Vol. 10 Chapter I

Letches for spermatized quims. • The French Lapunar. • Selected amusements. • Six feet high, eight inches pego. • A broken capote. • A jocular man. • Two using condoms. • Frenchmen's habits. • Stripping for fucking. • Tonguing with tongue. • Marguerite the favourite. • One scrubby and big bellied. • A hirsute male. • Blonde Martha. • Broad handed, cunt frigging. • Against a thigh. • I, on her, she on me. • Salon des dames. • Martha re-appears. • Fresh, hairy-arsed Carmen. • Her curiosity. • Knows my letch. • Her enjoyment. • Muscular motions when copulating. • Fat, tall Egyptienne. • Mignon the little. • Vertical and horizontal. • H*l*n and her lover. • Four libations without washing. • H*l*n's lubricious letch.

After I'd poked H. with her pudenda full of her friend, and found that she also liked it, all idea of its being nasty vanished, and altho at times, a dislike arose to it the squeamishness didn't last long when I had had Sappho and Raffaella. — The desire to fuck directly after another man continued, not only for increased physical pleasure, but also for the sensuous visions which floated rapidly thro my brain as I operated, rendering this mode of coition the most exciting, supremest, and almost killing pleasure. At the lapunar already named and others, I gratified this letch. — The peep-hole gave me endless amusement, women were sent to me in an-other room directly they had left the male, sometimes on the same evening I saw four, five, or more, and fucked one or two whose cunts had the most sperm in them. Of course of these evenings, I retain the narrative, those telling of anything usual both at the lapunars, and with H's lover.

At * * * * * and with the intention of going no more to the lapunar, I nevertheless tho out of health found my-self there forty-eight hours afterwards, and in a few minutes was at the peep-hole. Such is my weakness in amorous affairs — such my inability to keep seemingly the firmest resolutions.

After seeing one or two couples enjoying each other in the ordinary way, a big fine Belgian woman whom I knew last autumn and had stroked, came in with a man six feet two or three high. He stripped quite naked and I never saw a finer fellow. He had a dark brown beard, curly hair and cock trimmings, but no hair upon his flesh anywhere. As far as I saw, it looked like that of a woman, my own is not whiter, fairer, or clearer of hair. His prick as he washed it within a yard of my eyes, did not seem proportionate to his size, but no sooner had the Belgian handled it, than it rose proudly to one of the grandest I ever saw, and stood up eight inches from his belly I should say, and longer from the balls side but had a ridiculously small knob. She could only get it half way down her throat at her first amusement, and it looked whilst minetting it as if it must choke her. He wanted to finish there, tho at first he didn't wish that at all, but she knew that I wanted a semenalized quim, for which I paid liberally, refused the libation there and coaxed him to poke her. He would only do so with a capote, and I saw the wetting and fitting it on to his bowsprit. — Then she knelt on the bed with her rump towards me, he at her back to fuck her. I could see the dark haired motte and dark cunt furrow as she posed, till his belly was against it, but almost directly afterwards he turned her on to her back, and himself on to her belly.

It was a fine sight to see him cover her with his grand form, his ample arse jogging, his balls shewing out below his arse cheeks, and every part of their bodies in gentle motion; both silent, tho the brain is so active then, and the tongue quiet usually till the finish. With a soft cry and a sob suddenly given he spent, and soon out came his big prick flopping down. "Ah! the capote has broken." — "So it has," said she, as if surprised, and laying hold of his moist tool near to the root, round which was the capote like a ring of wet skin. — "I must wash" — said he anxiously. — "Have no fear." — "Fetch me soap." — With soap and water he slopped away at his tool uneasily, complaining that the letter — the capote — was bad, and then departed. She kissed his machine before he went, it was hanging flop-ping, but big still, the little red tip was within a yard of my eye as she kissed it, the whole of his balls and tube in her hands. She only handled and kissed it to show it off to me. I knew that, for it's unusual for a woman to do so such after a fuck. He seemed much pleased with the politeness. She came to me laughing, saying she'd purposely broken the capote to let the sperm into her, because I liked that. "Has he not a noble prick, a splendid fellow isn't he? — he is married and timid about gay women" — she remarked. She shewed a well-filled pudenda into which I poured my own sperm. I had only intended to prepare in it for the next woman, but the lubricity and its clip fetched me, and I fetched her. She had unusually large dark nymphae to her cunt, which is not to my taste, but was handsome faced, breasted, and bummed.

