimate receptacle, I nodded "Yes." — Then on the angel went, gracefully moving her lovely head, till my prick gave me exquisite sensations, and lascivious intentions came that I would do, what I had intimated I would not. My pleasure increased. — Shall I fuck her or spend in her mouth? thought I — I stretched out my hand to-wards her motte, before that I had been feeling her breasts and lovely head of hair. She raised one thigh high up and open, and bent herself so as to help my fingers and I felt the delicate red button which just showed outside the top of her cunt. She looked up at me, I restrained as much as I could my increasing pleasure, and all signs of its advent, seeing that her look reminded me of my promise, till my sperm suddenly jetted out into her mouth.

So quick and strong were the throbs, that the maddening crisis of my pleasure was over before she was aware of my ejaculation. Then she repulsed me, ejecting my libation, hurried off the bed in anger and left the room, — evidently not accustomed to that mode of completion of male pleasure — and came back saying, "Nicht gut! Nicht gut!" But German was not her native tongue. — She sat down, sulked, pouted, wriggled her lovely shoulders, kept repeating "Not good," then asked in bad German, — Was I an Englishman? — I could make that out of what she said, but she said a lot more.

I have rarely deceived women, and now felt ashamed at having lied to her, so gave her four times the present she could have expected. Delighted and with smiles on to her face she thanked me, in a polyglot of Russian, German and other languages, so we made it up. She was Hungarian I heard afterwards. Then I looked at her beauties till I longed for her again. She fetched another woman as she did not quite understand me. I made myself understood at last, the other woman left the room, then and again I pointed to her mouth. She shook her head, and pointed to her cunt. I nodded, and after a little pantomime she took my pego into her mouth. Its resuscitation arrived between her lovely red lips, and when royally stiff and hrobbing, I placed it between the fat, soft, lips of her cunt which eagerly opened for its food, and spent in her temple of Venus.

[This was a few years after my adventure with the red-haired French woman, who minetted me, and thumb buggered me at the same time. I now fully realized what a variety of pleasure man and woman could give each other with mouth and tongue.]

Soon after was a lady — nameless — with whom I did something of the sort. She liked to be gamahuched but my taste for lickings had not then set in, and was but an occasional variety of pleasure which I had ceased to think about much; but whether it is, that I am now at an age when I naturally drift towards such pleasures, or whether the instinct of the fair priestesses of Venus divines my wants, I at this time fell in with one who satisfied me with her mouth, whilst mine satisfied her.

Two or three nights after I first made the acquaintance of H*l*n M. I was at the Alhambra, and met a Miss E*w***s in the bar room there. I noticed a tall, finely shaped woman talking to some men, her back was towards me, but I saw she was as upright as a dart, and moved with the grace of an Andalusian. The quiet swing of her petticoats told me the sort of haunches beneath, and that no padding or make up was there. — She turned round, and I saw a head of a peculiar character and face decidedly very plain, with lips noticable for their large size — so large that they reminded me almost of a negress. — There was a clear, sharp, clever look in her grey eyes, and a voluptuous, lewed expression which fetched me. I beckoned her, and she came to my table holding a wine glass in her hand. "Can I go home with you?" — She looked me all over. "I'll tell you in a few minutes" — and she went back to the bar.

I strolled into the corridor, returning in five minutes. — Yes, I could go home with her, but would I wait half an hour, as she wanted to meet some friends — I settled the money arrangements with her, and she went off to speak with the men again. The time expired, I got impatient and went to her. — Would I go to her house and wait for her, she would be sure to be there in time, she asked. — No, if she did not come at once I should get some other woman. — She didn't care she said, and I left the theatre annoyed, but waited outside a few minutes having told her I'd do so. She followed me soon with a short woman who lived in the same house. Would I take her also home? — I agreed, and we all three got into a four wheeler.

On the road I made acquaintance with her thighs. — "Can't you wait till we get home?" But she began to feel my cock. — "Can't you wait," said I — "I'll feel yours," said I to her friend, "to pay me for giving you your cab home." — The woman made no objection, but pushed her cunt forward to meet my fingers. They lingered high up on her thighs, twiddled the hairy thatch, but not quite touched her quim. I kept looking at Miss E*w***s face by the gas-lamp light, wondering how I could have selected such a plain faced woman, but on feeling her fleshy cunt and thighs, it reconciled me to it. I had soon relinquished feeling the other woman's thighs, and crisp haired motte.

