Vol. 9 Chapter XII

My sensitive pego and consequences. • Wanting yet revolting. • At P*r*s. • At the lapunar. • Alexandrine the new chambermaid. • Her useful information • An erotic evening. • Sappho. • A limp doodle. • A second Paphian suggested. • Raffaella in the adjoining room • In my room after-wards. • The German's semen. • My dislike to it. • Dislike forgotten. • Tribadic exercises. • The Paphian's opinion of me. • A lewed triad. • Flat fucking and gamahuching galore.

[Many a page of manuscript must now be burnt, a mere outline given instead, tho some erotic episodes will be retained as written.]

[The irritation in my gland about this time increased, and came on quite once or twice a week, in fact directly I wanted the love of woman. In coition then, a freshly washed cunt such as gay ladies like to prepare for their visitors, became to me more objectionable than ever. My first thrusts in the warm red avenues at the period of these visitations, were positively painful to me, and I thought incessantly of the pleasure I had, when the spermatic softness had just been given to the pudenda, by a pioneer on to the road which was open and ready for me to enter. Strange it was however, that at that time, a dislike at the idea of following an-other of my sex there, sometimes came over me, a dislike mingled with fear. — Foolish tho it was for the time — a short time only — it restrained me from giving myself the fullest pleasure, and I contented myself in preparing pudendas by lingual and digital friction, so that natural lubrication might be got before we fucked — if permitted.]

A month after being in the mountains I went to the lapunar at P*r*s already mentioned. At various periods, many of the Paphians there knew my tastes — I usually saw the saloon when full of women, and each was anxious for my selection, for I was liberal.

[A new chambermaid soon after came to that part of the house in which I usually had my chamber — for I had a favorite room — who was quite unlike her class. She was not thirty years old, plump and not bad looking. I tipped her handsomely got very friendly with her, kissed her when I arrived and left, and tried hard to in-duce her to let me fuck her, for she was appetizing, but which she would not permit. — Nor would she let me feel her cunt, nor even her legs. Her name was Alexandrine. The one before that was Hortense, but further reference will be made to these aids to my pleasure.

She told me after we got friendly, that she was married, had never been gay, nor kept, nor in a bordel before, nor did she seem to me as if she had; and from enquiries made I believed this to be true. — After Hortense left, she became sous-maitresse and our friendliness much increased. — She had more time to talk with me, and she carefully instructed the chamber-maid who replaced her, about my whims and letches, and how to minister to them. I increased still more my tips to her, she got more and more communicative, showed me the women's bedrooms, the medical examination chairs, whips, birches, straps, dildoes, and the whole paraphernalia of artistic whoredom; told me from time to time what woman had just come in the house, and when one came who was new to her occupation there, which women loved each other and flat fucked, in fact put me up to every dodge, and completed my knowledge of human nature in its erotic phases, and of the internal economy of the lapunar. Of course all this was under pledge of secrecy. — But this is looking forward too much.]

I went to the bordel early, the women had only just left the coiffeur's hands, few had been fucked that night, tho some no doubt had during the day. — About twenty of them were in the salon, some quite naked, stockings and shoes excepted, others with diaphanous gauze around them, thro which all their charms were visible. Some sitting, others half reclining, one or two standing. — Breasts, arms, fat thighs and backsides nude — mottes shewing like charcoal set in ivory, some women exhibiting hairy armpits, — an indescribably voluptuous scene.

"Salon mesdames," said the sous-maitresse opening the door. — For a second the chatter ceased, then re-commenced, limbs moved, eyes flashed, many spoke and all at once. — "Ici, Monsieur." — "Monsieur c'est moi." — "Moi Marguerite." — "Ohe." — "Ah cochon." — "Vous ne vous souvenez pas du moi" — etc. etc. — Some put out their tongues lasciviously. — Some opened wide their thighs. — Some put fingers on their clitorises with frigging movements, — others pulled their cunt lips open. — It is one of the most marvellous sights in the world, but the excitement renders selection of a woman difficult. My eyes roved from one to another of the Paphians, dazzled, bewildered by sight, sound, and lewed suggestions.

