Vol. 10 Chapter III

H*l*n's poor lover. • More lapunarial experiences. • The three graces. • Isabel selected. • The lavabo. • Isabel, Zora, Theo, Eugenie and Leda. • Hands, prick, and three cunts occupied. • A spermatic orgy. • Two giantesses. • Egyptienne and Judith. • An overflowing ballocks.

Then I saw H. at longer intervals, for reasons of no interest now — and had her after her lover as I must call him, whose name and family I was told, didn't believe, but found by mere chance to be actually true. — Born of wealthy parents, educated at Cambridge, inheriting a fortune, he spent it on women and H*l*n had her share. Beyond this the man had not a vice. — His family allowed him thirty shillings a week, he lived on it as well as he could and would have married her on that. He did also law writing. — He doted on H. — was her go-between, ordered, paid, borrowed, pawned, and did for her anything, everything she asked him. He gave her his money if she wanted any for he adored her, his compensation being to fuck her on the sly for love. — I often felt sorry for the man who was both in voice, manner, and even in dress a gentleman.

Then in winter I went again to * * * * for a longish stay and the lapunar saw me frequently, much more than before or since. — I have notes of about forty or fifty couples fucking, and perhaps of a hundred and fifty spermatized cunts — but they were brief notes. Half a dozen incidents spread over two years alone I retain almost word for word as I wrote them. I have never departed from my habit of writing accounts of my erotic pleasures.

On my first visit to the lapunar I went to the saloon. As I entered the outer room, there were three girls standing naked like the three graces, and talking to-gether. — Looking thro the open door at a looking glass, I saw reflected a dozen nudities in the saloon itself. The rump of one of the graces attracted me, and in a minute she was with me in the room on the entresol — a favorite room of mine.

She was a shortish well-formed woman of five and twenty, judging from the dark hair on her quim, which spread widening out halfway to her navel, then with a diminishing line running up towards her navel. I have seen hair growing like that up from a man's motte, but rarely in a woman. I didn't like it, and it set me for a minute a little against her. But her face was pretty, she was talkative, obliging, and by the time I had laid on the bed and she had gamahuched me a little, I was contented. — We talked about women I had known in that house, at intervals she sucked my cock, shewed me her cunt, and we indulged in other fornicating preliminaries.

This room is at the end of a passage, at the other end is a lavabo and a little room by its side, where the ladies prepare themselves for and after love-making. I have seen dozens there slopping and syringing, naked almost as born. They retreat into the room when they hear a stranger. — If the door of the room where I was be ajar, one can see these operations, and I select it for this, if my companion for the time allows me. They prevent this as a rule — but I am known, and permitted.

I heard water drawn. — "A woman's washing" said I to Isabel. — "Yes." — "Let me see." Isabel did not object, I peeped, and saw a fine woman sluicing her cunt over a basin. Isabel said I could look at others but she had better always look out first. Another splash — with a sudden rush of baudy desires, one to see the woman's cunt before she washed the sperm out, I told Isabel — half ashamed as I did so of my wish. — "I'll call her," said she, as if it was a usual and natural thing. — "You have washed?" she cried. — "Comment?" — said a voice. "Have you the foutre, still?" — "Mais non." — "She has washed. I will tell the chamberwoman to tell them to come here first, do you like browns or blondes?" — "Browns." — Isabel disappeared, and returning said there were several girls "en sociétk" and one would soon come.

In voluptuous expectation I sat on the sofa feeling Isabel all over. Soon up she jumped, opened the door, and a well-grown, dark-haired girl holding her cunt lips together came in. "Is the sperm in your cunt?" I asked. — "Comment?" — In my excitement my French was not perfect. — "Vous avez la, la foutre," — said Isabel in baudiest French. "Ah yes, I'll wash," said Zora — not understanding my object and turning towards the door. — "No, no, I want the sperm," — I laid hold of her and led her to the bed. — She under-stood, and laying backwards opened wide her thighs. What a sight. A lovely creature, with a well-fledged, ebony-haired cunt, the sperm thick and thin lying on it. Opaque masses just inside the outer lips, and on her thighs — shining yet milky looked her vulva. — "He has spent much. — Baisez moi," said she. — "Suck my prick." — Isabel knelt and complied. I put Zora's thighs wider and wider apart, she stretched open her cunt lips, her fingers in the sperm. I kissed her thighs, smelt the male, and with a spasm of baudy delight instantly gave Isabel's mouth a libation.