On arriving at the house the other woman went to her room. Miss E*w***s sat down, stared at me, and I at her. — "What are you thinking about?" said she. "Where your bed room is." — She opened the folding door remarking, "It's small," — and beginning to undress. — "Oh God! how hot it is." — It was an awfully hot night — I watched her form with delight as she undressed for it was exquisite — I groped between her thighs. — "Wait till I've pissed and washed my cunt, I'm sweating so," said she in exactly those words, and she did. — "I must have supper first, you would not wait or my friend would have given it to me, and Eliza as well." — She was then with chemise on only. — "How long shall you be?" — "A quarter of an hour." — "You've got a man down stairs." — "I haven't, I'll bring supper up and eat it here. — Give me a glass of champagne." — I refused. — "You are a queer sort, you like your own way." — "Many have said that before my dear." — "Well, give me some bottled ale." — I consented, she fetched bread and meat and had it with the ale — which she got somewhere — in the room with me. — We both drank the ale which was good, copiously, and I undressed to my shirt. — "Let's fuck now," said she. — "You don't mince your words," said I — "And you don't — just to hear you in the cab, but what's the good of not speaking plain, say fucking if you mean fucking." — She was a very frank, unusual, amusing creature, and her manner began to please me, tho I don't like coarse tongued women.

She ate her supper quite composedly without speaking, but looking at me all the time. I was lolling on the sofa equally silent, looking at her lovely arms, shoulders, and breasts, and wondering at her plain face. At last, "Let's see your legs." Without uttering a word she rose up, and pulled the chemise well up above her knees. — With that exception I don't recollect our saying an-other word, but we stared hard at each other.

She finished supper and then it was that she said, "Let's fuck now" — went to the bedroom and put the basin again on the floor. — "Don't wash again," said I. — "It's so beastly hot I must." — "But you washed your cunt a quarter of an hour ago." — "You don't like it dry," said she leaving off and laughing. — Then she got on to the bed, and without a request from me pulled up her chemise well above her navel. — I was delighted, and stood looking at her, feeling, kissing her lovely form, praising its beauty — and its beauty was supreme. — "Oh! Isn't it hot?" — Rising, she then threw off her chemise, saying, "There — that's nice." — "You're exquisite, lovely," said I. — "I'll take off my stockings," said she beginning to do so — but I stopped that. — Nakedness in bed is delicious — absolute nakedness, — but as long as I use my eyes, I like usually to have a woman with silk stockings and garters on, and all the rest naked.

"Let's feel your prick?" — suiting the action to the word. — I had now stripped to my shirt. — "Take off your shirt and let's fuck naked." — I did. — "You're a fine man, you've nice flesh, and are not hairy." — She then felt me all over quickly. — "Come on and fuck," said she impatiently opening her thighs, then laughing, and pulling apart her cunt lips with her fingers. I stood gloating over her delicious red groove, then looked at her, and never saw such a baudy, randy, lewed expression on any woman's face as was on hers. — "Come on, let us fuck, you can look at my cunt afterwards," she repeated hurriedly, and she wriggled her bottom and loins. I mounted her, and we fucked in nakedness — a glorious fuck. — There is something odd about my memory: Heeps of things I only recollect generally — others I recollect in every detail. We were both hot, perspiring with heat, ale, and strong lust. My breast stuck to hers with perspiration when we had copulated yet her flesh felt quite cool. I recollect that perfectly.

When we recovered from our pleasure — for she spent rapturously — I lay rubbing my naked breast between her splendid bubbies. — "Fucking naked when it's hot weather is nice." "I always like it naked," she replied. Then with cock in cunt, that exquisite connection, we talked. "Get off, your spunk's running out on to my quilt, and it's quite a clean one." "Turn on your side and it will run on to your thigh," I replied — at the same time pushing my prick well up her, and turning and pulling her sideways with me to avoid uncunting. — "You're a baudy devil." — "And so are you." — "You are up to a lot," — said she laughing and kissing me. "I want to piss again," and she uncunted me then, tho I pressed close to her belly. — She pissed and washed, and I expected she would put her chemise on as a hint that all was over, and having had my pleasure, would get rid of me, but she laid down again by the side of me, and asked me to stop all night. "I can only stop an hour or two, and can't give you more than * * * * *." — "Nobody asked you — here is a towel." — "Are you all right," I asked. — She gave me several hard slaps on my naked rump. "If I wasn't I shouldn't have laid down by you again — look" — and she turned on to her back, opening her thighs wide to shew me her vulva.

I gave my saturated prick and appendages a rub with the towel, then looked her all over, and her cunt inside and out. "Have you ever been ill," she asked. — "Yes my dear, many times." — "I hope you have nothing the matter with you now" — and she took hold of my prick, examined the glans, gave it a hard squeeze, and relinquishing it said, "You are a rum-un" — and she laughed.