I selected a woman, who went upstairs naked, step-ping up daintly, I following just so low behind her, that I could see the dark furrow between her buttocks, which moved with a wriggle as she went prancing up step by step — a cock standing sight, but mine didn't stand — "Marie, est ce que la jaune est occupee?" Her hand was on the handle — I had asked for that room. — "Si, si, Mademoiselle, pas la, — ici donc, — ici." We entered another room, rich looking and hot — they are all kept hot, so that the women who are naked for hours should not catch cold, and can strip themselves. In fact, a fucking atmosphere is kept up.

I did not like my choice, she was thinner than I'd thought, but was beautifully made, had dark brown hair on her cunt and not too much of it, — a pretty cunt. Her face was Southern, her head dressed in Oriental fashion was hung with sequins, large gold bracelets were on her arms, gold coins round her neck. She was she said twenty two. "I'll make my toilet," quoth she. I don't know what made me say it or what passed thro my mind, for I had come to be gamahuched, and on those occasions like to feel a quite clean cunt — for all that I objected. "Have you been fucked to night?"

— "Not yet." — "Don't wash, I don't like a dry cunt."

— "Tres bien, je le rafraichirai seulement." Out she went, in a minute returned, I put my fingers up her cunt and felt its natural state, it had not been washed inside. — Then I wished it had been but did not say so, looked at it well but was confused, saw a cunt and nothing particular about it, and had no desire to fuck.

I had travelled much two days previously, felt tired — and worse — that I should not like her. I had felt my cock whilst she was washing and there was no stiffness in it. — "I shall give you trouble, am old, may not be able to fuck you." — "Old? not so old — I'll make you do it." — "No, I am old." — "How old then?" — I told. "Quel mensonge — what shall we do — faite l'amour?"

— "Let me see your cunt more." She threw herself on the bed, her legs invitingly apart. — It was a pretty and fresh cunt but it did not stir me. — When I had done amusing myself with it, "Suck my prick" I said. — "Tres bien." — Taking a wet towel she washed the top, pulling down the prepuce and looking carefully at it — I took off my clothes and laid on the bed, she began running her nimble tongue all round the roots, over the balls, and finally taking the tip into her mouth, gave a preliminary lick, spat out, and then went on quickly rolling her tongue over the tip, moving her head up and down. One moment the tip came into sight the next it was hidden to the roots.

For a moment it stood stiff under her delicate tongue friction — She gave it a gentle frig, and down my prick sunk again, — to my shame — "I told you I was tired." "Never mind, I'll make it come up" — and she re-commenced.

I turned her about in many attitudes, her lithe form twisted any way I felt her cunt deeply whilst she gamahuched, then put her over me kneeling and looked at her cunt, but all was useless. — Ashamed, "I told you so." — "You are fatigued" — I was glad of the excuse which was true tho. — "Let me feel your finger." — Finding the nails short, — "Put one up my bum, gently, oh, gently." — "Open your legs wide." Wetting her finger with spittle she gently drove it up me, irritating my fundament, sucking my cock all the time, giving me voluptuous sensations — but no cockstand came. Then she tickled my bum hole with her tongue, then up went her finger again — but it remained limp.

"It's of no use," said she, — "Shall I get you another girl?" — "Have you a dear, dear friend?" "Yes, a fine woman — superb — dark — oh dark, such black hair on her cunt. — You'll like her." — "Will you play at minette with her, voulez vous faire la tribade avec elle?" — "Oh yes, we often do it, shall I get her?" — I wanted some excuse, yet for some intangible reason said, "No." — "Do, — you have made me randy," — said Sappho. "Whilst she minettes me, you can fuck her." — "What's her name?" — I did not want a woman who knew me. — "Raffaella — so lovely, — the finest woman in the house — and si chic, si polissonne, je l'aime la petite cochonne" — and she kissed the air and wriggled her backside. — "She is si fraiche, only been galante deux mois — ah! je l'aime."

