Vol. 10 Chapter VIII

My heroic resolution. • The whore and the railway porter. • Against a viaduct. • Michael's prick and Michael using it. • On the early fucking of poor girls. • Another juvenile virgin. • Her antecedents and harloting sisters. • Her salacity and taste for minetting. • Nervous impotency again. • Virility restored. • Virginity ruptured. • Female pleasures at their first fucking. • On the way virginities are lost and won.

It seems strange to myself, that tho I stopped in the City of **** on my return from the south, I kept away from the lapunar with the peephole — for once I kept to my resolve. — But I am tired, I suppose, of the spectacles which have so much delighted me. — Was this fatigue of travel, satiety — or age?

On my return I saw H, who was delighted, and the first afternoon spent with her in using my tongue, fingers and prick, left her tranquil enough for twenty-four hours at least. — Donkey prick she was getting very weary of, the other lover was still ill, her protector more loving than ever. — "Oh! I'm so glad to see you again and have some one to tell things to." — Tell she did, and I think all about her fuckings, cooking, Donkey prick's meanness, young Harry's lust, &s. — Then for the first time I think she wanted to borrow a trifle which she got as a gift instead of a loan — for she was delightful, with beauty, cleanliness, fine taste, wit and lasciviousness combined. [How rare that combination.]

Towards the end of February, on a dirty but warmish night for that month, I visited an old relative in the suburbs, and went there by a loop line of railway which had not been opened long. I met there with a little ad-venture, being I suppose always on the look out and un-able to resist a grope of a warm cunt, whenever I got the opportunity of groping comfortably.

The station in the suburb led out of a wide long road about a tenth of a mile from a main metropolitan thoroughfare.- On my return I found I was three-quarters of an hour too early, so loitered about the road, smoking and thinking, I noticed at length two women, unmistakably harlots of a middling class. Quite in my youth I had many times fucked in that very road when there were only oil lamps there and against fences enclosing field and strawberry grounds. There were more houses about the road now, yet on both sides of the station road and viaduct, there were still large fields, and from the road which led up to the station was another — just before reaching it — which passed under the viaduct, connecting with a farm road and was altogether between fields, and led to a farm house.

After a time chatting, I gave the women a shilling apiece to feel their cunts,, tho this was in the main road. Then said one, — "Why don't you have me? Let's go on the other side of the viaduct and nobody will see us — we are very often done there." There I went with one, promising another shilling for an uninterrupted grope, it seemed a pleasant way of passing the time. I soon stood besides her having passed into the farm road, the night was quite dark, not a light was in that road, but a little light was shed down from the station platform above our heads, tho not sufficient to distinguish features by. Having pulled her petticoats up to her waist, I felt her bum and belly everywhere. She piddled over my fingers, felt my tool, and I was satisfied, tho my cock was stiffening as she left off.

As I first had seen her standing outside the station door, I now said I wondered they didn't prevent her. She laughed. — They wouldn't interfere, why should they? — she knew the porters'-and they knew her. — "They fuck you?" — "Both on em — I let em it keeps them square." — Then I heard that the porters had their pleasure with her up against the viaduct, just when we were standing, — my fingers still twisting her cunt ringlets. — "I'll give five shillings to see one fuck you," said I impetuously as the idea came suddenly on me. "Will you? all right, wait till the next train's gone and I'll fetch one." "But I'll feel him first." — "Oh. I don't know about that." — "I'll give him half a crown, and it's all in the dark." — It was so dark that I could scarcely see her face. "I'll ask — one I think would, but I don't know about the other — here's the train."

A bell rang, the train moved in and moved off, she went when the passengers had gone off up to the station door, and I standing far off by the archway, after a time saw her talking to a man. Then she came to me. He'd be there as soon as he could, and we were to keep there in the dark. Finding I had ten shillings in siver in my purse, I put it into my greatcoat pocket ready — refusing to pay her beforehand as she asked me — then pulled my coat collar high up round my neck, and put on a comforter to hide my face as much as I could. — We stood talking about the porter and his prick, — which was a good big one she told me, that he was married and was named Michael. — Soon after, a big strongly built male form came under the arch to us. — He was evidently anxious not to be known and said he wouldn't fuck if I didn't go further off. I refused, and tho nervous had screwed up my determination to feel him when fucking her, or wouldn't pay. I told her this when she had come to me, he standing with his face to the viaduct. She, fearing the loss of five shillings, went and persuaded him energetically. "Come along old man, yer didn't mind when the farmer passed the other night," I heard. Then I guessed from her movements she was feeling his cock. He had pulled his cap well over his eyes and kept himself turned to-wards her, and I kept at the back of him not wishing to be known or to know him. In the darkness there was but little probability of future recognition of each other.