"I must go, my friend is waiting," said Zora and left. My prick was still in Isabel's mouth, she was finishing me divinely. — Then she left the room. I laid on the bed till the two women came back. Then looked at Zora's fresh-washed privates, paid her and she left, Isabel remaining.

Stupidly, I felt ashamed. — "You will think me a beast," said I. "Not at all, it often happens—there is a Monsieur who comes to this room by himself, he will stay all the evening and see us all—they all come in before they wash, he looks at all, stays hours. There are one or two Messieurs who lick the cunts and swallow the sperm —yes of strangers. — It's not good, is it? but it is true. Two gentlemen come here together and have two girls, I have been with them — they stay all night sometimes, and each has the same girl and fucks without their washing — and more." — She stopped short. "What more?" — "They bugger each other." "Not the girls." — "Ah my God, no — but sometimes one fucks a lady whilst his friend arseholes him." — "Why not the girl?" — "Did you ever do it to a girl?" she asked. "Yes" — "Who with" — "I never tell" — I said this lie to try her. We talked of such matters and of the girls I had known, until what with talking and feeling her quim, and her pulling me about, I was randy again — then she gamahuched me until nearly finished, when hearing the water tap going, I said I should see another lady.

To help me — tho there were two gas lights — she got candles and set them on the mantel shelf, so that I could see the cunts well. She would tell them to get rid of their friends if they could before they came in, so as not to be in a hurry with me, but most would see the ladies after they'd washed, and a girl must not displease a friend "vous savez donc." — She named some women just then engaged, I told her those whom I did not want. — A gentle rap. — "Entrez." — In came Theo, a dark-haired girl who placed herself on to the bed and opened her thighs, the sperm was oozing clear and thin, both thighs wet with it, plenty of it. — Isabel held a candle to it whilst I questioned. He'd not spent so much as many she replied. "Fuck me, — you, I want it and shall spend then." — "Monsieur does not fuck," said Isabel, "he likes minette." — The other repeated, "Fuck me." — "No gamahuche me." She turned round lengthways on the bed and put my prick into her mouth — I could not keep my fingers from her cunt, pushed them up her thro the sperm but instantly withdrew them, wiping them, for a fit of squeamishness came on. — Another knock. Isabel let in a shortish, plump woman with thick legs and large thighs; ginger-coloured hair curled round her cunt.

I treated her like the other. — The spunk was thinnish, much of it lay above the clitoris in the thicket, as if the man had spent outside. "Baisez moi, cheri." — She was dazzingly white in flesh — I looked at her cunt and then at the other's — enchanted — on the highest state of salacity.

"Fuck me, darling" said Eugenie putting her tongue out, agitating it like a serpent. — Isabel repeated. — "The gentleman does not fuck." — Making the pair hold up their legs I went to the end of the room to con-template — Isabel stood by the bed with a candle, — "Isn't his prick stiff?" said one. The other took up the towel which was under her bum and was going to wipe her cunt. Isabel cried, "Don't." The girl laughed. — Knock — knock. — "Come in." — "I don't want any others," said I, but Isabel opened the door. — "Oh, she's come purposely — it's Leda — the biggest woman in the house, a fine woman, tall, superb." — "Let her come." — In came a splendid woman five feet ten high, stood still, looked at the two girls, laughed, then looked at me.

I was delighted with her ample form, could see the black hair peeping from her armpits, the jet black mass on her mons — "lay on the bed." — "Monsieur wants to see the sperm," said Isabel — I took her round her bum, feeling it as she moved towards the bed between the others. — Up went her legs — open her thighs — and Ah Dieu! What a sight. Sperm lay all over her cunt from above her clitoris to the furrow of her buttocks, the entry of her sex was full, was covered with it, the prick hole hidden. — Between the outer and the inner lips it lay in a thick white mass — the nymphae peeping through a milky glaze. It lay thick in the roots of the hair all round the lips — lay thick and shiny on both thighs some inches down from her cunt, not all transparent gumminess but some opaque, alternating with thin shiny essence, that must have just issued from strong, healthy, full ballocks. I pulled apart the beautiful buttocks which closed together un-der her cunt. "Let me see your arsehole darling." — The sperm had run down even to there. — All round her bum hole for a space of three or four inches, her buttocks were covered with short dark hairs, seeming to grow out of the sperm like grass out of ice. I stood with prick throbbing, Isabel holding the candle in front of Leda's cunt. I glanced at the other shiny cunts, and the dark-eyed, smiling, baudy faces of their owners on each side of Leda, till I felt mad with lust.