I did not want Raffaella, had come to be gamahuched, wanted to feel my prick tip rubbing in a pretty mouth, my sperm gushing into it, to feel the peculiar sensation which gamahuching can alone give the prick when it spends — to feel it shrinking — yet retained and sucked — no cunt can do that quite, tho, it does much better. I felt angry and ashamed. "Suppose your friend won't." — "But certainly she will, let me fetch her, she will minette you, and so will I her."

Just then I heard a woman coming up stairs singing, and the tread of a man following. They went into the adjoining room, and we could hear them indistinctly through the partition. — Lewed thoughts now came. I had many times seen the cunt of my handsome H*l*n M***w**d covered with the sperm of her lover, had gloried in its viscid glistening, had seen and heard her in her throes of pleasure, whilst a magnificent prick was jetting out its essence into her, and afterwards had put my own prick up and added to the libation; but had then no desire to see any other cunt in similar state. Yet now the letch seized me. "Fetch her directly she's been fucked, and before she washes." — Out went Sappho, knocked at the next door, there was a low toned conversation, and she came back. "It is she, she who is my friend, she will come, you shall see she is the finest woman in the house. — Yes, she'll come with foutre in her cunt."

Laying half naked, thinking and frigging my prick, a voluptuous sensation ran from its tip thro my balls, but no stiffness came. I heard laughter in the adjoining room, and a screech like that which a randy woman sometimes gives when a man baudily assaults her. Sappho was standing by the door "Why stand there?" — She wanted Raffaella to come in quickly without being seen she said, to bilk the landlady by not letting her know she had had two men. All was quiet now. "They are making love," said Sappho shutting the door and beginning to play with my cock, which had shrunk to the size of a walnut again.

A door slammed, mine opened, and in came a fine tall young woman. — Jet black she looked in hair and eyes as she entered, one hand on her cunt, pinching the lips to prevent the spunk dropping on her legs. On the bedside she laid at once and opened her thighs, shewing a cunt surrounded with hair black as charcoal from motte to arsehole, where the thick growth hid the buttock furrow. The lips opening, shewed a dark crimson lining where thick sperm did not cover it; the bright light fell on her cunt. Sappho soon leant over her, sucking her nipples, muttering I know not what in an endearing manner.

Raffaella pulled open her cunt lips with both hands. It was dark crimson colored, shining and with little lumps of opaque sperm laying near the prick hole. — "Do you like looking at a cunt so?" she asked — "Yes." — "Fuck me cheri, fuck then." — My prick stood now. — "Has he spent much?" — "Oh! yes much — look." — Raising her thighs and buttocks but keeping them wide apart, she then gave a tightening, and a mass of gruelly sperm rolled out slowly towards her bum furrow, till caught by the crisp black, curly, hairs. — Did you spend." — "Nearly, I want it now, fuck me and I shall." — My cock stood stiffly, but I did not insert it. "I am frightened," I said.

She moved sideways on to the bed, closing her thighs, grabbing my prick as she did so. — "It's quite safe, he is a friend, and I often see him, a blond with a fine beard, his foutre is good, fuck me cheri, put it in." Again she distended her thighs and frigged my prick hard. Her thighs had now got spermy thro her moving. There I stood I looking at her, Sappho recommenced kissing her, and every now and then feeling my balls, whilst Raffaella sometimes twiddled the tip gently.

Tho this was yesterday, I am confused about my thoughts and sayings at this juncture, then all is clear again. Raffaella looked lovely, her body was gloriously formed, large globes with small nipples, black arm-pits, large creamy colored thighs, joining her belly in a thicket of black hair. The cunt slightly open and fuckingly aromatic, smelling like the cunt of a woman, soothed by male sperm which had not mingled with her own. I wanted her, yet did not accept the invitation of, "Baisez moi donc!" But fear and disgust at the male sperm came over me — my nature is so curious.

All at once I thought of H*l*n's cunt. "Faite la minette," — Sappho dropped on to her knees and began. I laid my head on Raffaella's thighs and smelt the sperm, my bum began to oscillate as I fucked in Sappho's mouth. She held my balls in one hand, whilst her finger penetrated gently my bum hole till I spent. Raffaella was frigging herself when my pleasure came on.