I had ever a keen eye for beauty of female form, and now have seen as much of it as the world can show. — She let me do what I liked with her, lifted up this limb and that, placed herself on her side, her back, her belly as I asked — her complaisance delighted me, and she seemed pleased as well. — Then she stood up and turned round as if on a pivot. "Put your right arm as high as you can — as if you were puffing a rope," I said. — She did and turned round in that attitude. — "Are you an artist?" — "No." — "Doctor?" — "No." — "I know you are one or the other and you are lying," said she curtly. — Then she told me that artists had said she was faultless, as I had said. We laid down — "Your flesh feels like a woman's, so smooth and nice." She kissed it all over and ran her hand over my breasts, thighs and buttocks, laid hold of my prick, glued her big lips to mine. The next minute I had groped her red love avenue for a second, and we were fucking again start naked still, and I sweating like a blacksmith. It was an awfully hot night.

She put her heels on to my rump to keep me up her when I had done. "Let's have some more ale," said she, and rang the bell at the bed head. — My prick was still in her cunt when in came the lady who'd come home in the cab with us. — "You're enjoying yourselves," said she in no way disconcerted at the spectacle — tho I was. She fetched the bottled ale. E *w* * *s drank a lot — so did I — so did the young lady, looking at us laying naked, and then retired. — We had uncoupled, sat up and now lay down again. I wanted to be off, but she kept hold of my tool saying I should do it again, but I got up and put on my shirt, she laying still. — Then I again looked at her lovely form and whilst standing doing so, she caught hold of my prick and played with it, asking when I had fucked last before that night.

What put it into my head then I can't say but think it was the thickness of her lips. I thought of her sucking my cock. — "I should like to do you again but can't." — "You will if you wait." — "Kiss it." — She kissed my prick turning on one side to do so — I felt her lovely haunches, and large firm breasts, yet my cock did not stand. — "You can make it stand, if you put it in your mouth." — "You beast — do you like that?" — "Yes." — "Ever had it done?" — "Yes." — "I won't — I never did such a thing." — "Do it now then — only for a minute — only just a little in — tickle it with your tongue." — "I shan't you beast."

I persisted — "Do." — "No." — "Yes." — "I won't." "Do, and then we'll fuck." — "There then," and she just licked the tip for a second. "Again — longer." — "There then" — a second lick. — "Now put it in further." — "It will choke me." — "Nonsense." — "I never have done so." — "Humbug. I'm sure you know how." — "I don't, show me." — "There — let it go" — and it went half out of sight between her fat lips. — She shut her eyes and palated it, and then spat on the floor. "It's beastly." — "Never mind if we like it." — Then my prick was throbbing, I felt the sperm on her cunt, turned on to her and again we fucked. With me it was a long exercise. — She was passionate now, and kissed me hard when spending.

Then I dressed and left, she came to the street door with me start naked. "When shall I see you again?" — "Tomorrow" — tho I scarcely ever promised to see a woman again. But her splendid form, frank baudy speech, and voluptuous fucking, had caught me.

In the afternoon next day I went, she was having a bath the maid said. In a minute she appeared, chemise and slippers only on, her skin yet moist. — "Did you expect me?" — "Yes, I was sure you would come." In a minute I had her on the bed, start naked again, I stripped to my skin, and never left her till it was night and I could fuck no longer. — It was fearfully hot weather still. She was five feet eight or nine high and dressed her hair high (a fashion just then) which made her look taller. Her form from neck to feet was absolutely perfect; hands, feet, knees were small, the swell of the calves and thighs, the roundness of the thighs as they grew into her large white handsome buttocks, made superb columns. The solid large breasts like half globes of ivory were faultless, and she had the full flesh of a woman of thirty, yet without a pound weight too much. It was lovely to see her walk naked across the room, so beautifully did she put her feet down, so exquisitely did her bottom and thighs move, so stately did her body undulate, so voluptuously yet without any bum-waggle or swagger, did her buttocks move.

Her cunt was fledged with dark auburn hair, in quantity only like a girl's of eighteen and looked lovely as she lay with her thighs open. — A somewhat large clitoris like a button or nut of a beautiful red colour shewing between the lips, she'd not large inner lips. The clitoris invited frigging or sucking. The prick hole was small and not a hair was near her bum hole. — Every-thing about her was perfectly young and lovely excepting her head. She had beautiful long auburn hair, fine teeth, and clear skin; but the large lips, peculiar nose, and general largeness and long shape of the head spoiled all. I have her photograph now and when looking at it, wonder how any man could take to the owner of it; but the exquisite form, together with the voluptuous power and lewedness of the woman had only to be known. — I liked soon afterwards, her absence of humbug and sham modesty. — Ugly shaped whores often affect that.

"You are a randy devil," said she. — "So are you." — "I am, and I like fucking with a man who knows how to fuck." That evening she had not eaten for hours, and I had forgotten my dinner. "I must go out and get some one to give me supper, but want no more fucking," were her last words as we parted.

