Vol. 10 Chapter IX

A small cunt on the Derby day. • Under a portico at midnight. • The brothel afterwards. • A harlot's history. • On cunts generally. • Nationalities of the women I have fucked. • The beauty of cunts. • Their fucking qualities. • Ignorance on this head. • Ages of the women I have fucked. • How the sight of cunts affects men. • Physiognomy of cunts. • Their classification.

A month or more after I had the little virgin at H.'s, at past midnight of the Derby day when the street was unusually quiet after the day's festivities, I who had supped with friends on our return, walked along * * * * *. A short neat-looking girl approached, evidently not in-tending to notice me, I was heated with food, wine, and the day's outing, the idea of a free and easy cunt being at hand roused my passions, and I accosted her. "Where are you going, my dear?" "Why home of course." — We stopped, talked, and in a few seconds "Let me feel your cunt and I'll give you a shilling." — She looked up and down the silent street. — "Be quick then." — We turned up a street still quieter, with large handsome houses with porticos, beneath one of which my hand was soon round her bum and a finger — after a general feel over the soft surface of her sexual gap — was up the male receptacle. — After a minute's groping. — "What a tight cunt you've got, how old are you?" I asked. "Turned seventeen." Then many questions and answers in a quiet tone, whilst still my hand roved about the slippery surface of the red opening, ever and anon a finger gliding in and out of the juicy folds, then frigging the little soft proturbance where the belly divides. — "Why, it's like a girl's of fourteen." — "So they say," — and further answers. — "Some men like it, some don't. — No I haven't had it tonight, worse luck." — Then indignantly. — "A park woman? that I ain't." — Then I heard she'd been to the races in a chaise with her sister and husband and his brother, and had had a jolly evening. — The brother was "on night watch for a fortnight and obliged to leave" — "or he'd have had me — ain't you curious? — No I've just piddled and can't do it — no I won't try — that will do — oh leave off — I must get home."

Her bum waggling, she drew it back and dislodged me, — "You'll make me want it," said she as my fin-gers again moved about her quim. Soon after, — "Let me feel yours?" She felt my trowsers at the proper spot, I looked up and down the silent street, saw no one and produced my shaft. "Aha — it's stiff." — I was red hot now by desire for the little quim, and we felt each other restlessly, until — "Why don't you have me?" — "Do you want it?" — "I just do — oh you'll fetch me — don't" — and again she dislodged my fin-gers as her bum wagged with lustful thrills.

That brought me to my senses, and tho my pego throbbed I paid her. — "If I'd had that before I'd rode home — there — why don't you do me?" — "We shall be seen." — "We shan't" — "I've no more money, I've lost all betting." — "So have I — do it — come close to the door — we shan't be noticed." — "I've no money, I tell you." — "Never mind — do me." — I thought for a second hesitating but wanting her badly. — "Here's half a crown. — Now don't let me if you're not sure you're quite well." — She pocketed the money. — "I'm all right, I never was ill in my life," — and she went up another step, and set her back against the side of the porch which just there was walled. She was short but a willing cock and cunt will help each other to the great act of nature. — Soon I was up to my balls in her, and we fucked ourselves into Elysium. — What a grip her cunt gave as my lubricious emulsion throbbed into it.

There we stood coupled till we heard the heavy foot-steps of a constable in the distance, then uncunting, we walked off laughing to the main road. "You wanted it." — "I just did." — "If he hadn't come we'd have done it again." — "Yes, we'll go back," said the girl. — We stood talking till the policeman appeared and went far away. Then "Come back," said she. We went to another portico, I felt her gluey quim, she frigged me — just then a clock struck one. — "I must go." — "You'll do it in a minute," said the randy-cunted lass frigging my cock hard — but I was for reasons obliged rapidly to go, I'd no idea it was so late. Altho I've had no special liking for tight cunts — quite the contrary once — there is no accounting for a letch, and as my prick pistoned her, the sheath had seemed so exquisite in its lubricity, that I asked her to meet me another night. She lived much further off, knew no house there, but she'd be with me. I must pay her. — I didn't much expect she'd keep her word, but gave her five shillings, promising another five if she'd be at a place named. Three days after she came and I had her. She was a slim, well made, fairly good looking young strumpet, and had very clean under linen. Her cunt nymphae, was lovely to look at and perhaps the tight-est cunt I ever had in a girl of her age. I fucked her twice, then frigged her, and sent her away contented. As I felt up her cunt, it seemed as if no prick could get into it — but cunt is a distendible article.

We had champagne, and her tongue loosened. Laughing heartily "I did want it just when you felt me, I'd wanted it all the evening, I've never been felt in the street before. — Toni forgot the time and distance, so went off suddenly or he'd lost his place." — He'd in-tended to have her but things went wrong, there had been words through drink. "So I was athinking of it when I met you." She was fifteen and a half when first fucked for about half a dozen times, then for a year never had it again, then she wouldn't let her mother "keep her under" any longer, and she'd been "regular gay" two months. — "I don't let the people about us know that, — when I goes out I never goes near mother." — I got her address, but never used it.