Directly I was alone, again came in another couple. He was a jocular man who repeated his words rapidly and laughingly. "No, no, no, no. — Yes, yes, yes" when he answered the girl. He would have a French letter also. — "Why not kiss without," said she. — "Ah, no, no, no, no, — savez vous, c'est l'habitude." — Did he always put a capote on?" "Yes, yes, yes." — He was a handsome middle-aged man, only wanting cunt and a spend, cared nothing for the woman, got into and out of the cunt in a business-like way, and never spoke to the girl after he'd fucked her. — He wasn't a quarter of an hour with her. — I had her to chat with me directly after, and she gave me a gamahuche for a few minutes, then I inspected her privates, then off she went. There was of course no spunk in her quim and the sperm letch was on me. I wanted the lubricious feel to my sensitive prick if I fucked.

Two men, one after the other had used condoms. I have seen during the last few years dozens copulating in the same room, but as far as I can recollect only three used condoms before.

Another thing I note whilst it occurs to me is that nearly all the men are scrupulously clean in their linen, and look as if it was just put on, that nearly all divest themselves of much of their clothing, that fully half strip nearly to their skin, and not a few till naked all but their socks, before they begin their play. The women of course are invariably naked all but stockings and shoes. It is the costume of that bordello. The men are all gentlemen.

Then in came Marguerite, a nice, handsome well-made, dark-haired creature. She has been long in the house and I have fucked her several times. — No woman has so many friends. Rarely have I been there peeping or waiting, without her coming in to me with a cunt full. A nice young fellow now had her, he was full of sperm, eager for a woman, up her in no time, but talked such a time with her afterwards that I feared all his spunk would be gone, and was angry, for I had a letch for her that night. But her cunt had got lots of sperm in it when she came to me after his departure. I had a prolonged fuck up her with much enjoyment. She is one who gives you her tongue, few of them do, their lips and faces being often painted. It is one of the worst things in a French brothel. Besides, every woman gamahuches and men finish in their mouths, which does not make one anxious to tongue them, and few Frenchmen I notice do. Yet how one misses it. They compare so badly with the fresh-faced, clear-skinned, tongue-sucking, luscious-mouthed Austrians, Hungarians, — and English even — but few of whom will let a man semenalize their mouths, tho not averse to voluptuous play with a man's tool before fucking.

I had that night one or two more sights not worth telling about and having seen six pricks, felt five spermatized cunts, put my prick into four, and spent in two, I went home. Not a bad four hours amusement. Next night at the peephole. A man who scarcely spoke, but fucked with his trowsers on, was the first. A scrubby young man. The girl grumbled at his present but took no good by it. I didn't care about looking at his sperm for he offended me by his looks and manner. Then came a man full fifty years old, stout, bald headed, and big bellied, who produced a good large stiff-stander. He also knelt the lady on the bed, her bum towards him, then kneeling in her rear, he for a long time contemplated her split and neighbouring charms. I could see fairly well his prick throbbing as he did so, for his shirt was up well. Then into her he thrust it, his shirt dropped and covered his rump, and the play of his buttocks was hidden. He soon gave a quavering half sigh, half groan, and I could see that he drew his prick out to the tip, rested, then drove it up again hard. After once or twice at this movement, he gave a loud baudy scream, and ramming with short thrusts quickly, shouted loudly "ow — ow — ow — ow —howour — ow —" like a dog barking — and wriggling, shoving rapidly, and quivering all over, spent in her. He then bent over her back a long while enjoying her, then carefully pulling his shirt up first, he took his prick in the palm of his hand and backing again, for a long time contemplated her spermatized orifice. She opened her thighs widely to let him see better, turning slightly her rump towards the lights so that I could see the sperm on it. Then bald head departed, she came in, and after I had bathed my doodle in her cunt and brought myself half way to an emission, she stopped me, suggesting my waiting for another woman, which advice I took — had another woman brought to me with a vulva in a most lubricious condition, fucked her, and left.

