Vol. 9 Chapter X

A dancing demirep. • An admiring crowd. • The landlady's bonnet. • Flight prevented. • Miss B**h*m. • The effects of smooth flesh on her. • My confessions to H*l*n. • Financial proposals. • Aboard. • At peepholes again. • The English woman bathing.

I then went to the A*g**e three or four times, disguising myself a little, to look at H*l*n, (who looked lovely in her superb dresses) and perhaps a little be-cause I had found women well dressed, handsome and young, who readily accepted a couple of sovereigns or less. About to enter late one night, I saw a crowd in the road and a little woman evidently drunk, yet steady in her limbs, dancing with her clothes up to her knees, and singing. The mob — mostly of common men applauded, making smutty remarks, "Pull 'em up higher and show us yer cunt." — She made some reply and pulled them up higher, asking if her legs were not beautiful.

There was something about her exhibition which made my cock horny. — I'll get her into a cab, and feel her cunt thought I. — "Here's the Bobbies." — "Hook it little un. — Here's a Bobby," cried out the men. — The crowd separated, the girl dropped her clothes, and quickly ran up * * * * * St. — I followed. "Come into a cab." She clutched my arm. "Don't let em lock me up, they did last month — Oh — don't — come away." — She was wild with fear, tho there was no need for it, for the circle having broken up, the police interfered no further. In a second into a four-wheeler we had got.

"Where to?" — "Oh they won't let me in I think." — "Where to?" — "I don't care, I live at * * * * but they won't let me in perhaps, I got out of the window — they've locked up my things." — "Well, I'll leave you." —"Oh — no — don't — take me home with you." — She was thick in voice, very anxious, but coherent and didn't stammer even. — She seemed a little out of her wits, I began to think. — With difficulty I got her exact address which was at the extreme end of F***h*m.

In the cab my lust rose higher — "What lovely legs you have." — "Haven't I?" — Saying that she stood up in the cab, pulled her petticoats nearly up to her back-side, tried to dance, knocked her head up against the roof, then sitting down, put her legs upon the opposite seat. "There, ain't they beautiful — feel my cunt — let me feel your cock." — She tore my trowsers open violently, and seized my pego. —"Oh — oh — oh it's a beauty — let's fuck — but ain't my legs beautiful." — All this in a breath hurriedly. — Thought I, she's randy mad drunk. But vanity was stronger than her lust, for relinquishing my prick, she again pulled up her clothes to call attention to the beauty of her legs, — and beautiful they were — then again grabbed my pego eagerly, begging me to fuck her. — "We can't." — "Oh we can — I've done it in cabs" — and so on. — She gabbled on in a half cracked, half drunken, lewed manner, every now and then feeling me and asking me to fuck her. I felt a fat, well haired cunt, and rump and thighs quite solid. She once so handled my prick — for I liked her doing it — that I resolutely withdrew it from her, not wishing my letch to die away in masturbation. — "Haven't you been fucked to night?" — I enquired, for it occurred to me that she had got tight with money received for her favours. Tho tipsy, she answered steadily enough, "I've not been fucked for three days, they have locked me up, I owe a month's rent, they took away what my friend gave me when he called, they said they'd give me in charge if I didn't let 'em." "O fuck me" — laying her head on my shoulder. Then suddenly, — "Oh — that's * * * * St. — what shall we do if they won't let us in?" She then was quiet, evidently fearful of something at her house. Her talk raising all sorts of suspicions, and not wishing to be mixed up in a baudy house row, I felt inclined to pay her and cut — just then the cab stopped at a small house.

I knocked and rang several times, bolts and locks were withdrawn, the door opened, and a coarse looking, middle aged woman stood there candle in hand, who looked savagely at my little woman as she closed the door. — The demirep was going hurriedly to her rooms on the ground floor, when the landlady called out, — "Here, take the light, and give me my bonnet, you'd no business to have taken it." — Hastily the girl gave the bonnet, took the candle, opened her room door, and when inside locked it, and said, — "Oh ain't she a beast? — but she can't get at us now." I heard the street door bolted again, and the woman tramping up stairs. I felt uncomfortable, but the feel of the cunt had set me longing so, that I resolved to fuck it quickly 04d get off. — She tried to mount a chair to light the gas but reeled and nearly fell. — I lighted it, and found the rooms comfortably furnished. — She was now more intoxicated, and thoroughly lewed, grabbed at my prick, and then chuckling, undressed rapidly saying, "She's listening to us perhaps, don't talk loud — look at my legs." — It occurred to me again that she might be cranky.