I soon saw her again. My mind had been running much upon cock sucking, my recent experiences in that line had stimulated me, and there was something about her mouth which made me specially desire it from her. When a letch laid hold of me it never left till I had satisfied it. She was so frankly baudy in her talk and manner, that I had already lost all modesty with her, and as I lay by her, feeling about her. — "Suck my cock again" — said I. — "No." — "You put it into your mouth the other night." — Still a refusal — I pressed — insisted. "You gamahuche me then, and perhaps I will." — Yes, she liked to be gamahuched. — "Gamahuche me first." — "No you minette me first."

— Then ceasing our mutual requests, we talked about the pleasure that gamahuching gave a woman.

As I looked at her quim and beautiful thighs, my objection was weakening — "Shall you spend if I gamahuche?" — "Oh shan't I just?" — "Wash your cunt"

— quickly she washed and laid down on the edge of the bed. — I knelt on a pillow, the idea of pleasure, of giving her pleasure had conquered my dislike, the nubbly, cherry looking clitoris seemed begging to be bitten. I put my hand under her ivory backside, put my mouth to her red split, and gave it a rapid lick, spitting out the salt which met my tongue. — "0 little lower — there — just there," — said she putting her middle finger on the spot. Opening the lips I placed my tongue there.

— "Ah'r — that's lovely." — Her backside twisted and wriggled a little. — The clitoris felt smooth and nice to my tongue — her voluptuous sighs and thrills randied me more, — my cock stiffened, I lost all dislike to my work, and licked all over and closed my mouth on her cunt. — "Ah-rr — don't — leave off dear, — quicker, aher — quicker, harr — ha — rr. I'm spending — quicker — a — harr" — she sighed and was quiet. — I wiped my mouth and then her cunt with the towel which I had by me. — But I didn't like the work I thought, when I had finished. She wanted me to do it again, she begged, insisted, and on I went gamahuching — she spent again — and again. — "Now gamahuche me." — "Not now, presently, let's rest." — My cock would not rest, into her mouth I put it meaning to spend there, but the attraction of her form was too much. After her mouth had held it a minute I with-drew it, and putting it into her cunt, fucked my spunk into it. — "It's nicer there," said she, "isn't it now?" I only thought then of fucking, and on the next visit or so it was the same, but the unsatisfied letch haunted me, and one night I went determined to do nothing else to her until I had satisfied it. I oftentimes have made up my mind what I would do to a woman before going to her house, and then forgot it.

After stripping, feeling her all over, inspecting, and the usual amatory preliminaries, "You do it to me," said I. — "Don't spend then." — "Yes I must." — "If you were not a nice man I wouldn't, and you won't tell Eliza ' ' 4 " l ' will you?" — Then I thought of a Serbian woman whom I had that way, and laid E*w***s on the bed in the same posture, fucked in her mouth and was satisfied; gave her then wine and gamahuched her. — I did not care that night to have my pleasure in her mouth again, my letch was over for the time. But I could not escape gamahuching her on other visits. — It was her letch with me, for she made me do it to her first, and then would do anything after. Soon after-wards I heard her using Spanish words, which a young Spaniard who was spoony on her and whom she thought would marry her and had taught her. Her mother kept a small shop at Gravesend, selling there tarts and sandwiches. He had been to see her mother. — She knew the Spanish of every baudy word and I learnt them from her but omit them here.

I called one afternoon, and she had gone away for a few days. — As I was leaving, Miss Eliza **** put her head out of the parlour. I had not seen her for some time, she looked inviting so I walked in to chat. — She told me about the Spaniard. — Didn't believe he would marry Miss E*w***s, but E*w***s thought he would, she was the baudiest woman she ever knew, all the women said so. — Wasn't it a shame? — She had had her niece up to stay with her, a girl seven years old, and she talked just as baudily before the child — Miss Eliza **** was shocked. — Miss E*w***s was idle, loved to be naked, and from the time she got up till she had her bath before dressing to go out, or to see any one, kept on her night dress or a chemise only, hadn't even shoes and stockings on when the weather was hot. — She let her little niece look at her cunt and play with the hair on it, and once let her remain in the bed room when a man was tailing her. — But she was a nice, kind, generous woman, and had been very kind to her (Eliza). "She is very fond of fucking," said I. — "Awfully fond of it," she replied, and was always talking about it. — "A very lewed voluptuous woman, awfully lewed, most men say so." — "And she's plenty of friends tho she is so plain; she'd fuck all day and night too."

This young demirep had been working all the time she was talking with me about E*w***s, and looked nice, pale, and delicate in her light, loose, clean morning gown. The talk had stirred my lust a little. "Show me your leg," said I getting close to her. — She shewed a bit of her calf — I pulled up the petticoat high, was pleased with the sight, then saw more, then felt, then fucked her.