A few days after I was at the peephole, saw a woman tailed in commonplace fashion, and not worth keeping the narrative of. The next was a novelty.

A fine, fleshy auburn-haired woman came in with a shortish, dark young man. I could see they were acquaintances from the way they kissed. He stripped, and tho well shaped was so hairy about breast, arms, and legs, that he was ugly, but he made a wonderful contrast with the large-thighed, lovely white-fleshed woman. I can't recollect her name tho it is only two days since this occurred.

He began pulling her about — then kneeling on the bed between her legs — she on her back, to lick her cunt. Few men at the French baudy houses do much of this, I observe. He licked till she wriggled under it. His bum furrow and balls were black with hair and towards me. Then the two played at sixty nine, his head being then hid from me by her magnificent buttocks which looked like ivory. Then side by side they kissed and he frigged her, slipping a little lower down on the bed to do so. He made her open her thighs as wide as possible, and then with all the fingers of his hand he frigged rapidly. I never saw such peculiar frigging, his fingers sometimes closed, sometimes distended, moved over the whole surface of her vulva at the same time. Then he wished her to hold her emit lips open to let him do it. She only pulled one lip aside. He was on her right side, her white thighs were slightly raised to open them better, and let him operate. When she closed them a little as if fatigued, he pulled them open again, and again all his fingers moved like lightning. — "Oh put it in, put it in," — she said. He took no heed, made no answer that I could hear, soon her belly heaved, her thighs quivered, and with a sighing cry she spent. I felt sure she would, no woman could have stood such long frigging without spending.

His prick as he lay by her had been hidden by her thigh, now he knelt between her legs, with his buttocks on his heels and cock very stiff, looking at her. Then he resumed his position and frigged again till she grumbled. — "No — no" — but he frigged on. He was laying now more on his left side, and I could neither see his left arm nor his prick. Martha (her name I now recollect) resigned herself, and in ten minutes had another crisis. Then he clasped her right thigh closely to him with his right hand, agitating his body slightly, wriggling and half shoving as if fucking, till his head drooped, he let go her thigh, fell back, and both were still, she with her eyes closed and thighs open. In a couple of minutes she got off the bed, putting her hand over her right thigh, for he had spent against it, and held it there till she wiped it with a towel. Then taking up his prick — he had turned on his back now — she skinned and wiped its tip. "You always do it so and you don't love me," she said. — Ah! yes he did. — Then he left and she came in to me. "I'm no use, and he never fucks, he always does it the same way, but says he loves me." I threw her on the bed, her cunt was wet with her own spending. "He'd frig for hours if I'd let him. No woman could help spending, I often try not but I must, he finds out if I sham, and he's very rich. Then he frigs his cock against my thigh just as you saw him, and not with his own hand." — Then she added that when his left hand was hidden it was under her bum, and he was fingering her anus, that he kept it there all the time he was frigging her cunt, and also kept gently wriggling his prick against her thigh. — He didn't look about twenty-five years old. — Men have strange fancies. — What delight could he find in rubbing a dry cock against a dry thigh — for he never wetted it, — when a soft cunt was at hand — I have frigged between buttocks, and thighs, but always lubricated them first.

She was a splendid creature. I love a woman with large thighs in my arms, as I had her then at the side of the bed, thrust my prick under her auburn-haired motte, and spent in her cunt with rapture. — "I can't understand a man frigging himself always," — said she "sometimes of course it's reasonable, but always! Ah! my God. — What are women made for. If men do that — what's the use of their having cunts?"