"Do the nutcracker," said I. Leda raised up her knees towards her breasts, her belly had a muscular motion, the cunt slightly closed and out rolled more viscosity down towards the bum furrow. "Fuck me," said she. — Again Isabel, "Mais monsieur, ne baise pas." — "What sort of man was he?" — I asked. "Ah! an old friend, sees me every week regularly, every Monday, a grand man — beau garcon — never sees any other girl. Look at his sperm — he only kisses me." — "He spends much?" I said. "Mais oui, beaucoup, toujours beaucoup, never a man more — jamais. —He visits me alone — moi seule." — "Are you sure?" — "Mais oui, bien sure — si — si — si — je vous le dis qu'il m'aime. — Il me baise seule et chaque lundi toujours, toujours." She seemed angry at my doubts.

All this whilst Leda was laying on the bedside, thighs apart, cunt slightly open, arms back under her head to raise it, shewing thickly haired armpits. I standing in front of her with stiff prick within a few inches of her split, glancing rapidly from hers to the quims of the two on either side of her, Isabel holding the candle, the two side women frigging their quims, putting out their tongues, a maddening lascivious sight. In my youth I should have spent at once without my prick being touched by cunt, mouth, or fingers.

Still I did not fuck, didn't know which to select for my homage, the variety of charms made me greedy of all and uncertain, I looked closer and closer at each woman, my eyes ran up and down them from head to knees, closer I looked at the three cunts, feeling the thighs of each in turn, kissed their bellies and the smell of cunt and semen rose into my nostrils. The room was reeking hot, a pervading odour of fresh young female flesh, cunt, armpits, sweat and spunk mingling with the per-fumes in their hair, intoxicated me — I was choked, excited with it, madly erotic, but still lingered, looked, smelt and kissed, not knowing which to have, longing to fuck all three at once.

"Baisez moi," said Leda, giving a bum waggle, opening her thighs wider, delicately distending the hirsute entrance to her warm red avenue, her finger tips in the sperm. Then I put my pego's knob against her bum furrow, catching a globe of thick sperm lying there, and drawing it up along the division or furrow to the mouth of her sheath, drove it up closing balls and belly onto her with a shiver of pleasure. Then up and down it went, now drawing out covered with male essence, then squashing into her again, till my pleasure increased and I stopped, holding her lovely buttocks, resting my head upon her superb breasts, wild with voluptuous thoughts. "I shall spend in his sperm. — My pego's in it now — his prick rubbed where mine is rubbing, it has throbbed and swelled where mine is." — Ah summit of baudiness — sublimity of voluptuousness — heaven of sexuality, physical and mental — mind stimulating body — body exciting mind — to maddening erotic delight.

So flew my thoughts, as I wriggled my belly and thighs to hers — this way, that way — with one hand dabbed my balls against her buttocks to get the sperm on to them, pushed high and rubbed my motte against her motte, that my fringe might get the sperm from hers — anything, any way, every way, so that I might be saturated with it. — It rubbed into the roots of my prick — it stuck to my balls — yet still her cunt seemed full of it — my prick seemed moving in butter — I cried out "foutre — foutre" — and drew out my prick. — "The candle, Isabel." — She held the light, I gloried in my pego's moisture, in the spermy spottiness and sheen. It chilled when it left its warm companion and up into her I plunged it again. — "Come nearer dear — lower down — nearer the edge of the bed — put up your thighs — higher — draw me to you." — Her thighs came on my hips, her legs clutched me, and I could then only wriggle my prick up her, leant over her fucking thus — now smelling her flesh, now sucking her bubbies — smoothing her buttocks, — now feeling round the junction of prick and cunt, whilst with her heels on my arse she still drew me tightly up to her, and on each side of her lay a woman with her cunt gaping.

Spunk, spunk, more spunk, I was mad for it. My hands left her bum, and spreading out felt the two girls' vulvas, covered them with fingers and palms, then thrust my fingers up their gluey vaginas. — How hot, how soft and slippery, how large they felt, I was furious for spunk, could have sucked it, swallowed it, had any been on Leda's ivory breast — Leda heaved up. "Push," said she closing her eyes. — "Say spunk, Leda." — "Aha, le foutre, foutre, foutez moi — baisez moi donc chéri — foutre — pousse." — "Say foutre, cheris." — Both girls wriggled their buttocks crying out "foutre, fuck." Then with prick ramming against Leda's womb, fingers groping in two cunts, all four crying out baudily in a chorus of lewedness — "Fuck, spunk, balls" in French and English — I spent — Isabel who'd put down the candle holding my balls, and gently pushing one finger up my anus without request from me. — Ah the ideal! the kaleidoscope of rapid lewed visions, as they flashed thro and grouped in my brain.