When I said, "Let's poke" — she threw down her work and got on to the bed in such a hurry, wriggled and jigged her bum and kissed me so, that I told her to be quiet, hating a violent fuckstress and sham emotions. — No sooner had we finished, than she cuddled up to me till I did her again, exclaiming, "Oh! I want you so, — Oh I'm so lewed." — Afterwards she asked me not to tell Miss E*w***s. — "Why not?" — When she came back I did. "Did you like Eliza?" asked she, giving a peculiar laugh, and looking at my prick curiously as she did so. — Her manner was a little strange, but I did not think about it then much. On the next visit, I heard that the young lady whom I had poked had left the house, and E*w***s then told me she had just recovered from a bad clap when I had had her. I had been her first man on her recovering she thought. — No evil effects followed to me from the poke.

I took a liking to Miss E*w***s, but for sensuality only, her lovely form delighted me, her freedom of manner, and way in which she let me scrutinize her charms was to my taste. She would lay in any attitude as long as I liked without any impatience, which kept me in a state of tranquil yet voluptuous delight without irritation. She seemed moreover delighted to be scrutinized, drew up the blind to give light to see her charms (close under the window) without being asked when she found my tastes, and almost invited inspection, looking at me all the while with a baudy smile on her face, which almost asked for copulation, her mouth slightly open shewing a beautiful set of teeth. She knew her body was absolutely without a blemish, was proud of being looked at. — One day she said it made her lewed to let me look, and she liked feeling lewed. — She was a woman who spent copiously.

But the gamahuching tho at first I avoided it, she often made me do. — When I had well seen and felt her glorious form, her baudy smile came on. "Put your head down I've just had my bath, but I'll wash again there," I took a towel to wipe my lips and obeyed but did not like it at first. — Again my letch for being minetted came on. "Suck my cock whilst I do it," said I one day — "or I won't lick you." She turned onto the bed directly. "I may bite it when I spend, you'd better not." — "If you do I'll bite your clitoris off." — Then we went at it, and I shall never forget it. We inverted ourselves on each other, — arsy — versy — mouth to genitals. — I was on the top and spent in her mouth, just as my tongue on her cunt fetched her. She hurt my prick in her ecstasy.

"I love a double gamahuche," said she. The cat was out of the bag now, I had had no doubt of it before, for it was she who incited me to do all this. Now so hand-some was her cunt, so beautiful her form, so sweet the smell of her body, that I began to take to it. She liked the taste of my pego in her mouth, and always put it there before I commenced licking her clitoris. — "I like it when it's quite small at first, and to feel it stiffen up in my mouth" — was her remark one night when I passed a voluptuous evening with her, for now she avowed all her lusts, and did not care how openly she told them. She said it as she was laying on the bed with thighs wide apart, ready for me to cover her reversely, and lick her clitoris. The next second I was at it, kneeling over her, my backside well over her head, my prick dropped between her eager lips, one of her hands clasping my bum, whilst with the other she held my prick in her mouth, then with my hands under her lovely thighs, rapidly I passed my tongue over her clitoris. — In a few short minutes she spent, but my libation shot over her chin and neck. — "You cheat," — said I. "I couldn't help it, as I began to spend I let it go" [women in the acme of their pleasure, sometimes do so when in that position, the stiff stander with difficuty keeps in their mouths, and in the spasm of their own pleasure, in the voluptuous after lassitude they frig it for a minute, and let it out, or cease sucking it].

I was annoyed, for part of my enjoyment in this double gamahuching, is in the idea of my sperm deluging my sweet companion's mouth instead of her cunt. — "I won't let you spend next time until my spend's over." — "You shan't my pet, now let's do it again." — "I'm not stiff." — "I'll make it stiff, let's wash." — Both genitals made sweet and fresh again, and after half an hour's chat lying side by side, feeling each other's fucking tools, we went to work but in a different position.

I laid on my back, she over me, her knees on each side of my shoulders, and gradually lowering her belly, her gorious white backside came near my face; her bum hole shewed, the crimson cunt opened wide, showing its little inner lips and the clitoris — together looking like a crimson gash in her belly — whilst beyond just a bit of her curly brown haired motte was visible. This for a second, and then it was lost to my delighted gaze, her cunt dropped on to my mouth, and sinking down her belly towards mine she seized my drooping pego and placed it between her big rosy lips. I felt her tongue playing round the plum shaped knob, tickling, and sucking; — a voluptuous feeling shot thro it, it stiffened up and was at once engulfed in her mouth. Then up and down gently moved her head, the friction of her palate and tongue giving me intense pleasure. Out darted my tongue reciprocating her minetting, licking the expanded surface of her cunt, now seeking the full clitoris, now shooting it up the avenue to her womb. So for some time went on this luscious play with mutual de-light. Then her backside wriggles, her cunt presses closer to my mouth, my prick stiffer and stiffer, involuntarily is jerked upwards by my backside: With gentle fucking motion quicker moves her mouth up and down it, whilst more quickly wriggles her buttocks as I clasp them or rub them and lick her quim rapidly.