But I had no time for reflection, for dropping all her clothes on the floor, mounting the bed, throwing up her chemise and opening her thighs wide, "Come on — fuck me" — she cried. I've known gay ladies screwed and lewed behave similarly, and urge me with their impatience for my cock. Modest females indeed have cuddled up to me, and without baudy words hurried me up their thirsty cunts. I threw off my coat, pulled her to the bedside, looked well at her cunt — which was roly poly lipped, fat, hairy — as I had guessed by my feel — and her bum and thighs large and solid. She had beautiful feet and legs from her knees downwards, above them a little heavy. I then put her lengthwise on the bed, laid besides her, and pulled out my cock. — "Pull off your clothes and stop all night." — "Impossible." — Raising herself she took unasked my prick in her mouth for a second only, saying, "I like to lick a good stiff un first." Then I mounted her, and she being lewed and my sperm simmering, her cunt was soon overflowing. She spent with violent demonstrations of pleasure, and a minute after clasping my backside tightly, and putting her short legs up round it, she re-commenced oscillating her buttocks. "Fuck on, I shall spend again." — "I can't." —"You can it's quite stiff — fuck on." — It was unusually rigid, but during her random talk whilst undressing and also in the cab, she'd said that when she was ill she'd never had a fuck. occurred to me that she might have had pox or clap. So spite of her I withdrew my prick.

When I'd washed and buttoned up, off the bed she jumped. "Fuck me again." — I told her I must go, but she closed with me, said I shouldn't till I'd done her again, that she hadn't been fucked for days, damned if I should go till I'd fucked again. "Look at me naked." Stripping off her chemise, she put her arms round my neck, pulled my head down and kissed me, praying for a fuck. It was irresistable, I laid on the bed with her, and as my cock was not ready, she frigged herself and spent. In a quarter of an hour she'd minetted my pego to full penetrative size, and my second injection was given.

That seemed to have cooled her arse, and her manner changed. In a whisper almost, — "Let me dress, and when you go out let me go with you" Said she had got out of the window that night (it was quite easy to do so) with the only things she'd got, the landlady had the rest — It was her own bonnet, not the landlady's, who'd taken it, and she'd got it away on the sly, be-cause she couldn't go out without a bonnet. "Oh take me away do — I'm so frightened of her." — She clung to me evidently in fear of some one in the house but she was now incoherent. She managed however to keep me an hour or more after I'd paid her, till she'd put on her clothes. — "Go softly — I will go out with you." — In vain I persuaded her not, she insisted. — I was embarrassed, went softly to the street door, she following me, found it locked and the key taken away. "Oh she's locked us in," said she in terror.

I called out and knocked with my stick till the woman came down, saying she thought I was going to stay all night. Then to the little woman who stood close to me, — "You go away Miss * * * *" — quick as lightning she ran into her room and slammed to the door. The next minute the street door closed on me — I was glad to be clear, yet very curious, waited outside for a minute, and heard women's voices hollowing at each other, then I went off.

A few days after seeing the dancing demirep, I was at the rooms quite early, and noticed a tall, black haired, dark eyed woman of Jewish type, with a small delicate nose and pearly complexion. She looked five and twenty and was elegantly attired in a black silk dress, very decollete, showing a lovely pair of exquisite breasts, which together with a breadth of hip, and easy undulations of her body as she moved swelled my pego with desire; but thinking her price would be too high for me, I stifled my lust.

She came towards me slowly, looking at me, and then concupiscence suddenly overcame prudence. I thought of nothing but fucking her. "You're very lovely, I'm longing to have you." —"Why don't you then?" —"I can't afford to pay for such a beautiful dress." — "Some can if you can't." — "I can't afford more than a sovereign" — all said in a very low tone of voice. She looked me up and down for a second of two — then, "You may go home with me if you'll go directly, I must come back." In five minutes we were in a cab, in twenty minutes in her rooms at P**l*co.