My head on Leda's breasts I reposed — Leda did not. "Push, push cheri," said she. "Don't stop" and kept up a vigorous wriggling — her heels still over my hips, she pulled my body closer to hers, and pulled my face to hers. — "Push" — I did my best with half-standing cock. A long sigh, her limbs fell down by my side, her eyes closed, she was still. I felt a rapid movement of a hand on the clitoris of one of the women up whose cunt my fingers still were — she was frigging herself — Leda gave me a hearty kiss, the girl on the left was quiet.

Out came my prick. — A glance at Leda's quim. — Sperm lay on the notch, it was mine. My thighs, prick, and balls were covered with her lover's. — Her thighs and hair still wet and shiny, but the opaque masses had gone, were distributed — dried up. — She sat up, so did the others. "Quel bougre de cochon," said one. — "Ah Polisson — ah sale cochon," said Leda — and the four women burst out laughing. I called for champagne, and we drank it. I cared no longer for cunts, and paid the ladies. Isabel held the basin for my ablutions. Did I like Leda? — yes, I did. — "What spunk she had!" — Leda had gone out of the room to wash. "Did you ever see so much spunk on a cunt?" I asked Isabel. — "Not often from one man." — did not think of the reply till I came to write this — what did she mean?

And to think, that formerly I made a woman wash her quim before I took to it, for fear a drop of sperm should be there! — Every age brings its pleasures and tastes. — Five cunts and four with sperm in them in three hours, besides one woman as show woman and introducer! — an orgy.

"Say you have only had two besides me," said Isabel — "that will save you a napoleon — they won't know — the chambermaid is half drunk — the mistress gets quite rich enough by our earnings." — It was characteristic and she had her own object. But I did not want to lie to save a napoleon, thanked her, and paid honestly.

When Leda and I were again on the bed, and I was inspecting her hairy buttocks, I gave her anus a little push with my finger and it slipped up a little easily. — Leda raised her head and with a sly smile pushed her bum towards my finger. — Was it an invitation? — I never asked.

"Let me see Leda wash," I said whilst rubbing my balls dry, and shuffled to the door, my drawers about my knees. — She was not at the lavabo. I waited till she appeared and saw her capacious backside over the copper bowl, her amber piddle jetting out vigorously. Then she went into the closet and came back. — Her friend had waited for her all the time she was with me, and was angry at waiting so long. — Had he fucked her again? — "Yes" — I opened her clean quim, and the inner lips I now noticed were rather large and flappy near her clitoris, but diminished soon towards her vagina. The hair in the furrow of her bum cheeks took my attention — her cunt felt tight, she had syringed it. — She was a magnificent woman, at a guess twenty-eight years old.

I have rarely seen so much sperm on a cunt. I used to spend copiously in my youth — every sheet when sleeping with a woman used to be spoiled with the excess — I saw full quantities on Sarah F**z*r's quim when the painter fucked her, and once on Nellie L**s quim, but this beat them all.

I thought I had seen enough of spermatized cunts, knew now well what men spent, in quantity and quality. The delight of the smooth lubricated vagina to my sensitive prick I cannot be indifferent to, but the excitement of contemplating the male libations in vulvas had somewhat subsided, and one night soon after I did not intend to see women one after another naked, pinching their quim lips together. When the chambermaid un-asked told me who was "en société," — no, I would go where I could see the happy couples. — But the room was engaged, would I come in here and wait — I stepped into a room and chatted. — "Monsieur monte," said a voice below — I heard female voices chattering and singing, and she closed my door. But I opened it ajar, could see them coming up stairs, but up higher could see only their backs till they turned a corner — many times I have looked there.

One dark-haired, splendid-limbed, tall creature moved up, and then a tall woman with an arse as big as a brewers' dray horse. Just at a turn in the stairs when I could no longer see her head she turned, and her belly with a thicket of black hair at its junction with her thighs showed itself. She was singing. — A man with broad shoulders followed. Down came the chamber-maid. — "He's two women hasn't he?" — "Yes, the two biggest, Egyptienne — you've had her, and Judith, have you had her?" — "No." "She's bigger than Egyptienne, such a bum, such thighs, so finely made."

— My resolution was shaken, the chamberwoman saw it. — "Shall they come?" "No — I'll wait here, perhaps he will only be gamachuched." — "Not he,"

— said she as if she knew from his look. — "Do you know him?" — "No." This is word for word as spoken.