With a moan of pleasure from me the sound almost lost in her cunt, out shot with thrills of delight my pearly libation into her mouth. "Aha." A fucking wriggling motion of her backside responds at once, as she feels my warm spunk gush, her cunt settles closer on my mouth, my nose is buried up it, her clitoris is between my lips, rapidly shoots my tongue over it as harder I clasp her ivory buttocks, a salt flux inundates my mouth, her wriggles cease, and heavily she now lies upon me, tranquil in her pleasure. She has spent a flood, my prick and its libation still in her mouth, her cunt still emitting its juices over mine.

"I did it first this time," said I. — "Yes, and it fetched me at once, now give me another gamahuche, I love it tonight, and then we'll fuck my pet." — I did it to her again and again now kneeling at the bedside, watching her face and quivering belly as she spent and spent again, and we fucked for a finish of the evening's amusement. — Ach Gott! what exquisite delights the cock and cunt give to those who know how to use them.

Soon after luncheon one day I went to see her and took champagne (I had never done so before) intending a voluptuous afternoon. I found her excited, she had been out of luck and not fucked for four days. Night and day she had been expecting her Spaniard, fearing he had cut her, and that the marriage was off. Now overjoyed she showed me a letter just arrived, written in bad English, filled with baudy words of love. He would be with her that night. She had been drinking with her luncheon, and after my champagne was more screwed tho but slightly so. She quickly unbuttoned my trowsers and got hold of my prick. "Let's fuck pet," said she throwing herself on the bed, strip-ping herself of chemise and loose gown, — as usual all she had on — and opening her thighs. — It was cooler weather and I would not strip. — "Make haste pet or I shall frig myself." — "Frig then, let's see you." — "No, put your prick up." — Then she began to frig herself.

I wasn't quite undressed, and thought I should like to see her frig. — "Frig away," said I placing myself in kneeling position between her legs and pulling up my shirt. — My cock was stiff. — "Come nearer and let me feel your prick" — said she frigging on — I moved so as to let her, she grasped it, began frigging me and went on frigging herself. — A fierce lewedness was on her face. — "I haven't spent for quite four days." — "Not fucked, nor frigged yourself?" — "No." — "Oh spend pet, let your spunk fall on me." — On your face?" — for I was now standing near her. "Any where — I'm coming — spend on me." — With a wrench at my prick which hurt me, she spent and lay quiet — I pulled aside her cunt lips (such a lot of her spending was running out of her like thinnish gruel), threw my-self on her, plunged my prick in it and fucked. — Then our spunk ran over the bed. "Damn the counterpane, let the spunk run on it," said she, holding me tight to her and kissing me.

We had a baudy afternoon, she kept me up her revel-ling in our spunk, we talked all the voluptuousness which a randy man and woman could, she never let go of my prick for about four hours, fucked me dry, and when she rose to prepare for her Spaniard, what with frigging and fucking, she could have had but little enjoyment left for herself with another man. "I don't care, I like you, he doesn't fuck much, he's a little fellow, but he'll marry me I hope."

I followed up that letch of seeing her frig herself for a little time, she was complacent, and after calling me a baudy old beast did what I wanted always — one day, she frigged herself whilst I held her cunt lips open, an-other day with my two fingers up her cunt. I did these tricks at the beginning of our entertainments, my satis-faction being mainly in seeing what she spent, tho I watched her face and movements during her enjoyment. — She insisted on feeling my prick whilst she operated on her clitoris, and talked baudily all the time, looking lasciviously at me until she spent with eyes closed. One day I knelt over her, and she sucked my prick whilst she frigged herself; she was delighted with my proposal, but I finished up her cunt. — After that my curiosity was satisfied — I knew what her spendings were like.

I think I gave that woman full sensual enjoyment, she seemed to have such pleasure in feeling my flesh. — I have had other women take that pleasure in my smooth skin but none more. She had a letch for me. — As far as her hands would reach she ran them over my flesh when fucking, until the supreme moment when both male and female clutch and press to each other. It is the most ecstatic moment of life when the prick can go no further up, when the cunt lips are squeezed up to the balls, belly to the man's belly, the prick pulsates, the vagina tightens and grasps it, and with convulsive throbs the prick shoots out its sperm against the womb's mouth. I wish I could experience a woman's pleasure at that moment. Does she appreciate or understand a man's pleasure?

Soon afterwards she was away. I called there, she was expected, but never came back. There had been a row between her and her Spaniard and she had gone home, he they thought after her. This was told me by a first floor young lady, who on my calling a third time, set my cock stiffening as she stood at the foot of the stairs talking to me. To chat and learn more about E*w***s I went up stairs with her, and there my cock in due time stiffened into the young lady's cunt. She told me all she knew and perhaps more, but nothing unfavourable about E*w***s, who had said much in my praise, but that I was the oddest man she ever had. - Miss * * * thought Miss E E*w***s' *s very ugly but splendid in shape. All the women of that and two adjoining houses had seen her naked — all said she was beautifully made. — But what a baudy woman! I was a baudy man she knew, had heard her say I was, and I gamahuched Miss E. — Miss E. liked looking at the other women's cunts, and she liked them to gamahuche her, but she didn't flat fuck that she knew of. I never saw that first floor lady again. — She was thin, dark haired and cunted, and I believe gamahuched Miss E*w***s herself. I taxed her with it. — Denying it, she laughed, in a peculiar way.