She went off, the chambermaid had just adjusted the bed etc. etc., when: "Hush there is Martha again, shall she come?" — "No - I don't wish to see the same woman twice one night" — which Alexandrine knew. — She stopped her at the door but coming back whispered, "She must come in here, no other room is empty, but you need not have her again." So in Martha came. This time it was another novelty for she fucked the man laying over him — What a size her white arse looked as it rose and fell, shewing his cock stem. — I thought his pego sometimes would come out, till a tightening of her buttocks and her short movements shewed that she'd spent, and she was squeezing his cock with her cunt. She got off of him and went out as if to wash, he meanwhile sat playing with his tool. He wanted it again. — "No, there's someone waiting for me." — He departed quickly then, and she came in to me.

I had had her not twenty minutes before. "I've now got foutre, shall I stay?" — "You need not have her unless you like" — said the chambermaid, coming in. "Monsieur (turning to her) never has the same woman twice one evening." — "Have you much spunk?" said I. "Full — look," said she. Her cunt and fingers testified to her truth. — "On to the bed, my dear." — She opened her thighs, there a glut of manhood was in and about her cunt, the oscillation of her buttocks, and the sight of his prick had moved my lust to its depths, the sight of sperm finished me, my prick stood stiff and up into her it went. — The chambermaid said, "You're fortunate Mlle. Martha."

I shut my eyes, and thrust, fancying I saw her on the man. — "Mount me" — I said pulling my prick out. — "Volontiers." — Then the fair-haired, white-arsed bitch covered and fucked me. In the glass on the top of the bed I witnessed her movements — a lovely sight but it took her long — I had pain as well as pleasure now, hollowed as I spent, and could not move afterwards. I had a splitting in my temples which alarmed me. I've had it at times lately.

My letch for her was strong indeed, for I washed her cunt myself, cleaning every fold and cranny in it. — Many a day is it since I have done such a thing to a strange woman. Then on my back again I put her over me to suck my cock, whilst I fingered her bum and quim, but I didn't spend. — After she had gone, I saw two more couples fucking mother and father fashion, then left. I had on me one of the lascivious frenzies before alluded to, — tho fatigued could think of nothing else, and wended my way to the bordello a few nights afterwards, having recovered slightly from my exhaustion.

I entered the salon this night. There was a chatter and buzz at once. "It's he! he" — I heard mixed with "Cochon, foutre" and other sympathetic, knowing words. — Many women, I noticed, were anxious to look at me. — With twenty naked beauties before me I was again dazed, could do nothing but look round and round at the dark patches between thighs, scarcely recognizing any woman. "I'll send for a lady," said I, turning to the sous-maitresse and went to my favourite room. When there I ordered ladies to come to me who had just been filled by the males. — Some came, but neither pleased me. — Strangely — how account for it? — I did not desire to see, still less to bathe my penis in their flowing pudendas. — Then I went to my peephole to see if that would rouse my concupiscence.

"Martha est en société," said the chambermaid. — "Will you have her?" I consented but she did not come, had minetted her man, had a clean cunt, and Alexandrine, knowing my taste, had sent her away. Then at the peephole I saw a woman poked. — There was nothing unusual. He was a fine man, who thumbed her cunt whilst she kneeling sideways on the bed pleasured his cock with her lips. — Her rump was nearly towards me, and I could see his thumb up her split, and sometimes up her bumhole. Then he laid her down and finished in regular fashion. — I put my prick into her afterwards but had no desire, no real stiffness, was still indifferent thro past amatory exertions, and after a few thrusts withdrew without emission.

Then I saw two couples at belly to belly grinding, re-solved to depart without a spend, was talking with the chambermaid when she went out and returning asked me if I would see Carmen who had just left a gentle-man. "Let her come in, I've never seen her." — "No —she has only just come to us, she's not been gay before."