All was silent, I approached and supposed he was obdurate spite of her manipulation of his doodle. "Feel my pussy," I guessed by the movement that she'd lifted her clothes, and for a minute again all as quiet. — Then

—"There — isn't it stiff — put it in." — I closed on him, — she'd her back against the brick piers. "Let me feel it first, and I'll give you the half crown," I mumbled. "Let him feel it Mick — don't be a fool." — I closed to his back, he'd made no reply — put my hand round and grasped a prick as stiff as a poker, then felt his balls. — She moved her hand away from them to let me — he turned his head sideways from me, whilst I manipulated his prick for a minute in slence. —My own prick then stiffened, throbbed sensuously, I longed to fuck her myself, and next to see him do it. The old letch for a lubricated cunt came' \ thrilling.

"Put it up her" mumbled I, my hand having roved up and down his prick for a minute or so. In a second he was oscillating his rump, was fucking her rapidly, heeding me not now as again going to his side, my hand stole between them till I grasped his balls, and the come and go of his rod in her cunt was perceptible, — then Michael murmured, sighed, and spent. From the moment he began ramming her till he'd spent he seemed to think of nothing,, never uttered a sound — tho still he leaned his head over her left shoulder so that I couldn't see his face, — which was just what I wanted.

Ere he'd withdrawn his prick from its cosy lodging, I drew to his back again and put out the half crown, saying so. He took it with his left hand, and the next second suddenly and without turning round to see me — without uttering a word, — ran off quickly under the viaduct, and was out of sight in a second. The woman laughed. — I gave her the five shillings and felt her overflowing lubricious quim. I now was trembling with lust. — "Oh I'd like to fuck you." — "All right, put it in." — "I'm frightened." — "You need not be." — "I'm a married man." — "So is he." — I wonder I re-strained myself for my prick was throbbing with lust, but groping the lubricious receptacle, thinking of the solid prick which had spent in it, and God knows what other voluptuous reminiscences, I let her frig me, spent on the ground, and then pissed over my fingers to purify them.

She was squatting, washing her cunt with her own piddle — when "that's your train." — I wouldn't go by it fearing to see the porter, tho I'd never seen his face nor he mine, said I should go by cab and miss the train I'd been waiting for. "I must go," said she, "I nearly always get a friend by this train." — "And you fuck here?" — "Generally — sometimes we go further up the lane, there's a fence all the way to the farm — if you wait here you'll see us at it." We both moved into the station road, I waited by the arch, but she got no friend. Then I led her to a lamp in the main road to see her face, and found her really a good looking young woman. Surprised, I wondered she didn't take men to a house. — "So I do if they'll come, and there is a nice one seven minutes from here, but they're generally in such a hurry." — I was interested, so gave her an-other half crown for a chat. She'd done well since the station was opened — had two or three men each night there — was rarely, five minutes with any of them — they did her, and often got to the station just as the train stopped there.

One middle-aged man who had had her several times, came usually by the train just come, he waited till all was clear, then rapidly went under the archway, she following him. When he'd fucked her he went off quickly, she never moved off for some minutes, so as to pre-vent any suspicions about his little game, he'd arranged it so.

Strange desire to see that porter came over me, I checked it for a day or two, but four or five evenings afterwards took a ticket by train to that station and waited there. There were two porters, but I couldn't identify my man, the two being in form so much alike. I kept there wandering about, till the station master asked me why I was waiting — I told him for some one who'd come by next train. Soon after he called a porter, another said. "He wants you Mick," and he I believe whose prick I had felt, came — I stared at him, but he evidently had no recollection of me. He was a fine strapping fellow of about thirty-five. I'd have given a sovereign to have seen and felt his prick again. It delighted me to know that I'd felt it and seen him fucking, and that he hadn't a notion that I had done so.

[I wonder at myself — wonder if many men in this metropolis have had such out of the way letches — and adventures.]