It could not have been five minutes since the three had gone upstairs, when I heard a door open. — "Here comes one, shall I tell her?" said chambermaid — I forgot what I had intended, the captivating ideas of a big, spermatized, black-haired cunt overcame me. — "Yes" — I said. The maid shut me in, the next instant the door opened and in walked Egyptienne holding her cunt. "Ah, darling," said she with a nod (for I'd fucked her, she knew me and what I liked). "Look." — Ah my God, what a quantity. — Down went her rump, up went her legs and open her great thighs as wide as she could put them. — What a sight! — I have told of cunts in which unusually copious emissions had been left, have seen dozens a minute after the prick had left them, but never such a sight as this cunt. — Spunk on her arsehole — on her motte —on both thighs — spunk hiding her nymphae — thick on her fingers with which she opened her cunt lips lay the sperm. — It was hanging to the curly hairs which had caught it as it rolled out of her cunt whilst she walked down stairs — masses thick and clear, clear and thick, mixed like paste, gruel, and transparent glaze were everywhere. I could have scraped from thighs and vulva a tablespoon full. — Pulling off my clothes and throwing them behind me, my prick stiff — now in a state of baudiest excitement — I stood. She had a huge pair of thighs, her open cunt looked huge with hair as black as charcoal. — "Put a towel under me." — I did. — "Fuck me," said she as a mass of sperm rolled slowly off her cunt down to-wards her bum hole. Then it struck me as impossible that a man could have spent it all. "You're humbugging, it's not spunk, no man could spend that — you were not with him five minutes." — She was angry. She opened her cunt wider, then held out towards me her moist fingers. — "Nonsense — look at it — smell it — it's all his — look at my fingers — is that not spunk? — I never saw such a man. — Directly he was in the room he pulled out his prick, looked at Judith, then at me, pushed it up me and spent directly. — His prick was stiff when he pulled it out. In five minutes he will have kissed Judith, he was feeling her when I left the room and his prick was quite stiff. — It's all his, I didn't know you were here till she told me."

Still looking at her cunt, my clothes off, I longed to bathe my prick in the voluptuous essence, I noticed the strong aroma, but before I could fuck, in came the other giantess laughing. — "Has he had you?" said Egyptienne. "Yes." — "Go there," said I pointing to the side of the other woman. — Judith laid down and opened her thighs, her dark-haired cunt opened and sperm covered it, not so much was there as on Egyptienne's, but more than I have seen in one cunt out of a dozen freshly fucked. — What a ballocks-full he must have had.

The women lay side by side, their big forms filled the side of the bed, round the arse of neither could I have made my hands meet, such broad capacious bellies, thighs like columns, such spanking bums had they. distended thighs, knees touching each other. — Their cunts, hedged with masses of thick black hair, looked huge as the lips widened out and the broad red opening shewed. They talked to me and each other about the man as I stood, my shirt rolled up to the waist, my prick stiff and rubbing against their thighs — but not yet touching the sperm. — Their man seemed a wonder to them both. He was about thirty years old, a dark strong man — with a big prick. Directly Egyptienne left the room he had felt Judith's — gamahuched it for a second — thrust his still reeking prick up and quickly spent, threw himself on the bed and went to sleep. — Both had been fucked under ten minutes, and less I think. — "My God what quantity," said Egyptienne — Judith got up and looked at the other's open cunt. — Resuming her position, "He's not fucked for a long time — he was too full to enjoy a woman." — "Yes," said Egyptienne.

At blood heat now I forgot my intention to run no more risks —to bathe my cock no more in another man's sperm, however delicious the lubricity. — The spunk fever came over me, in imagination I saw the man at the bedside, thrusting his great flesh-stick up these big lipped, fat cunts, saw him grasping Egyptienne's arse, his prick jetting out those thick masses of sperm. —Up went my prick into Egyptienne's — then out of it reeking, — Then I plunged it up Judith, and pulled it out- again, then I rolled and rubbed my balls, my scrotum, over their cunts to soak up the sperm, swabbed it up with my balls from between their bum cheeks — I pushed my fingers up both cunts at once and wiped my fingers on their thickly haired mottes, then settling on to Judith whom I had never seen before, fucked her — mad with baudiness. — "Rub your cunt on my arse," I cried. Up got Egyptienne and rubbed her motte over me, I felt the moistening on my buttocks, she held up Judith's great legs whilst rubbing her motte against me, and then I felt her finger on my anus. — "Judith, your armpits up, chere." — Up they went, — "cry out fuck, my darling" — I saw in the glass in front of me, and spent shouting out baudy words, the women shouting with me "fuck, spunk, fuck my cunt" — it was a babel of baudy sounds. — What maddening lasciviousness was in those few minutes — I clung to Judith afterwards, nestling my prick in her. — She was a bed of flesh. I was sticking to her when we separated, every part of my balls were wet — my buttocks were moist, and I threw myself on the bed exhausted with spending and excitement.