In came Carmen, tall and stem faced, looking as if she wanted fattening everywhere to my taste yet was not skinny, she only wanted two stone more flesh. She was dark, had dark eyes and hair, was not handsome. There was a hard look in her face till she said as she threw herself down on the bed, "You like a lady with spunk in her cunt, don't you?" then a soft look of invitation came over her face.

I was struck with the immense hirsuteness of her cunt, the hair being half way up her navel. It shadowed and filled lower down, so that I couldn't see where the split began, it quite filled the hollow between the cunt lips and the thighs, growing thick and long lower down even, in that part where that hairy ornament usually grows thinner. The cunt region presented in fact the appearance of a frizzy wig, and so hiding the line of parting, that is was barely visible and only for about an inch — I held up her thighs and found the hair thick, tho short, quite round her arse hole, and up to the bum bone. Struck with the density of the curly fuzzy thicket, turning her about so as to see this wonderful hairiness, which more resembled a Negro's head than anything else — only the hair was longer and looser. — At length I said, "You've not been fucked."

She had, and puffing aside the lips, I saw the spermy streak, which was hidden again by the thick hair directly she let go the lips. It then looked as if there were no cunt there at all — hair only.

She began at once questioning. — Why did I like a cunt with foutre — was it nicer — how many women had I seen that night, — had they all been fucked — had I fucked either or put my prick up either — All was hurried, energetic, spoken in a curious yet lustful manner, not the usual manner of the Paphian.

I told her briefly that I'd not fucked and didn't want to. — "Fuck me — do" — said she energetically — "look, your prick is stiffer, — baisez moi" — all of course was in French. "Come, I want you to do it to me. — do it in the sperm — come — baisez moi — look at the sperm," and she opened the thickly fringed lips again looking at me with eyes which were fierce and lustful — I think of that, now as I recollect their expression, and write.

My prick was beginning to stand, I put her on the bed kneeling, and kneeling in her rear, inserted my penis between the hairy furrow, she impatient, murmuring, — "Do it — do it." — Her buttocks were just the height, her cunt felt tight but lubricious and she began to wriggle at once, turning her head towards the side glass so as to see our movements. For an instant she then frigged herself, left off, gave some shivering jogs with her rump and sighing, her cunt tightened strongly round my prick, soon loosened, she was quiet, and my balls got wet.

"You've spent," said I. — With a cuntal squeeze of my prick she sighed. "Yes go on, fuck on cheri" — perhaps the constricting power of her cunt had stirred my blood, perhaps her discharge had irritated my prick, for I now wanted her, pulled my pego slowly out to see its state, and then had a very long fuck before my sperm came up. It fetched her again, and my prick kept in her without shrinking in an unusual way.

She was so exactly the height, her cunt so well placed, her bum not too big, so that I could have kept my prick in her longer. I felt all round our point of junction and under her cunt, glorying in my dabbling, talking with her, till the chambermaid knocked. — "Mad'lle — Mad'lle Carmen — the gentleman says he will go if you don't go back." — I uncoupled. — "I'll come back again," said she — I followed her to the door, saw her wash her quim at the lavabo, and disappear. I refreshed my article and talked with the chambermaid, who said that Carmen had only been in the house four days, had never been gay before, she believed. One gentleman had called to see her every day, it was he who was with her then. She thought she had been kept, and would prove a salt-cunted, — a hot-arsed one

— from what she had seen of her.

I had thought from her manner that she was a fresh hand — would have no other women and about to leave. "I've not paid her," I said. — "Give me her money."