I never could hear anything about Miss E*w***s afterwards, she never returned to her lodgings. I did not know her four months nor see her often, yet missed her — lovely in form, enticingly lovely in her meretriciousness, lovely in fucking, she certainly was. — Had she remained, I am sure she would have kept me as a friend and she liked my lewed ways. She may be living now, and many other of my past ministering angels.

Full thirty years ago I had a woman who in face resembled her, and whose form and movements of haunches when walking naked were the same. She how-ever had I think a tinge of the mulatto in her, and she also had thick large lips. — It was at a time of my life when straight forward cunt fucking was all I cared about — I think in these memoirs that I must have mentioned that woman.

Miss E*w***s left me with a more developed taste for gamahuching a pretty cunt, for whatever my in-difference previously, it was now vanishing. — I often thought of doing it with women afterwards. Once I did not indulge in it much, young cunts alone I tongued with pleasure, and did that instinctively. It was the absence of hair upon them, which I sometimes fancy was the cause of my taste for their little quims.

After that I went abroad for a very short time, and occasionally visited one or two nurseries of Venus, tho on the whole was true and chaste, which made me enjoy my few furtive amours more, when I had them.

I was at a great Saxon city and went to the swell brothel there, the price per woman was but two thalers, strangers of course paying far above the tariff. — There was music in one of the rooms, and two or three young men smoking and drinking with half a dozen good looking Paphians, who were délcolleté to their nipples, but otherwise dressed in silks and satins. Not aware that other men were in the salon when I entered it, and not preferring to choose women in male company, I was a little disconcerted, and selected one very quickly but made a very good choice. — I beckoned to her without having spoken to her, pleased with her opulent titties and massive hair, as she was sitting drinking with a man who looked at me angrily, as at once obeying my summons she left him.

She was a tall, stoutish, light auburn haired German, tolerably well formed, but wanting something in grace, as most German women are. Their thighs taper too quickly towards their knees, their hip bones show, they are in fact not voluptuously moulded tho formed to bear big babies in their loins; this one however was fairly well made and with splendid breasts. When on the bed I looked at her hidden beauties, and found such a cunt as I never saw before or since. — About every five years or so I think I have had women whose cunts were very uncommon in some particular.

This Saxon's sexual trough had roly poly lips, with lots of rather uncurled hair on them nearly down to her anus. — A fairly thick bush covered her mount, but not high up. The hair on the lips thinned as usual until their junction with her thighs where it ceased, leaving a well defined, clean flesh line; but on the thighs it began immediately to reappear, and thickened down about three or four inches forming little beards on each side of her cunt, quite handfuls of hair an inch and a half long. It had a mere tendency to curl, and the tufts re-minded me of goats' beards. As she stood up with thighs closed, there seemed to be one continuous mass of hair from the top of her motte, to the end of these beards.

I remarked it at once, she thought I admired it (tho it was the reverse), and apparently proud of these hairy appendages, knelt on the bed and invited me to look at them from a rump point of view, without my having asked her to do so. I was in need of a woman, stiffened at once, — novelty always stimulates my salacity — plunged my love lance into her love sheath, and consummated. After ablution, with cooler blood I had again a good look at her curious hirsute growth, in-tending to write a description of it, and conversed with her about it, as well as I could. She kept twiddling my pego, and what with that and talking and looking at this strange cuntal physiognomy, I thought I should like to spend in it again. — "What are you going to give me?" quoth she when I suggested that.

The financial question being answered satisfactorily, we set to fucking dog fashion, every now and then I drew my prick so far out that the tip alone remained in her cunt, and looked down at the thigh beards which were however only partially visible in that position, but it was my letch. Strange ideas about fucking goats and hairy arsed women, passed through my brain, whilst ever and anon I frigged her clitoris, withdrawing my pego from her cunt altogether. Then resting on my heels I looked at her backside and pouters, and pulled the little beards. I could do it with fair composure, for tho my pego kept its stiffness, my sperm was in no hurry now to issue from my balls. At last I excited her. "Go on fucking, mein Lieben, I want it so, do me on my belly, I like to fuck that way best," — so I turned her on to her back, and after a final look at the thickets, plunged my prick up her quim and satisfied her and my-self. — I never saw her again, nor wished. — Next day I wrote this account.