She took off her bonnet, sat down, looked at me scrutinizingly, and remarked that a sovereign was very little. At once and without reflection, I thought I should be bilked unless I paid more to have her. The hurried feel in the cab of her smooth thighs, and extreme crispness of the curls on her motte had so excited me, that had my purse been filled I should have payed anything, but there were only a few shillings and one sovereign in it.

"I've not deceived you — I'm a gentleman, here is your money." — Angry and scarcely knowing what I said, and putting the money on the table. She looked at me without speaking until I put on my hat, and then, "What are you doing, aren't you going to have me? come along" — and she went to her bedroom.

I followed, thinking that I'd rather made a donkey of myself. "Undress," said she smiling. "I thought you wanted to get back." — "So I do, but take off your things." — She was soon in chemise, and as I watched the disclosure of her charms, my prick rapidly erected She laughed directly she saw my horny procreator, which propped up my shirt tail, and she manipulated it gently directly I laid by her side. I fingered her lovely cunt, every now and then intruding a finger into the red avenue as herald to my carnal king. She passed one ample thigh over my hip, opening her delicious furrow, giving free play to my fingers, glued her mouth to mine, and tongue to tongue we lay in silence, excepting for her soft murmurs of pleasure; all this surprizing, delighting, and stimulating my lust. — It was so delicious mentally and physically, that tho my semen was near to ejaculating itself without the friction of her pudenda, I restrained myself from fucking. "Leave off dear, or I shall spend." — "Don't put it into me yet" — she replied, relinquishing my tool. — I'd stirred her concupisence — and many a Paphian have I done the same to, — they have said it — who enjoyed my embraces, and stimulated me to further enjoyment of them — and this has occurred quite as frequently in my middle age, if not more so than in my youth.

How exquisite is the touch of the soft hand of a woman as it glides about my prick, soothing yet exciting, moving gently, slowly, restlessly up and down the stem — without the vigor of the masturbating friction. — I missed Miss B**h*m's hand so much, and liked so much my fingers smoothing over her soft, pulpy feeling vulva, that for the moment I regretted we had ceased manipulating our heated genitals. But either overcome by her concupiscence, or a desire fully to gratify mine, she turned on to her back. The invitation was irresistable. In my strong desire for her, desire to join her exquisite body to mine, to spend my seed in her, I had scarcely yet looked at her cunt, so overwhelmed, so satisfied entirely with the beauty of her form was I, as it disclosed itself whilst undressing. Every garment she took off one by one added to my fire, and I had followed her on to the bed, without that investigation of her centre of love and bliss, which so much delights me. Now as she lay with thighs apart, showing the jet black, crisp curls, umbrageously hiding the soft lipped division of her belly, my prick gave a violent throb, nodding its adoration of the avenue it was to travel up, and my sperm seemed beginning to rise from my testicles.

Then impatiently my fingers divided the curly covered lips, my prick now shaking with desire, then a rapid glimpse of the red opening, and delirious with beauty of her sexuality, I dropped on to her, our bellies met, my thighs enclosed by her plenteous columns, and ere my fingers were there to guide it, my prick had struck the crimson aperture, and with one thrust splitting the lips, buried itself up it, plunged up to its roots, my balls rubbing themselves on to her lovely buttocks. — I could not repose even a moment in the delight of possession of her body — of our being joined as one in the flesh, and in the mind — that exquisite pause which comes when my prick can go no further up — but with sperm seething and ready to ejaculate into its lubricious recipient, it urged me on. With frantic thrusts, up and down moved my prick in her cunt, which sympathetically heaved to meet it, grip-ping its ruby tip, and whilst she murmured, — "Don't hurry" — hotter and hotter it grew, lodged itself in the innermost folds of the channel, and with gentle movements a flood of sperm poured into it. — So soon as she felt the warm mucilage, her cunt discharged its glairy juices to mix with mine. Then with lingering vitality, my prick still gently moving, her belly gently heaving, our spendings churned together and slowly we sank to repose in each other's arms — our mouths and tongues still glued together. Ah! the bliss of those few minutes from conjunction to dissolution.