— Nearly an hour had gone, I had my hat on, when in Carmen came again — I had told her I wished to see her cunt when washed. — "Shall I wash, or will you have me again now?" —"Ma biche — no more fucking to night" — yet I couldn't resist looking. — "There is foutre now, isn't there?" — There was. "Have you before had a man put into another's leavings in your cunt?" She replied, "Never. Quelque cochonnerie, but it's nice." — To be fucked so now was her letch, I'd inoculated her, she sucked my prick stiff, and was a long time at it. "I can't give you more money." — "Very well, hick then." — With a long lingering hick, bum to belly kneeling, we both spent. I waited to see her cunt when washed, — caressed the wonderful growth of hair, then went away. For a night or so I was quiet, and vowed to myself to have no more such larks, yet had not the moral courage to restrain my-self from women, and occupied one evening in seeing women washing their cunts before and after. The chambermaid told them that I was looking, and I saw perhaps twenty squatting over the bowl, washing their quims, their piddle rattle out, and the dry rub and scrub afterwards. I only gave a trifle to the chambermaid for this. — I selected one or two women for the size of their backsides and saw them after their exercise with the men, and felt the spermy cunts, but did no more — a wonderful restraint — then again I stopped away some days from the temple of Venus.

Then very fit I went there and to the peephole. It was so enchanting to see the beautiful female forms twisting lasciviously about the men, enlacing them with arms and legs, their continuous movements, first bum then belly side visible, the flash of the dark mottes and hairy armpits, glimpses of open cunts between distended thighs, the pouting lips with the red stripe between them when their bums were towards me — these sights fascinated me even more than the jogging of their bums, when prick and cunt were joined — the movements of a woman's thighs when a man lays on her belly are not really pretty, and few seemed to fuck poetically and lasciviously at the same time. I saw of or two commonplace fuckings — the huge-arsed Egyptienne was one, whose cunt would now take a so( water bottle up it. She has grown so fat, potbellie bladder-breasted, shapeless, that I cannot bear he Then came little Mignon, whom a big fellow tailed a most hiding her as he laid on her. She came to n directly he had gone.

Mignon was a sweet-faced, lightish-brown-haired litt creature, about four feet nine inches high, but with the roundness and fullness of form of a Venus. Not a bit of needless fat had she, yet every bone was covered to perfection. She was simply perfect, exquisitely am voluptuously made from neck to ankle and about eighteen. I longed to fuck her the moment I saw her with the man — and when the lovely cunt, looking in size tho not in fringe that of a girl's of fourteen, wit thick sperm just showing outside it between the delicate nymphae, I put my prick up her at once.

Then with one of my sensual vagaries and chang I pulled it out, made her kneel on the bed with bum lo, down, and put up her cunt from behind, then gradually made her fall with face and belly flat on to the be (keeping my prick in her) and pulling up her thigh gradually round my waist, I finished in her so, standing upright at the bed edge, she laying horizontally o: the bed, I holding her legs like a wheelbarrow.

I have some recollection of having stroked a woman that way, tho I can't recollect name or occasion nom Mignon's position seemed when I fucked her a delicious novelty. She was as lithe as a serpent. — When she had washed and came back clean cunted, I examined he beauties, and she repeated the horizontal posture which amused her, but I did not poke her again. She was a great favourite, the chambermaid told me. I did not recollect seeing her before as she usually went to an-other part of the house. There are two staircases there, and in fact two houses, tho combined.

On returning to England I visited H. and told her all. She wished she'd been with me, always had longed to see a brothel there, would have gone with me there. She seemed excited about the lubricious cunts, yet calling me a beast all the time. I fucked H. within five minutes after I'd entered her house, then laying, telling her these things, she began to frig herself, and almost instantly spent crying out — "spunk," and grasping my prick. — She'd finished so quickly that I believed her emotion a sham, on but feeling her cunt — washed not long before — it satisfied me she'd spent. She then told me that several times when she'd a great letch come on her, and thought about it, that she'd spent involuntarily without touching her cunt. It's not impossible, for in my youth I have spent involuntarily, at the sight of a female whom I wanted — when I was very randy.

One day the following week she'd be alone and would get her "poor friend to come." He was usually smuggled in. "Then you can see him fuck me." — She didn't say what after. "He'll want me, for Mr. Blank has been staying with me, but is going away on Thursday, — you mustn't come to the house till you telegraph to * * * (a female relative). — If Blank's not left town she'll meet you at the end of the street, and you mustn't come." — Such arrangement in fact had existed for some time. — I didn't like it, but would have risked anything to have her. "You want me to fuck you after him" — said I. "I don't, you beast, you shan't do it any more." — "You like me to see his prick and to see you fucked." — She laughed — "I like to know you're looking at us, and that he don't now." — "We men are easily cheated." — "It would take a clever woman to cheat you," she re-plied.