Then I fell ill, and during that time wrote the following essay on cunts. — I intended to destroy it, be-cause it is no part of the narrative of my secret life, but reserved it at last.

In my travels in various parts of the globe, I have never failed to have the women of the various countries passed through, as well as many of the women of the provinces, countries, and nationalities, which in some cases make together what is called an Empire. Thus women of Croatia, Styria and Dalmatia, and those of Vienna and Pesth, altho all belonging to the Austrian empire, are of absolutely different physical types. — A Dalcarlian and a woman of Gottenburg differ greatly, yet both are of the Swedish kingdom. — In Great Britain, the English, Irish, Scotch, and Welsh are of different types, and there is even a great difference in face and form between a Yorkshire and Devonshire woman -- both English.

I have tasted the sexual treasures of all these fair creatures in their capital cities, and many of their large towns; not only in Europe, but in lands and countries away over many oceans. I have sought abroad variety in races and breeds at the best lapunars, where they keep women of different nationalities to suit the tastes and languages of travellers. Thus I have had women of all parts of the world, and from parts in which I have not set foot. They may differ in face, form, and color, but all fuck much in the same manner, their endearments, tricks and vices are nearly the same, yet I found great charm in the variety, and always voluptuous delight in offering the homage of my priapus to a woman of a type or nationality unknown to me.

Looking thro diaries and memoranda, I find that I have had women of twenty-seven different empires, kingdoms or countries, and eighty or more different nationalities, including every one in Europe except a Laplander. I have stroked Negress, Mulatto, Creole, Indian half breeds, Greek, Armenian, Turk, Egyptian, Hindu, and other hairless-cunted ones, and squaws of the wild American and Canadian races. — I am but * * * * * years old, and the variety I have had astonishes me. May I live to have further selection, and increase the variety of my charmers.

I have had of course women in most parts of the United Kingdom, but fewer Irish women than others; having generally found them the lowest, baudiest, foulest-tongued, blarneying, lying, cheating, as well as the dirtiest of all the harlots I ever had.

[In the manuscript the names of the various places where I had the women, together with dates were mostly set forth, but to do so here would disclose too much.]

I have probably fucked now — and I have tried care-fully to ascertain it — something like twelve hundred women, and have felt the cunts of certainly three hundred others of whom I have seen a hundred and fifty naked. My acquaintance with the others beginning and ending mostly in the streets, with the delicate operation of what is called stink-fingering. Many incidents connected with these fugitive sexual amusements have been briefly described already, and on revision I find but few others worth noticing, tho some of them at the time struck me as novel. I expect that for the most part they were but such, as every man who with an amorous temperament has behaved in his secret life much as I have done, has met with. So to the flames with these short histories of amatory, fingering, &c. &c.

My sense of the beautiful in all things, which makes me now more than ever look to form in a woman more than to face, has shewn to me distinct beauty in some cunts compared with others. For many years — tho perhaps it did not absolutely determine my selection of the woman at first, I still must have been conscious of it — it must in a degree have determined afterwards, whether I had the woman a second night or not (gay women). Altho the reasons why I selected the lady for the second night's amusement are mixed and difficult to analyze, my recollection dwells pleasantly on those women whose cunts pleased me by their look, whilst the externals of those whose slits lacked attraction and looked ugly to me, I think of even now with some dislike. For years past this perception of the physiognomy of cunts has been ripening by experience and reflection, and now when I lift a woman's chemise, my first impulse is to see if her cunt is pretty or not.

I have in fact become a connoisseur in cunts, tho probably my taste in that female article is not that of other men. There are perhaps many who would call those cunts ugly, which I call handsome, and vice versa just as they might differ from me about what is beautiful in form, face or color of a woman; and even about her style of fucking, her manners, language, or other particulars.

Not only is beauty, or want of beauty, to be seen in the externals of a cunt, but it is to be noticed when the fringed covers are opened. Many a woman looks well enough as she lies on a bed with thighs nearly closed, and the triangle of hair — be its color what it may — shadowing the top of the rift which forms her sex at the bottom of her belly, but whose vulva looks plain enough, seen when the outworks are opened wide, and large nymphae growing from a clitoris protrude, and the opening to the avenue of love looks large and ragged. — Other cunts with small delicate inner lips, which merge into the general surface before they reach the small looking opening at the lower end, are pretty, and invite the entry of the prick beneath the little nubbly red clitoris. — The charm of color also enters into the effect. The delicate pink coral tint of a very youthful virgin, is much more pleasing than the deep bluish carmine — the color of many matured, well fucked, or well frigged quims, or of those which have let through them several infants.