[Then again came the chance of a youthful virginity, and a singular illustration of the effect of nervousness upon me, mentally and physically. So identical were the nervous phenomena, so similar all circumstances attending that defloration to what took place about six months ago, that the narrative seems even to me, like a reproduction of an old event clothed in new language. But it is not so. As each of the two incidents occurred, the same or the next day it was written down. I do not dwell on my nervous sufferings, but they were pain-fully great, I was a psychological study to myself for some time after the event.

[All circumstances attending the deflorating this lass are evidence that most poor girls are fucked before they are sixteen. It is immaterial who does it, but they will be fucked. — She is quite as willing to have it done, as he to do it, and probably it is the female who incites the male (unwittingly perhaps) following simply the law of nature — quite as much as the male incites the female to the pleasure. What rot then this talk about male seduction, when it is nature which seduces both. Equally absurd also the sentimental bosh about young virgins being bought and sold. The results to the girl are the same whether she is fucked for money or love

— or if the term be liked better — for lust. A prick up her she will have before she's sixteen. She will have her sexual pleasure, paid or unpaid for it. The poor alone are philosophical in amatory matters.]

H. was impecunious, and having made money by the lass whose virginity I took last spring, I shall always think put this temptation in my way for further profit.

— I found there one day a little servant about fourteen years old, fairly pretty, sprightly and pleasing, and thought I should like to investigate her privates as soon as I set eyes on her. — H. said the lass was daughter of a sea coast man, and had two sisters gay, had been stopping with one in London who had let her see men fuck her. "She won't be long before she has it." She had found out that this girl frigged herself. — I suppose all girls of fourteen do — and wanted to be fucked, knew all about it, had said so. — H. and she had al-ready looked at each other's cunts — women like doing that — and she had frigged the girl who was "virgo intacta" — warranted. "If you don't have her some one will soon, her sister won't let her stop here she'll make money out of her, and if not the girl will let some man fuck her." — "I'll have her" said I, and began courting the lass.

Soon after, H said she'd have nothing to do with it, but still she would not hinder me. I reminded her of what she'd told me. — She replied, that certainly the girl would have a man soon somehow, or somewhere, for she was so lewed and curious, that a little per-suasion would get her. — H's change of front, her object in holding back now, was not very clear to me, but felt sure she'd like to see me fuck the lass for baudy pleasure if for nothing else. Telling her so, she laughed and said she should.

That day I kissed the slut, gave her a trifling present, and felt up to her navel. She let me readily, even seemed complimented by my attention. — H. was present. — "There's no hair on your dear little cunt." "Not yet," she replied — I had then one of those long exciting preliminary, baudy, inductive conversations, — so very delicious with an unpoked girl, and equally delicious to her. — "You know what fucking is, don't you my darling?" — "No," said she hanging her head and looking confused — "What a lie," said H. — "You've seen gentlemen doing it to your sister." — "Oh" said the lass. At length she confessed it. Then I felt freely all about her hidden charms, my hands roved up and down, I insinuated a finger between her thighs closed tightly, but it rubbed between the lips of the grove, and brought away the female aroma. Ah me how nice is the smell of cunt, which some fools say isn't nice. — She was sitting on my knee, I wanted to see her naked but that she refused, I pulled up her clothes, she pushed them down, whining. H. winked at me. "Your cunt smells so nice," said I. — "You're a nasty man" she replied, coloring up and looking at H.

"Let me another day, dear." Then as customary, I gave money to buy shoes and stockings. Having felt her till my cock was restive, I began caressing H*** "Come and look at your mistress' cunt." — H. favored me, for our conversation had made her lewed, she turned on to the bed and about, and let me look at her cunt. Then the girl after a little persuasion felt H's cunt. — We had wine, I gamahuched H., the girl got tight with the drink and also gamahuched her, then I again made H. spend and again with my lingual titillation until she was well-nigh exhausted with spending, and then fucked her twice at the side of the bed, letting the girl see my prick go in and out, and I taught her to play with my balls. — Never had a lass seen so much I think in about three hours. We had a deliciously baudy treat, and at the end half screwed, laughingly she admitted that she too should like to be fucked. Odd if she hadn't, for her modesty had gone to the winds, had been going before she came to H. and our talk and acts would have made the coldest virgin randy, and her cunt hot and reeking with lubricious juices. — This girl in whose eyes was lust, who kissed me again and again when I left — tho still resisting a look at her privates — was dying to let me, tho I left without doing it.