Raffaella saying she must go back to her friend, left, but she would soon return. I laid on the bed tired, Sappho sponged and wiped my prick, and wanted to know if I always was gamahuched. "No." — "Why not fuck now?" — I did not want the man's spunk on my prick. It was all right, she knew also the man, besides Raffaella had wanted me to fuck her. — "Nonsense," I remarked. Sappho was sure she did. Then we heard laughing in the next room, the door opened and champagne ordered. — "Ah mon Dieu, they will be some time, he will fuck her again." I would wait, and Sappho remarking that I should have to pay the house for her, I consented, was now indeed ready to pay anything to see that fine black hair cunted, woman naked, and her semenalized cunt again.

I laid on the bed fatigued, languid with voluptuous anticipations. Sappho chatting and playing with my cock, at times sucking it. At times it stood, but fell when she ceased I played with her bubbies and cunt, then noticed that her clitoris projected much, tho not very large nor ugly. I frigged it till her bum wriggled and she pinched my prick hard. "Do you like gamahuching a woman?" she asked. I had done such a thing. — "Do it to me" — I declined, was too old. — "You look better than half the young ones," said she.

I told her I'd had many women in that house. — Had I seen women flat fucking each other? — I mentioned women I'd had, some were there still, others had left.

— Said she, "I never had a man who wanted a woman just when she has been kissed, and I thought you wanted to fuck her so." — I replied that when the de-sire seized me I scarcely knew, quite what I wanted, but now wished to see them two flat fucking together. "What will you give us?" — "A napoleon each if you flat fuck properly, spend together, — faites la tribade."

— Laughing in the adjoining room ceased. "He's fucking again," I said. She went outside the door again. — "The chambermaid's there and says you must pay the house as well." — "I have already said I will!" — Sappho again went out and coming back, "She will be here directly — he is going." — "Let me see him." — "No."

— Gentlemen did not like to be looked at and it was the chambermaid's business to prevent it. — I heard, "Monsieur descend" The next instant Raffaella came again into the room smiling and with fingers on her cunt as before and at once threw herself on the bed and opened her charms to my gaze, the cunt looked much as before, but less wet. The spunk was in the roots of the hair and on one of her thighs, but her cunt was less inviting.

"Did you spend with him?" — "Ah yes, now I had my pleasure." — I stood enjoying the sight, and again she pressed me to have her. — We kissed, she shoved her tongue in my mouth, used all her incitements. — "Kiss me cheri. — Ah? fookee moi donc, c'est anglais, n'est ce pas? fookee me — fookee me, n'est ce pas. — Ah pollisson."

I wanted to feel her cunt, yet could not bear to touch the man's sperm — strange inconsistency — but amused myself by squeezing the lips together and letting go, they opened with a slight noise. She every now and then heaving her rump, sighing, and asking me to poke her, took hold of my prick. Sappho then began sucking Raffaella's bubbies, and cooing her in an affectionate way. — Rail got more energetic, grasped and licked my prick, begged me to do it — it was delicious with the sperm of another. "Mais que c'est donc delicieux" — "Faites la minette avec Sappho." — "No do me — fookee me donc." — "Don't you like Sappho?" — "Perfectly, yes" — I, weary of Sappho had been tippling my champagne, and suddenly sprang on the bed, put her legs across and knealt over the mouth of the other, the dark one put her hands round Sappho's buttocks and licked Sappho's cunt. I saw her tongue go up and on it, saw Sappho's arsehole, on the left side of which was a little lump as big as a pistol bullet — I had felt it before. The dark one's legs closed up now. I only saw the wriggling of Sappho's buttocks — and in the large looking glass on the wall against which the bed was placed — the movement of her breasts and belly. The sequins on her head shook as she moved, she sighed, murmured, her buttocks wriggled, and Raffaella's fingers buried themselves in bum furrow. Then Sappho crying, "Suck then, suck quick — quick," — and jogging her backside on Raff's mouth rapidly — leant forward over her head, then reeled off by her side, and lay panting — legs slightly apart — the hair of her cunt drenched with spittle

Sappho soon got up, gave champagne to her friend, drank herself and asked for another bottle, then pissed. The two were getting noisy. French women soon get lively under champagne. They rarely piss before a man unless asked, most of their arseholes I expect have been stretched a little, and farts then escape easily I have been told.