Egyptienne went out and came back. He was fast asleep. I saw both wash their quims — how small the basin looked under their huge buttocks, looked as if each could have pissed it full

They were immense women, five feet ten high quite, both I guess about thirty years old. They both came back after washing — for my compliment, said they should go and awaken him, and departed. — I had a chat with the chamberwoman and lipped her handsomely for advice. There was another fine woman, a fair woman, just gone up with a man, should she tell her to come? — No, I would wait for the two dark-haired big ones. "Perhaps he will kiss them again before he goes." — "Surely," said she, as if she knew his intentions.

The chamberwoman was a dark, well-looking, stout, square-built woman, who had never been in such a house before, and was married, she said. — Her husband came to see her once a week and once she went out. She talked about fucking without any reserve, but seeing so much of it, it was sometimes disgusting, she said — I saw nothing disgusting I told her. — So! but I had not seen so much of it as she had. — She got good pay so kept there, had never been gay, had lived with one man only and then married. — She told where her husband worked. — Every now and then she went out to attend to business, then came back to me. I called her handsome, gave her a kiss, felt her arms and pinched her thigh. — She did not wince and her flesh was hard as a rock. — I felt her breasts (all outside the clothes) yes she was quite solid, but thought night work and the hot rooms would disagree with her. But this woman has already been told about.

She asked me not to mention that I had given her any-thing, or the sous-maitresse would demand it of her. — She was forbidden to keep anything. — Gentlemen rarely gave her anything. — The former chamberwoman told me the same. Without hesitation or a smile, she told me when asked that she'd much hair on her cunt. "As much as Judith and as dark." I offered a nap to feel it. — "No, — no." She did not mind talking, but was true to her husband, would neither show me nor let me feel it, tho I increased my offer — I got my hand up her petticoats at a rush and just touched her thigh. She repulsed me. — "It won't do now," said she seriously.

The under-mistress then came up and asked if she should send me other women. — I told her I was waiting for the two. — She said something to the chamber-woman, who left — I was talking too much, I expect. — Soon I looked out and saw the chamberwoman who winked and shook her head. Soon after down came Egyptienne who had been fucked again, there was really a good lot of sperm in her cunt, but thinner. Whilst generally investigating the lubrication she gave me a disquisition on spunk and spending. Women in these houses treat the affair purely as a matter of business, they leave no mystery if you wish none. In came Judith. The man had gone without fucking her, they had finished him. — Egyptienne then washed, and I amused myself with the two, making them stand back to back — belly to belly — then gamahuche each other, one on the top, one underneath. Such heaps of flesh. But I saw that they only shammed their ecstasy, and they admitted it. What a sight was their two great arses wriggling, their whole bodies in movement when I put them flat fucking, peeped under and saw the cunts meeting in the thickets of black hair. I looked at their arseholes, armpits, and everywhere, all was a forest of black hair.

Then Judith kneeling minetted me whilst I lay on the bed, but her huge arse covered my face so, and her cunt was so near, that I put her with her face towards me to finish. Egyptienne then stood on the bed straddling over my head, and looking up I could see between her thighs. Both women were reflected in the glass, and the movements of both visible — a stupendous sight of baudy nudities. My prick stiffened, but I was not well and tried to stop my pleasures. "Stop, stop." — But Judith sucked harder, voluptuous thrills shot thro me. — "Open your cunt" — Egyptienne obeyed, squatted over me, her cunt covered my mouth. "Lick it, chéri," said she. — Maddened by the rising of my sperm, I clasped her buttocks from underneath, pushed my fingers up her cunt, then insensible to all but pleasure licked her clitoris as out shot my sperm into Judith's mouth. I did not know what I was doing in my maddening lasciviety.

After resposing, I put the two kneeling on the bed, their huge bums towards me. Their cunts looked huge, the thickets of hair were marvellous. Both had large nymphae which were mulberry tinted, it was the ugliest cuntal display I ever saw, and one I never shall see again. Two big women like those I never saw in any baudy house at the same time — tho they usually have one big and one very small one — to suit all tastes.