Next visit, H. told me that since my absence, she had been gamahuched by the lass who loved doing it, and she'd again frigged the lass who was longing to be fucked. — "Give her a sovereign, and she will let you." — So I began kissing and coaxing her, but she had such a bad cold in her head and wanted her pocket handkerchief so often, that she was unpleasant to me, so much so that desire for her was chilled, I never could bear a snotty-nosed female.

I tried to evoke my lust by a frig and other devices uselessly. I thought of my impotence with the former little lass and fear came over me of similar trouble. I fancied my prick shrunk, felt it and whispered to H. "I shall not be able to fuck her I'm sure." — "Nonsense, don't think so — can't you fuck me three times nearly every time you come to see me? — Why can't you fuck her then? — Nonsense — don't think about it" — was H.'s reply. But it was so — the result of the girl's bad cold in the first place, and then a fearful, ridiculous nervousness, thro thinking about my former frigidity.

Next visit she had neat stockings and shoes on — my gift. — "Let's look at your little cunt, darling." — H. had prepared her for the request, and the girl got slowly on to the bed. "Pull up your clothes," said I, liking to see her do that. — With hesitation slowly up she pulled them, — "Higher darling" but she stopped, and I pulled her chemise up above her navel. I was enraptured with breaking down her modesty, with making a supposed virgin expose herself so much. Then I looked long and lasciviously. She was a nice little creature, not plump but not bony, nor did I feel any prominences as I ran my hand over her from her nascent bubbies to her thighs. Then dropping on my knees by the bedside, I opened wide her thighs and saw the delicate pink grove. All was well washed and sweet — H. took care of that.

I gloated on the pretty cunt. Not a hair discolored the creamy colored lips, nor interfered with the view of the little flaps and clitoris which were just showing. There was the hymen closed all but a little hole, a perforation into which I cautiously inserted my little finger, at which she winced. All was so pink, so rosy, so delicate, that restraining myself no longer and removing my finger, I put my tongue to it; throwing her thighs over my arms and placing my hands under her little bum, I licked her cunt furiously. For so long a time I had licked no cunt excepting those of which the thatch tickled my nose — the well-haired cunt of H.'s mostly — that this was a delicious novelty and the rosy-tinted, sweet virgin quim licking gave me voluptuous delight — H. stood by with her soft baudy eyes enjoying the sight. I licked till my tongue ached, the lass enjoying it, showing no life excepting an occasional twitch of her thighs, or an involuntary slight heave of her little backside — I can't say if she spent or not. — She told H. that she did. Then I left off and gamahuched H. till she was wild with de-light, and sobbed out when spending — as she does also when she's fucking. — "Fuck — oho — aha — ahar — spunk." — She and I always indulge thus and stimulate our passion. She pushed me away just as her salt spendings reached my tongue, she always either clutches or pushes my head furiously when her spend is on.

Then I laid the lass along the bed, she seeming joyous at it, and told her that the tongue could not give her the pleasure that a prick could, and so did H. "Its fifty times greater than sucking or frigging gives you dear — let me put this into your cunt." — "Shall I?" — said she to H. "Do what you like," was the reply.

I mounted her, but my prick fell flapping against the pretty cunt. Three minutes before, I was stiff to bursting, now not a bit of strength was in it. The girl and H. had both felt it stiff as a ramrod — now it was a bit of pendant gristle. — I rubbed, thrust and rubbed the tip up against the virgin slit, pinched it and squeezed it, shook it, but all was useless. — Off I got, placed H. against the bed with rump towards me, and a few pushes up her invigorating quim stiffened it enough to have gone thro a street door. — With the moisture of her dear cunt on it, again I put it against the little virgin cunt — Down it then drooped again. I tried it again but all was useless, then weary and ashamed I gave it up after half an hour trial. — After some wine and talk I turned H.'s rump to me, and "a levrette" fucked and spent in her. — No difficulty had I in the lovely avenue of that delicious stimulating creature.

I had put the lass so that she could see our copulation, see that I was stiff and had-spent. H. then herself fingered the little one's cunt, and once inserted a tip of a finger. I got the lass to see my prick as it came out of the gruelly quim, but my cock wouldn't stand to her, and I left annoyed, telling her she'd not get her present, till I had left her quim as wet with my spendings as H*l*n's was. — "Ain't I doing as you told me," said she to H*l*n -- in an anxious tone. — "Certainly, it's not your fault."