[One or two unusual looking cunts have already been described in my narrative. Seven or eight years after this thigh tufted Paphian, I had a woman whose backside was almost covered with hair. — It will be described in its proper order — perhaps.]

On my return to England late in autumn, I went to the sea side on a well known coast. Girls in the streets and more frequently on the esplanade there offer baskets and boxes for sale, made or covered with shells. Pleased with the appearance of a box, I agreed the price and told the girl who hawked it to bring it to my hotel, giving her my name and address. The girl was very good looking and about fourteen years of age perhaps, but I had really taken no notice of her. I wanted to buy the box as a gift and thought of that alone.

At the time named I was alone in the hotel, which I had not expected to be the case, indeed had named a time when I expected to be far from being alone. "A gal's brought a shell box for you sir," said the waiter. — She came in, I saw the box was sound, paid the girl the money, and as I did so she struck me as being hand-some. — Said I, "I'll give you six pence for bringing it if you'll give me a kiss my pretty lass." — "All right, sir," and her face became saucy. She came to me, I sat her on my knees — I was sitting down — kissed her, again kissed, and when doing so desire seized me and I whispered, "And a shilling if you'll let me feel your nice little fat bum, and your little cunny." — "All right," said she, and before the words were out of her mouth, my fingers were between the lips of an almost hairless notch. I felt over belly, navel, and mons well, then thrust my fingers back and one a little way up the prick receiver, which she facilitated tho she said, "Now don't yer do that, sir."

Agitated now with desire for that little cunt, — she now looked beautiful to me, — "Feel my prick," — said I, pulling it partly out, forgetting the awful risk I ran, for my room door might have been opened at any minute. She grabbed it saying, "Give us another sixpence, sir." — "I will my little dear, I'll give you half a crown to fuck you." — "All right, but you can't here, I'll be at * * * * tonight near the beach if you like." — She was a regular little whore I saw at once now.

Delighted and excited with the adhesive feel of her little split, as I kept my finger rubbing along it, and with prick well nigh bursting, I forgot the awful risk I ran for I might have been surprized at any minute, and not only by a waiter but by others, I would have her at once. And how quick I always have found my decision, how subtle under the influence of lust. Out of the sitting room led my bedroom, the bedroom had another door out on to the stairs. I saw my chance and possible escape, looked up and down the street from out of the window, and then on to the lobby, looked and shut the sitting room door again, pushed the girl into the bed room, locked both doors of that, lifted her on to the bed edge, threw up her dirty clothes, saw plump thighs, a little fat, pouting almost hairless notch, and in a second drove my prick up it to my balls. — "Oho" — said she, "don't you do it so hard." — But I fucked with haste and fear, my ears open, yet delighted with the little cunt. Her eyes were fixed on mine, mine on hers, she was quite a fuckstress tho young at it, and I saw that I gave her pleasure. But it was only the beginning of her pleasure for my energy and hurry, pumped out my sperm into her tight little cunt too quickly. — No sooner was my spend over than I pulled out my prick still quite stiff, a copious pearly fluid following it. "You didn't spend?" said I. "No I was just agoing to." — The next minute I had paid her half a crown and she went off with cunt reeking.

Two hours later, I went to the place where she had first offered me the shell box. It was the attraction of her little cunt which took me there. She'd got another shell box for sale — I examined it to blind passers by, all the while asking her about herself. — Her father was a fisherman. "Does he know you've been fucked?" -- "No, he don't know." — She couldn't be out late, but soon after dark she could, and there were not many people out there, (naming place). At the hour and place that night I fucked her, and made her spend. She was still a little artless, for I frigged her nearly to a second spend before I put into her. — "Oh! I shall do it if you goes on rubbin' me." So then I rubbed her up and down with my prick, and she spent again with me.

I thought I had done with her, when one day she was in front of my hotel offering her baskets, "Buy another on me, I must sell em somehow," said she. — I couldn't stand that, I was alone but it occurred to me that the little bitch might have been put up to blackmail me. I told her I'd buy no more, and that if she spoke to me again unless I spoke to her first, I'd put the police on her trail. Saying that I ought to buy something else after what I done to her, she went away and never appeared near my hotel (that I know of) again. At the end of a few days desire for her revived, I stopped, bought some little shell rubbish, and asked her to come to a baudy house with me. She wouldn't hear of it, for her parents might find it out. She knew where the baudy houses were tho.

She said she'd go to the house of a friend when I asked her. I had no gay friend there, but met a full grown harlot, told her my game. (Great risk again.) She met me, I pointed out the little one, who went with her to her lodgings (not late at night this) and there we stripped the lass and washed her, and then I licked her little cunt till she was nearly dead with spending. Then I fucked her and left. She'd never been gamahuched before she declared, never been in a house with a man, she'd had it done to her on the beach, and on the seats, but no where else. Two or three days afterwards I came back to London, and never saw the little damzel after-wards.