My pego shrinking drew out some of our spendings. Still keeping my motte pressed up to hers, I felt the genial juices cooling on my scrotum, felt voluptuous de-light at feeling it there. She did not move, but rubbed both hands up and down from bum to neck on my naked flesh in silent pleasure; then remarked, "You have spent a lot, what lovely flesh you have." — Vanity gratified, yet doubting — I replied, "Humbug." - "Humbug, what's humbug? — your flesh feels lovely, by God." — Then after feeling and praising her solid backside I turned over from her my pego dripping with lubricious moisture, and got up to wash. She lay quite still looking at me, thighs apart just as I left them. — "You've a lovely skin for a man — let me see you quite naked."

I drew off my shirt and stood naked, the love essences glistening on my drooping pego, hairs on my motte glued to the flesh, she with thighs just as I'd left them, the black curls on her mount drenched, sperm showing on the little red line visible — for she like me had spent copiously, and our mutual desire to continue our loving connection, had squeezed out the essences from her flooded cunt. — After contemplating for a minute, she said, "You're a fine man," and got off the bed holding her cunt to catch any mucilage. Washing and squatting over the basin, she looked at her fingers covered with the lustful emollient of my testicles. "Haven't you spent?" said she, and laughed.

Both were washed. — "Let me see you naked, I haven't done so." — In my lustful impetuosity, from feeling to fucking had not occupied a minute, all was hurry to mix with this goddess of pleasure. — I didn't expect she'd comply as she was in a hurry, but she said, — "Let's look at ourselves together." — Taking off her chemise, she laid hold of my waist and we turned towards the cheval glass, she rubbing her hands all over my flesh, and at last kissing one of my nipples. It was startling to see these evidences of pleasure, after the cold, hurried beginning of an hour scarcely past. Then I felt her breasts and cunt, she laid hold of my prick, we turned belly to belly, contemplating ourselves as Adam and Eve might have done if they had had a looking glass, then saying, "You have lovely flesh" — threw herself languidly on the bed as if fatigued, put her fingers on her clitoris, and remarked, "We needn't be ashamed to show ourselves." — This Jewish Paphian seemed to enjoy my skin and nudity immensely, as other women have done. — I'm sure she was Jewish, tho she had scarcely a marked feature of her race.

Then she let me see her secret charms, and turned about readily to show them — accomplished Paphian as she was — and exquisite they were. — Every now and then she caught hold of my pego, squeezed, relinquished it, and smiled. It had not left her cunt twenty minutes ere lustful thrills shot thro it, then my fingers fastened on her black, thick, wiry haired — how crisp and curly they were — notch, and instinctively rubbed her button, — that button made for frigging, — and when I had frigged it a little time left off, thinking I saw from her silence and a certain manner, that she wished me away. So I ceased the titillation and took up my shirt. — "Fuck me again," said she.

Astonished. — "You wanted to get back quickly" "Never mind." — Then, for I can't bear to have my pleasures without paying, can't bear to leave a woman dissatisfied unless I find her out to be a harpy, — "I've no more money, you may look in my purse." — "Oh damn the money lie down." — In a second I was beside her, we were lying side by side, one of her thighs passed over my hip, she handling my prick, I her cunt, our lips kissing, and so we lay concupiscently playing and coaxing each other's genitals. — Now and then I ceased to feel, then turned to look at her black haired temple, then resumed my place by her side and probed her cunt with my fingers, till our lusts were assuaged by a second fuck. Then she asked me to take her back. We dressed quickly and I took her back to the congregation of cock-huntresses. I felt her all the way there, she me, and my prick was again stiff as we parted at the door of the saloon. — I gave a half promise to see her again, but did not.

It has not often occurred to me to have had two gay women in five days, worth telling about. In my youth I have had dozens without any thing specially notice-able, tho in my diaries most were mentioned.