"Never mind, he'll do you next time," said H. — but the next time — a couple of days after — was only a repetition. I could not fuck her, tho the girl helped me, twisted and turned like an eel, as I told her. Yet again H. drew out my sperm easily. — What witchery was on me? — I stayed away longer, and when I went felt strong—that I should succeed. There was the little ready lass a virgin still, as closely I investigated and satisfied myself — randy lass tho she was. — We all three stripped and began amorous tricks. — "You'll do her today" said H. feeling my prick. — I put the little one on the side of the bed. — "Should you like to be fucked dear." — "Oh I should — so — like — to be fucked," — said she, emphasising her words just as written. Strong desire was in every word, and in every look of the little dear face — surely never was a young virgin more determined to taste the male — it seems incredible almost as I write it, but such was the result — largely of H.'s teaching — who laughed. "Since you were here she and Phil have been in bed with me, he Rucking me — haven't you?" — "Oh yes." — Nothing more was said — the lass kissed my prick — I licked and wetted the virgin quim, there was the unbroken virginity. "Hurrah!" my prick was hot and stiff, I felt her, brought her to the edge of the bed, put her legs up against my chest, and nervously agitated, lodged my prick against her notch and pushed. — "Does that hurt you?" — "A little." — I thrust again. —"Oho" — she gently sobbed as another prick thrust told — and she winced and her bum drew back. — A few more short pushes and I felt the barrier give way, felt my prick tearing it open, then in it glided easily up the smooth canal, till her womb stopped it. — Glorying, I felt my prick fully sheathed. "Feel it H*l*n" — I cried. — "I'm up her" — H. felt it. — "She's got it." — The girl put down her hand and felt at my request my prick stem hidden in her cunt. —"Is it nice love?" — "Oh yes," she whispered. — Then taking my time, with long steady thrusts and withdrawals, so that every inch of her vagina could feel the friction, I fucked till at length hot spunk gushed into her copiously, and the sweet little lass spent with me. — Long time I kept it up her, triumphing, looking at her contented face, then out came my prick slobbered and blood streaked. — Her cunt was bleeding slightly and letting out my sperm, as she lay still in dreamy voluptuousness, satisfied, bewildered with her new pleasure, her reeking cunt soothed and gratified by my sperm, and so she lay, thighs apart with her legs hanging down seemingly happy, till told to get up and wash. — H*l*n stood looking — speechless.

Never was a virginity at last taken with greater ease or luxury than hers, never was a girl more anxious to lose it. She washed her cunt under H*l*n's directions, and the basin full of water got red. Again I looked at her quim which would not stop bleeding. — "Yes I liked it," said she, and that was much nicer than frigging herself, that she was glad she had been fucked. She kissed me as if she wished her lips to eat into mine — did the young, hot-cunted loving slut, whose willingness for fucking was remarkable.

I have often heard women say that until their second or third poke, they had no pleasure with a man, that they believed few if any enjoyed the first. — H*l*n seemed even to have that belief, but her two young ones both spent at their first fuck. I'll swear I have known full grown virgins fetched by my gristly rammer, the first time it was put up them, and that their pleasure followed the slight pain which the splitting gives. I in-cline to the belief that breaking thro the hymen really gives very little pain. I know as much about it as most men, and am sure that many a virgin spends with her first fuck. — What astonished me was that I had again the same temporary impotency I'd had with the other young servant — one of H*l*n's — some months before. I believe it was thinking of my difficulty with the first one which unmanned me with this girl, and my failing in the first attempt on her — I feared it would be so the moment nervousness set in, and so it was. It was not want of sperm, for I fucked H*l*n easily enough when I couldn't fuck Nancy.

It is needless to tell more about this amour, the only novelty was in opening up her quim to masculine pleasure. She soon left H*l*n and took to whoring with her sister, who had also her cunt plugged before she was fourteen. H*** was no doubt right when she said that some one was sure to fuck the lass soon. Harlot she wanted to be and was. Whether a girl in her condition of life has it at fourteen, or postpones it till sixteen, the end is the same, she merely has two years more frigging instead of fucking. Physically and morally which is the worst — or best? — Both are natural and according to some notions improper — to talk, think or write about copulation, or to do anything with our genitals is always highly improper to some people. — Yet we were created with cock and cunt, and sperm, for that alone, live indeed for that alone. — All males and females think and talk about it constantly and fuck as much as they can. — "How improper," say some fools and hum-bugs. This law of nature will make them fuck without permission of priest, registrar, or law, for the multiplication of the species comes about by this very improper act, called fucking.

