Vol. 10 Chapter XI

Luck. • Harry masturbated. • An orgy. • Two males and one female. • Bum-fucking intentions. • H. gamahuched by both. • Simultaneous masturbations. • Confession of sodomy. • Anus and pudenda plugged. • Sphincter and thumb. • Fucking cum cock-sucking. • H.'s unsated lust. • Champagne and repose. • Amorous exercises resumed. • Baudy ejaculations. • Fucked out. • Voluptuous eyes. • Balls handled. • Prolonged conjunction. • Finger and bumhole. • More repose and more champagne. • Erotic fury. • All exhausted. • Finis. • Reflexions.

In August I went abroad, returning in October. — Beyond a visit to a lapunar, there was nothing worth relating. — Indeed my fidelity was remarkable.

I had been but little to see H**** since the last youthful virginity was taken. Going there towards the middle of October on my return, she had much to tell me. She had quarrelled with the "mean cur" (Donkey prick) yet had not absolutely broken with him. Her other lover was dead. With a little pressure — for she was really longing to tell me — I found she had gratified Harry and herself by letting the lad fuck her, and was frightened of Donkey prick knowing it thro the possible indiscretion of the lad in keeping silence about what he must have been proud of — lucky beggar. — She de-scribed his prick to me, compared it with the donkey tool and her protector's, told me laughing how the lad behaved at his first fuck, and whilst we were talking this over, a letter came from Donkey prick which was brought by the lad who was waiting for a reply. With that instantaneous letch, and recklessness of consequences which when they come, come more rapidly than ever, "Show me his prick, let me see him," — I said hastily.

The idea pleased her. "But I don't want him to know me." "Keep your hat on." — She would go and see him. I rubbed some black off a stove with my finger, darkened under my eyes, and made my eyebrows also darker and wider with it, put on a skull sleeping cap which I happened by mere chance to have in the pocket of my traveling suit, and also a pair of tinted glass spectacles which I had used on glaciers. Really I scarcely knew myself when I looked in the glass.

She laughed when she saw my disguise. She had written a letter to the Donkey whilst down stairs, and now thought for a minute. Donkey prick was going out of town. — Harry was to take the reply to him at the station, and dare not wait long to fuck her as I now suggested, or he perhaps might lose his place — Don-key prick being a hard master. — "I'll make him show his prick and make it stiff." — "All right." — On the landing she called him up into the bed room. — "Never mind this gentleman." He was scared at seeing me. — Then what followed took place as quickly as I write this narrative of it. — All was unpremeditated by either of us, one letch leads to another, I follow blindly the promptings of instinct when in this concupiscent state.

"How's your prick, Harry?" said she. He seemed perfectly flabbergasted for a moment, looked at me, then at her. — "Is it stiff?" — "No it ain't," said he — shamefaced in manner. "Show it me." — "No" — said he very solemnly and looking but for an instant only at me. "Why? you know I've seen it." — He grinned. "Do" — said I speaking in a husky voice "and I'll give you five shillings." — H*** said. "There, show it, and I'll show you my cunt." — He reflected — "I can't — if I don't catch him before the train, he'll sack me perhaps." — "I'll give you a cab fare and here is five shillings" — shewing it. — H. then without more ado laid hold of him and pulled his prick out, he unresisting. "When did you fuck last?" — "Not since you," said the lad getting bolder. — "Have you frigged your-self?" — "No." — "Would you like to see my cunt." — "Oh yes." — She went to the bed and lay down on the edge. — "I'll give you half a sovereign if you'll let me frig you" for that letch now seized me. — "There's luck, Harry." — He never looked at me, was engrossed with her and made no reply — his prick was not stiff.

H. pulled up her clothes. — At the sight of her lovely cunt quickly up rose his prick erect — a longish but thin article, perhaps to thicken, in a year or two — I seized and felt, then frigged it, he making no resistance and she inciting him. "Let me fuck you — do," — said he piteously, as I found by a certain vibration of his belly that he felt the pleasure. "No. You get the half sovereign." — "Open your thighs wider," said I, "pull open the lips" — for I wanted to make him spend over her cunt. She saw my game. — "Is it nice?" — "Yes" — "Shall you spend," said she. — "Yhes" — and his bum jogged. I felt him coming. "Bend forward, put your prick nearer her cunt." "Oh let's fuck," he cried as his sperm shot over her vulva, and I frigged till not a drop was left in his balls.