A week after this I saw H*l*n and told her all. It was then that I mentioned having poked one of the twins for a bottle of champagne. H*l*n seemed much irritated, which pleased me; said again that they were not twins, it was a sham to entice men who liked the idea of having sisters, that the little one was a little beast who would let any man have her for any money. — Miss B**h*m was dangerous, let men bugger her, did not care who knew it, and liked that bestiality. A man lived with her, and she'd heard that together they got money out of gentlemen who went home with her. — She knew I'd gone home with her, for a woman had told her so, but it was nothing to H*l*n, I'd a right to have any woman I liked. — As to the terpsichorean harlot, she did not recognize her from my description. — H*l*n cooled down after I'd fucked her twice and had given the fiver, and on telling that I was going abroad and might not see her for months — said if I liked to come as a friend, and give her a bottle of champagne I might have her; but if money passed, it was a fiver and nothing less.

I set all she said down to spite, and to hinder my again seeing B**h*m. — In a few days I visited H*l*n again, she was voluptuous to perfection, wanted me to fuck her again and again. I fancied indeed that she was determined that my precious, life giving emollient, should go into no other woman's cunt that day. — We had the champagne and I might have enjoyed her for that, but gave her some gold when leaving. She said she didn't want it but accepted with very little pressing. "When I return I will always give you that, if you can-not accept it I must keep away from you." — She made no reply, and soon after I went abroad.

Of late years my opportunities of using peepholes at hotels have been but few, this season chance gave me more. Owing to the limited accommodation at hotels in the travelling season, friends cannot always get bed rooms close together, and this was the case just now with us, which gave me the chances.

Alone in a large bedroom, in an ancient hotel in a mountainous district, I went to bed early and slept at once soundly. Soon after day-break a sudden noise in an adjoining room roused me. Instantly my old curiosity came on, for from the shuffling of feet, and movements heard thro the ill fitting doors between my room and the next, I knew it must be a woman there. Instinct tells me that sometimes before I know there is one. My sensuous temperament I have at times thought gives me a presentiment that a woman will be visible to me — absurd tho this may seem. — It is the sympathetic transmission of lust to lust, an ethereal inter-change, which I believe in, and which has rarely deceived me.

Jumping out of bed, stealthily going to the folding doors, I heard water splashing, and directly found a hole just above the top of my washstand, big enough to put a large quill through — so large that it is a wonder it had not been seen and plugged up by the occupant on one side or the other. — But my experience is, that half the travellers fatigued and preoccupied, either are in-different to, or don't suspect these subtle means of inspection. — A washstand was also placed against the door on the other side, and there was a woman in night dress washing. — I couldn't see her face, or anything but about half of her body.

Shortly she moved off to the middle of the room, poured out water into a large sponging bath then stripped, and naked in it began sluicing water all over her. Sometimes she stood with a sponge letting the water run down her back, then down her front, then she squatted and bathed her cunt, in doing which she luckily faced me and I saw her twats fairly well and the hair on her motte and armpits, both of which were visible every second. — Her sluicing was mainly in her cuntal regions, where she sluiced so long, that I concluded she had a weakness there. After drying her-self, she opened a window, threw her night gown loosely over her shoulders, and stood looking out with naked bum towards me. Then she began to dress, and I lost sight of her. — I was ravished with the spectacle which lasted some minutes, set my pego swelling, and with difficulty I restrained an onanistic performance.

She was a tall, thinnish English woman, seemingly about twenty three years old, with blue eyes, lightish brown hair, with but little hair on her motte, and less in her armpits. I longed to be nearer to her, for when-ever I secretly see a woman nude, I desire to get near her and talk to her, thinking about her charms, whilst I converse. I feel as if I liked her, as if she were some-how bound to me and I to her, and that I would do any-thing kind or useful for her. Such is my sensuous temperament, such the amiable state of mind which seeing a pretty woman naked puts me in. This sexual longing, this feeling born of the urging of the prick to-wards the cunt for conjunctive copulation, or in plainer language fucking — is that which directly or indirectly, determines the whole course of human existence.

I dressed rapidly and got to the breakfast room. A few minutes after, there was the lady with her relatives who were going off early by carriage. I spoke to them about the weather and their journey, with the familiarity which travelling engenders. Then it was that I saw she had blue eyes and was English. I thought how I should have liked her to have seen my prick though that peep hole, as well as I had seen her charms, and delicious thrills ran through that carnal tube as I thought of her nudity, so soon as she had gone. Fucking is the real bond of union of the sexes, what interest would a man have in a woman who had no cunt, — beyond mere curiosity?