More champagne was brought. — They questioned me. — Raffaella asked me to lie down — I did. — She moved more on her side to let me, then began frigging my cock, which was quite limp. — Sappho again stood by the side of the bed, and told Raffaella she had put her finger up my bum hole. Raffaella laughing asked if I liked that, and why I wanted, to see her without having "made her toilette." — French women don't use the strong expressions, unless lascivious with desire and really wanting a fuck.

The room was very hot. — There I lay on the outer edge of the bed — the dark one by my side — Sappho standing by the bed. I slipped one hand on to Raffaella's cunt, and the other on to Sappho's, which was still wet with her friend's saliva and her own spend. Raffaella's was moist and I longed to feel up it, yet had the dislike to put my fingers into the man's sperm. Raffaella went on handling my doodle. — "Kiss me" — said she. "Let Sappho kiss you." — "I'll wash first," said she. — "No — no — just as you are." — "I can't." — "Yes, I don't mean minette, but tribadez — rub your cunts together — clitoris to clitoris — till you both spend."

Both laughed long and loud. —"We never do that — jamais." — "You lie, — Sappho said you did." — "Oh, but isn't he a villainous old pig." — "Oh the old rogue," said one. "He has lived, hasn't he?" said the other. — "Do English women do it? — tell us then" — said Sappho. — I told them all I knew, and how I had had my thumb up one woman's cunt, and finger up the other's whilst they lay flat fucking.

"My God! — he is fit for a school teacher or a professor," said Sappho. — "I'll wash — yes, — it's not healthy," said Raff. — But I pushed her back — "I wish not that, but with the sperm." — I had got off the bed, was pulling wide open the dark one's thighs again, and now the sperm attracted me. — It made me stiffen as I saw the still glazed cunt. — I was longing, yet disliking it. Then Sappho laid herself down by the side of the black haired and kissed her, began sucking her bubbies, put one hand to her cunt and frigged it. "Was it the German?" asked she. "Yes" — "Which." — "The tall one — he is coming tomorrow, he likes me," —this all said in a low confidential tone. — The other slightly then turned round, quite closing her thighs as a woman sometimes does, when a voluptuous randy thrill goes thro her. Sappho put her tongue into Raff's mouth then turned on to Raffaella's belly, who opened her thighs, and lay on her back.

Sappho nestled her belly to her friend's, put her hand between them, seemed to be feeling their cunts, then clutching Raffaella's backside, wriggled — Raffaella raised her thighs and crossed her legs high up over Sappho's loins, then they both wriggled, sighed and kissed, their tongues were joined, I heard the slobber of their salivas. — Then furiously Sappho began to move somewhat like a man fucking, Raffaella's hands slid up and down Sappho's back, then clutched her bum. — "Ah! quicker! — Ah! God" — cried she. Again their mouths slobbered and smacked whilst their arses heaved, their bodies moved all over, both sighed, then gently subsiding lay quiet in each other's arms.

I saw every movement of their arses, their heads, their eyes and mouths — not one escaped me — they were reflected in every direction, and every wriggle, twist, thrust, grip and thrill was visible. — I stood by the bed feeling Sappho's bum, then got my fingers between the cheeks till they were buried in wet hair, and then my fingers slipped further into a mass of wet cunt — for both cunts were close together — I could not touch one without touching the other. I thought they had done, when Sappho again began wriggling, and for a quarter of an hour was more kissing and wriggling, then murmuring their delight, and at last loudly, they again lay tranquil, but with bodies palpitating, their limbs straight, the red silks of Sappho between the white silks of Raffaella. Again I pushed my fingers between the cheeks of Sappho's arse. She distended her thighs to let them thro as if she liked my groping. Their cunts were still touching each other. "Sappho," said a shrill voice outside, and a knock came at the door — Sappho went out quickly. I looked at Raff's cunt, as Sappho got off from it. It was wet, the hairs were sticking on her mount. — She caught hold of my prick. "Foutez moi donc, cheri — fookee me —c'est anglais n'est ce pas cheri? as que vous etes mechant." — She liked a fuck after a flat fuck she said. [Some women did I find.]