The day came, the coast was clear. In my shirt I stood waiting for my treat, had kissed and gamahuched her, and with difficulty restrained myself from fucking her. Her friend was an hour behind time. H. was fidgety and feared her letter hadn't reached him. A ring, followed by a peculiar knock at the street door was heard. — "It's he," said she smiling baudily. before that, talking about him she said as if she enjoyed the idea, "Won't he have his cock full, he hasn't fucked for a fortnight." — "Perhaps he has." — "I'll swear he hasn't, he loves me, he'd wait a month for me and would marry me tomorrow, but what's the good, he can't keep himself, his family only allow him a pound a week — he'd wait to have me any length of time, and he cannot afford a woman."

She had thrown a gown over her chemise, so as not to seem too ready — and ran down stairs to open the door to him herself. One of her servants had been sent out, and she had let me in herself — much maneuvering was now needed in her domicile. Fear of being caught out in intrigues is one of the miseries of ladies who play these pranks. — Leaning over the banisters I overheard much, he explained his delay, they kissed then. "My friend has just come." — He was in her secrets and knew some one visited her. — "He is in my bedroom — don't make a noise." — "I'll take my boots off." - He did. — "There," said she, "wait till I beckon you, I'll go up and see if his door is closed, he is fearful of Blank coming back."

Upstairs she came, saw me on the landing and nodded. — In I went, closing my door and soon he was in the back bedroom. A few minutes after I was at their door as before. She was exciting him, feeling his prick, both sitting on the bed, his back to the door. Then they nearly stripped. — She said — "Stand up there, let me see it stiff." — He complied like a child, obeyed her always I'd found — lifted his shirt, and I saw his powerful machine standing like a prop. — "You have fucked since you did me last." — "I declare to God I haven't." Then — "Oh let me do it, dear." He went towards her, when a powerful gust of wind (it was a very windy day) blew-up the staircase, their door slightly moved, and caught his eye, he came and shut it, I retreated in fear seeing him advance, for had he opened the door he must have caught me. — I had I thought lost the spectacle of his fucking her.

But nothing exceeds the cunning of a Paphian. — Soon I heard her loudly calling out, "Mary, Mary." — Up came the servant, who was told something and went down stairs. It was a dodge to open the door without his noticing it. Cautiously I'd opened mine and peeped. H. was just retiring and winked at me. Her door was now left ajar. — Again and almost directly after, I heard "hem," as if clearing her throat — her signal; the next instant, I was at the door. He was laying on his back, his big prick stiff as a poker shadowing his navel, his left hand feeling her quim as she stood by the bedside and looking up at her affectionately. He thought not of the door, or of any thing else but her cunt. She handled his prick, then his balls for a minute. "Let's fuck naked" and she threw off her chemise, then he his shirt. She laid down beside him for a second, the next he mounted her, and I heard his sigh of pleasure as his prick went up her sex. Then on he went thrusting. — "Don't hurry," said she — but he fucked hard. — "I must," he sobbed in a gentle voice. — I was mindful of what H. had often said in our conversation, and what I now knew from experience, that a man in the full tide of sexual pleasure thinks of nothing else. — I opened the door slightly, then more, and entered the room as his thrusts grew quicker, saw in H's beautiful face that she was spending, heard, — "Aha —my darling — love — aha" — from him, then both were quiet. — I stood there till H. opened her eyes. Then closing the door ajar and standing with my prick nearly bursting, listened.