The saying that every woman is the same in the dark, is the saying of ignorance. It implies that every cunt gives equal pleasure, an error which I think I have ex-posed before, and combatted with several men. The pleasures which cunts give men in coition vary greatly. Scores of women I never seem to have properly entered or enjoyed. In some my prick seemed lost, in others felt an obstruction. In some it seemed to move irregularly, meeting obstacles here and there, as if the cunt resisted its probing, or when a snug place was found for the tip — wherein lies all male pleasure — at the next thrust it was lost and difficult to find again. Up others my prick has struck their end before half its length was sheathed in it. Sometimes a pretty looking little orifice leads to a capacious tube inside, and is wanting in gentle pressure on the prick when within its folds. I have had some women, up whose cunts I have thrust a finger by the side of my pego when with-in it, tho it was swollen to full size, and seemed large enough to fill any cunt, and yet the vagina seemed a cavern to it.

There are cunts which fit me to perfection, in which my prick revels in voluptuous delight, from the moment it enters till it leaves it; in which it cannot go wrong, whether lying quiescently within its warm lubricious folds, whether the thrusts be long or short, quick or slow. Such cunts make me feel that I have an angel in my embraces. Others do their work of coition uncomfortable, making me almost glad when the orgasm is over, and leaving me indifferent to the woman when my prick leaves her. What my experience is, must be that of others.

I have either fucked, felt, or seen the cunts of a child in its cradle, and those of females of all ages between six and fifty, have seen them of all sizes and developments, and in color from pale coral to mulberry crimson — I have seen those bare of hair, those with but hairy stubble, those with bushes six inches long, and covering them from bum bone to navel. It might have been expected that I was satiated, that all curiosity, all charm in this female attribute had gone from me.

Nevertheless the sight of this sexual organ pleases me as much as ever, sometimes I think more. Little intrinsic beauty as it may have, little as it may add — artistically considered, — to the beauty of the female form in those parts wherein it is set. — Nay, altho at times I may have thought it ugly in a beautiful woman, it has still a charm, which makes me desire to see the cunt of every young female I meet.

This is the reflex in the brain of the joy that the penetration of the cunt has given me, of the intense mental and physical pleasure of fucking, pleasure which for the time makes the plainest woman adorable, and her cunt a gem which the mines of Golconda cannot match. There is no more exquisite, voluptuously thrilling sight, than that of a well formed woman sitting or lying down naked, with legs closed, her cunt hidden by the thighs, and only indicated by the shade from the curls of her motte, which thicken near to the top of the temple of Venus as if to hide it. Then as her thighs gently open and the gap in the bottom of her belly opens slightly with them, the swell of the lips show, the delicate clitoris and nymphae are disclosed, the enticing red tint of the whole surface is seen, and all is fringed with crisp, soft, curly, shiny hair, whilst around all is the smooth ivory flesh of belly and thighs, making it look like a jewel in a case. Man's eyes can never rest on a sweeter picture.

Then as the thighs widen for man's embrace, and the cunt shows itself in all its length and breadth, red and glistening with moisture and lust, all seen but the lower end where lies the entrance for the prick, which is partly closed by the ivory buttocks, and seems of a darker red, by the shade in which it lies, telling of the secrecy and profundity of the tube which the prick is to fathom, and in which it enters, stiffens, throbs, emits, and shrinks out whilst its owner almost faints with the pleasure it receives and gives, is there aught in this wide world which is comparable to a cunt? How can any man cease to have curiosity, desire, and a charm in it?

At such moments my brain whirls with visions of beauty and of pleasure, past, present, and to come. My eyes embrace the whole region from anus to navel, the cunt seems invested with seraphic beauty and its possessor to be an angel. Thus even now I can gaze on cunts with all the joy of my youth, and even tho I have seen fourteen hundred, long to see fourteen hundred more.

Of the physiognomy of cunts, and of their pleasure-giving capabilities, perhaps I know as much as most men. Physiognomically they may be divided into five classes, but a cunt may partake of the characteristics of one, two, or more, and particularly in respect of development, of clitoris and nymphae. I classify them as follows. — Clean-cut cunts. — Clean-cut with stripes. — Lipped with flappers. — Skinny lipped. — Full lipped — and Pouters.