[Thinking over this episode — one day I wrote the following about "Virginities."

[How much alike is all this amatory work, varying only broadly in the preliminaries, — less and less in de-tail as familiarity increases. — How soon the time comes when full opportunity occurs. — Introduction civilities, liking, and then desire springs up in the man or woman, or both. It is contagious. — Then cautious advances of the man, tentative remarks, almost instinctive at times- - at other times designed. Pride in the man's attentions and flattery soothes the woman, and the road to surrender is paved. In him now lust rises, hope springs up, then come warmer and suggestive words. — Were not man and woman made to give each other pleasure? — how many give each other pleasure in secret — the world knows nothing of it, — it's easy enough to accomplish. — Why not we? — to kiss, to cuddle, how sweet to both — how lovely is the touch of naked flesh with naked flesh — nice even when palm meets palm but only to be fully tasted when in bed. —"Let us." — "Oh! fie! — I don't know what you mean. — Oh! how rude you are" — and she blushes, tries to look offended, yet half smiles with downcast eyes.

[She liked to hear these hints — suggestions of conjugality and its pleasure — tho she forbids. Luxurious thoughts now arise, chasing each other thro her brain. Is it more pleasure than frigging herself, she thinks. — Desires — complicated at first by such thoughts and fears and prudence, arise. Ah! a thrill passes through her, starting from her centre of bliss. Again and again that voluptuous thrill, — that half faint feeling as her cunt again sends forth those carnal waves of desire, desire not precise in its wants but indefinite, softly languishing. — Lust with its soothing, brain stealing voluptuous sensations, is working her body and soul for its end, and she thinks of fucking. They look into each other's eyes, male instinct tells him of her carnal wants, and his lust burns fiercely.

[Then further talk and broader hints of the sweets of connection — two joined in one. A pressure of the palms, a kiss, a hug round the waist — closer together they now, limbs meeting, their warmth of flesh mingling. Does lustful aroma issue from one or from both as prick and cunt inflame. — French writers say it does and steeps the senses, and deadens prudence. — Certainly never does woman's flesh smell to me so sweetly, so excitingly as now — her lustful aromas rise from neck, and armpits, from the hair of her head issues sexual perfume. Then acts follow words. — "Let me. — What a lovely ankle." — "Oh! take your hand away." — up steals his hand above the garter and the warm soft flesh of thigh is felt. — Up starts his prober hard as horn, lustful — heated pulsations moving it: It nods with lust. — A thrust of hand — a cry. — "Oh — don't." — A struggle and his fingers touch her clitoris. — "Oh! now. — Leave off — I'll scream." — But his finger keeps there. — "Ah — oho — what a shame." — The struggle is over, her voice sinks lower to a whining murmur — no screech follows the threat. — Both murmur softly now, "let me." — "No." — "I won't hurt you — let me fuck you." — "No." — His hand goes further back below the clitoris, touches the portcullis of her womb, and then she struggles hard!. — All useless, maiden.

[The invasion is complete — the titillation tells and enervates. She has voluptuous delight, mental and physical, in his fingers laying between the lips of the soft lubricious orifice. Tho with a few struggles she says, "don't." — Out comes his flaming prick — her hand feebly refusing at first soon grasps the throbbing rigidity. — Lust now overwhelms them both — unconscious, blind agents almost, working out are they their share in the great scheme of generation. — Instinct, restless are his fingers till she yields, falls back, refusing all the time yet helplessly is yielding. Up he lifts the curtains of her nudity. A kiss on the white soft belly whilst the aroma of the avenue makes him reel with fierce desire. In a second his prick touches it. — Thrust — Thrust, throb — "ahrr — oh don't — you hurt." — He is full up her, his balls touch her buttocks, her cunt tightens, then spends from every pore. "Aharr — my darling," and his sperm jets into her. — Soft broken murmurs die away into silence, their limbs are still now in the exhaustion of pleasure — the deed is done — nature is satisfied — the object of creation attained. — Thus are virginities taken. — Ex uno disce omnes — variations in time and according to age, and place, and hour, and opportunity — some quicker — some shorter in progress, — but the end the same — always the same. — Nature will have it so. — Ex uno disce omnes. —'We were fucked for — born to fuck in our turn — to beget others to fuck. — Ex uno disce omnes. As in the beginning, now and ever it will be — Fucking.]