My prick was stiff now and I was about to put into her, when the dislike and fear of the male spunk again overtook me. "No, suck me." — She wriggled to the bedside pulled me to her till my prick touched her thigh, but I got away from her and wouldn't fuck. — Sappho returned, and I put her on the bed with knees up, and one leg so that her foot rested on the pillow, thus her thighs opened, and I saw sperm on her cunt, she'd been fucked when out of my room. Ralf put her head on Sappho's leg which lay nearest, turned on to her side, her face close to my belly, and raising herself on her arm took my prick in her mouth. "Put up your leg, let's see your cunt." — Up one went, and there in front of me was the brown haired cunt of Sappho open, and glistening with spunk, her clitoris jutting out, and the large white thighs of Raffaella distended, her black haired cunt, gaping and shining.

Then I fucked between Raff's beautiful red lips — glancing first at one cunt, then the other. — "Aha — aha — I'm coming. — Je decharge." — Withdrawing my pego — I thrust one hand's fingers up Sappho's cunt, the other up Raffaella's, forgetting now the male spunk, both cunts wet with it and their own spendings. My hands out spread were covered with it, my fingers glided in and out of the prick holes, and then I felt the whole of their cunts at the same time. Suddenly the sperm which I had disliked excited me, made me lewed, I wanted to fuck in it, one hand was wet to my knuckles, the sperm squeezed between my fingers, it was the outcome of the spending of two lewed women and two men. — "Oh you hurt," said Sappho. —The idea of that fetched me. — "Christ! I'm coming." Putting my pego again into Raffaella's mouth, I half fainted with pleasure, — my body drooped over her — and still I kept my fingers in the cunts — When I came to, Raff was still gently sucking — Oh! the delight as it drew the last drop of semen in a way that no cunt can, — dragging it out from the roots of my balls, my anus tightening with the throbs. — I almost dropped down with voluptuous enervation.

Then I staggered to the sofa, half stupefied. In a few minutes came to, my hands still sticky, and I lay feeling my fingers with eyes closed, and thinking of the voluptuous delights. There was movement, sighs, a sob of pleasure. Opening my eyes, there was Sappho on the top of Raffaella again. — They were cunt rubbing hard, sucking each other's tongues, backsides agitating, they moaned, kissed, sobbed, then shrieked, their thighs and buttocks moved so fast together, that the spring mattress heaved them up, they were almost glued together. Then all was silent.

Sappho rolled off her backside towards the looking glass. Raffaella's cunt had every hair of it soddened, Sappho's was the same — I opened Raff's thighs, she still panting. Sappho opened her eyes. — "Have we done well, vieux cochon."

Sappho's head dress which she had begged me at first to take care of during our frolics was now in disorder, gold sequins had tumbled off. Raffaella's hair lay loose about her neck. — Both mechanically put a hand under their cunts as they got off the bed. Both took up the champagne bottle. — It was empty — I'll order another. — "My God! if I have more, there will be a row" — said Raff. — "Never mind I have you both for the night." — "Are you going to stay? — do — sleep between us naked."

I was done up — my long journey — the heat, excitement, and spends had finished me; had a violent pain in my head, my eye sight seemed to be going — it was exhaustion. — But I could not bear to leave the naked women, sat feeling my prick without desire, yet in a state of baudy pleasure looking at them. — Sappho went out to wash and came back. — "Let's see your cunt again Raffaella before you wash." — "Look at him feeling his old prick." — Saying that she put one of her feet upon my knees, and pulled open her cunt lips. — "Tchec," said she with her tongue. — "Is not he a baudy one?"

Both then sucked my cock, and got it stiff again — but throbbings in my temple warned me, just as I was about to put my prick into the thicket of Raff, so I left. Ten years ago, I would have fucked each of them twice.

I am paying penalty to day. Writing this, whilst fresh in my memory, how unfit I feel, and almost hate cunt. [Next day I left the city.]