Clean-cut cunts. — Are those resembling a cut through an orange; the flesh on each side is full, thick, swelling up, turning inwards slightly, and forming a fattish pad rather than lips, altho a tendency to the form of lips may be seen. Neither clitoris nor nymphae are seen in some, tho in all the flesh seems reddening as the sides turn inwards and meet, showing the slightest coral stripe, a mere hint of the red surface inside. This sort of cunt is most beautiful in girls up to about fourteen years of age, just before the hair begins to grow on them, tho they are to be seen in much older females. The pads of flesh are firm yet elastic, and that of the motte — which is full — is equally so. This class of cunt generally alters by age, but I have seen it in one thirty-five years old. There is usually ample space between the thighs where there are these cunts in full grown women, so that a man's hand can lay comfort-ably between them, and grasp a whole handful of vulva. Perhaps the bones of the thighs are set widely apart in the pelvis, but I have seen and felt this width of cunt in short women. Straight cut cunts with stripes. — These cunts are much like the former, but the nymphae are slightly more developed, as well as the clitoris — not largely, but sufficiently to give a visible red stripe between and seeming to open the outer lips. Sometimes the red shows largely only when the thighs are widish apart — in others it shows even when the thighs are closed. — In some the little clitoris (not an ugly big one) just protrudes itself under the dark hair which thickens just about the split, and an inch below it the nymphae are lost to view unless the thighs he wide apart. I have seen this cunt in women up to thirty, and it is to me certainly the most delicate, most refined, handsomest, and most exciting cunt. I have nearly always found it in the finest modelled, plump, and loveliest woman. — It is indeed the only class of cunt which can be said to be handsome. A cunt is perhaps not a really handsome object at all, tho sexual instincts make its comtemplation exciting and charming to a man.

Lipped cunts with flappers. — These have the lips usually fully formed, the clitoris sticks out and the nymphae hang out from it nearly the whole length of the split down towards the vagina. — Women towards forty have mostly this cunt, and if they have fucked or frigged themselves much, the color is of a very dark pink or carmine. I have seen it in women of nearly a mulberry red. The nymphae I have also seen hanging out of or projecting beyond the lips, from three quarters to an inch and a half in depth, it was so detestable to me, -that it quite spoiled my liking for a really well made pretty woman of thirty-five whom I once knew. Many French gay women in the baudy houses get this sort of cunt, I expect thro excessive venery. They grow thus oftentimes in women if they have children. — It is a cunt nearly as ugly to me as the pouting cunts.

[Years after writing this I had a girl under sixteen years of age and looking fourteen, with nymphae hanging an inch and a half outside the lips and a quite large clitoris. The nymphae on one side was much larger than the other, and her vagina would have engulphed the prick of a giant. I saw and fucked her a second time, out of sheer curiosity. ]

Skinny lipped cunts. — These may be either with or without the nymphae shewing. Poor slim, youngish, half starved women with thin thighs and miserable rabbit backsides, have this form of cunt. It is not ugly actually, unless the nymphae are too obtrusive, which they frequently are, for many of these poor thin women have had a child, and you may see the signs of that on their poor flat bellies lying in a hollow between their ill covered hip bones — (women with this class of cunt usually sham modesty, put their hands over their gaps, say they don't like it looked at and giggle in an affected manner. I suppose they are conscious of the want of beauty in those parts.)

Full lipped cunts. — These are usually mature, they puff out like the half of a sausage, then die away into ample flesh on each side under a fat, fully-haired mons veneris or motte. Women fleshy and well fed have them, and they look well and handsome between the large white thighs and the big round buttocks below, between which they are enclosed and lay. They were the cunts which I loved most in my youth and long after. Mary, one of my first loves, and Louisa Fisher had such cunts in perfection. — I expect they are most attractive to quite young men, for they realize the cunts which all boys — as I very well recollect — figure to themselves before they have seen the sex of a woman. The general effect of the cunt is that it is capacious. Women with this class of cunt usually allow them to be looked at and fingered freely, and smile voluptuously at the man whilst the inspection is going on, as if proud of their notches, and they like the men to look at and to appreciate them.

Pouter. — The lips of these cunts are like half thin sausages, and almost seem to hang down from the belly, so that they leave a furrow between the outer sides of the lips and the inner side of the thighs. It is the ugliest ' cunt — and is still uglier if the nymphae show much, as they often do. They look as if the owners were in a consumption. The hair on these cunts I have found often look straggling and thin — or if thickish, the bush is weak, long, and with but little curl in it. — Several times when I have found myself with a woman who had this ugly sort of genital, I have been unable to stroke her. — Pouters, like the thin lipped cunts — usually belong to women, lanky, thin, poor, ill fed and not too young, poor, short, skinny arsed seam-stresses, those whose bum bones you can feel. I fancy it is largely through want of nourishment in their case and frequently through ill health. — Middle aged, needy whores — those who wear veils and try to pass them-selves off as thirty when they are nearer fifty — have them. — I have in my youth many a time been taken in by them, but never now go after a woman who wears a veil.

All classes of beauty may be found with one or other of the defects, for the variety in combination of outer lips, clitoris, nymphae, motte, and hair in quantity, size, and shape is infinite. No two cunts are exactly the same in look, hence the charm of variety, and the ever recurrent desire for fresh women by the male. There is always a charm in novelty, it is born with us.