"I must go to him [me], he doesn't like to be left long — I'll tell him some excuse and come back soon — put on your shirt, stay here, don't make a noise." — Out she came, shutting the door, smiling at me, holding her cunt as French harlots do — and I suppose all do under similar circumstances — and the next instant was lying on the bedside with thighs wide apart. Her quim over-flowing with thick sperm delighted me, the sight made me wild to enter the lubricated sheath, my prick bursting, yet I restrained myself, had sufficient control to do that which whilst waiting I'd resolved. I pulled open the lips, frigged her spermy clitoris, whilst talking baudily. "Did you see his prick?" — "Yes." — Isn't it a fine one?" — "Yes." — "He never fucked for a fortnight, look what he's spent, how thick it is." - "Wash it and I'll fuck you," said I, not wishing any-thing of the sort.

I'd caught her. She'd before often said that she let me fuck her thus solely for my pleasure. — "No — fuck me — put it in." —"No. — I'm frightened." — "What of? what nonsense — put it up — he's a gentleman." — (He was) — "No, wash — you don't like it so." "Yes I do, fuck me, I like it so, fuck me." said she impatiently. "Get lengthwise on the bed then." She did, I mounted her, my prick plunged up and revelled in the grateful lubricity of her sheath. "Ain't we beasts? — oh — I'm coming — fuck." — Our tongues joining, stopped further utterance, till my sperm gushed out in-to cunt. I was as quick as he in spending, certainly his prick hadn't left her cunt seven minutes, before my prick had done its work and quitted her also, tho I lay long up her after my spend.

"Pull it out dear, I must go back to him, I told him I would." — "He'll fuck you again." "That's certain." — "Let him fuck in my sperm." — "All right, he'll think it's his own, but I must go downstairs first, don't you come out till you hear me cough." — She went downstairs, and soon returned to his room again. — My door was ajar, again I heard the cough, and looked thro the aperture of the door.

She was just placing herself beside him, he was on his back handling his tool which was half stiff. At once she manipulated it, they kissed and talked. — "What did he say?" —"I told him that my dressmaker was downstairs etc." — "He's easily humbugged." — Both laughed. — "You must be quick, I mustn't keep him longer. Your prick's quite stiff." — He felt her cunt. — "You've not washed." — She said that she'd not had time "but must do so before she went to me." — "Will he do you?" — asked he in his quiet gentlemanly voice — so they talked for five minutes, kissing and dallying. Then her legs were in the air, thighs clasping his, and the rhythmical oscillation of their buttocks began. He was leisurely enjoying a longer job now. Soon as I heard him sigh and saw his thrusts were quicker, I opened the door, knelt at the bed foot, saw his prick moving and balls as they shook with his thrusts. Had I stood upright he'd not have noticed me in his paroxysm of pleasure. — H*l*n did — I heard soft murmurs, saw his buttocks quiver, her eyes close, knew the spends had come, and went back to my room, closing their door ajar.

This back room was only partially furnished — no water was left there with intent, so that he might go to the bedroom below, next the drawing room. She told me this before. Shortly they both went down there — then to the kitchen where she gave him food — tho well dressed he was glad of a meal. Then up she came to me and stood looking at me with voluptuous eyes. — She hadn't washed, shammed that she didn't want it again, but at the sight of her glistening vulva, my prick stood, and with a deliciously slow fuck we spent to-gether again. Four male libations were in her cunt, and she'd spent at each fucking. — Soon after I left.

The conversations I heard and had with her are nearly word for word. — I wrote them down the same evening.

A few days after, I was there then with pleasure in confessing, for — "I have no one to tell anything to but you, and him now," said she. — She told me he had slept with her. "God knows how often I spent, we were both done up. Come on dear, fuck me — I haven't had it since — he's ill. — I'm making him beef tea."

At intervals of a week or two this was repeated — I saw him fuck her, and fucked her directly afterwards. Sometimes only once, sometimes twice, and the fun and room were a little varied at times to avoid libation. — "What beasts we are." — "Not beasts at all dear, and if we are, we like it" — this was said regularly whenever the double fucking came off, but I had her at other times when he was not there. Then I couldn't get her for a long time, and in the summer went abroad.