He put his hand to feel the lovely receptacle, but she arose and I gave him the money. "You take the letter and be off, or you'll catch it," said she. — In a minute he was out of the room, buttoning up his trowsers as he went. She laughed. "Fuck me, dear," said she going on to the bed, and shewing her mucilaginated vulva. — But I'd fucked her twice and couldn't again then, so without further word she frigged herself. — "Ain't we beasts?" said she as she washed her cunt. "No; I'll gamahuche you." — "Do. I've not been fucked for a week. Phil's away, and I've quarrelled with Donkey" — as we now named him. — "But you've frigged your-self." — "Of course, every night — I sleep by myself and read in bed till tired, then frig myself and go to sleep."

[It was a great piece of luck this to me and the next time I saw H*** we talked over this masturbating frolic with the lad. She had been fucked by him twice, and the letch gratified, desired no more of him. But his youth and inexperience started in me a wish to see him fucking, to be in the room and then for us all together to do what we liked erotically. Before I left it had all been planned. The baudy episode — tho so long and prolix — is one of the remaining evidences of how this manuscript was originally written. It is too much trouble to abbreviate and I retain it nearly as it was written. It's the narrative of one of those erotic frenzies, which come over women and men when together, and they are heated by wine and lust.]

On the evening about a fortnight after, H. looked lovely in laced chemise, crimson silk stockings, and pretty slippers. — As she threw up her legs shewing her beautifully formed thighs and buttocks, the chestnut curls filling the space between them, relieved by a slight red stripe in the centre, never had I seen a more be-witchingly voluptuous sight. Rapidly my cock stood stiff and nodding, tho I was a little out of condition. — What a lovely odour it had as I gently licked her clitoris for a minute. But we had other fish to fry. "Harry's here," said she. I stripped to my shirt, then he came up, a tall slim youth now just turned seventeen. Quickly he too stripped, for he knew the treat in store for him. I laid hold of his long thin tool, which was not stiff, and he seemed nervous.

How strange seems the handling of another's prick tho it's so like one's own. "Show him your cunt." — Back she went on the bed exhibiting her charms. The delicious red gap opened, his prick stiffened at once, and after a feel or two of his rigid gristle, I made him wash it tho already clean as a whistle. — I'd already washed my own. Then a letch came on suddenly, for I had arranged nothing — and taking his prick in my mouth I palated it. What a pleasant sensation is a nice smooth prick moving about one's mouth. No wonder French Paphians say that until a woman has sucked one whilst she's spending under another man's fucking, frigging, or gamahuche, that she has never tasted the supremest voluptuous pleasure. Some however had told me that they liked licking another woman's cunt, whilst a woman gamahuched them, better than sucking a prick in those exciting moments. But erotic tastes of course vary.

I laid him on the side of the bed alternately sucking or frigging him. — H. was lying by his side, and he put his left fingers on her cunt. — I had intended to let him have his full complete pleasure in my mouth, but changed my mind. Then we laid together on the bed — head to tail — making what the French call sixty-nine or tete-beche, and we sucked each other's pricks. — He was pleased with the performance. — H. laying by our side said she should frig herself. Whether she did or not I can't say, being too much engrossed with minetting his doodle. — He did not irruminate me with skill, and after a little time we ceased and his prick drooped.

Then I mounted his belly as he lay on his back, and showed H. how I used to rub pricks with Miss F**z*r's young man, and putting both pricks together made H. clutch them as well as she could with one hand. — But two ballocks were too large for her hand. — Then came on a desire of long standing, that of feeling the sensation of a prick up my own bumhole. — He consented to operate without hesitation. These erotic tricks will give H. something new to think of when she frigs herself in the morning — as she says she usually does before she gets up. Her delight in our performance was immense, she felt us about everywhere, looked everywhere and gave herself gentle frigs at times as well.

His prick was much smaller than mine, and according to H.'s opinion what would be called a small prick. It was in size like a longish thin beef sausage, and as I thought just the size for me. So wetting my bum hole and feeling nervous, I laid down on my backside on the edge of the bed lifting up my thighs, choosing that position so as to watch his face whilst he spent. — We could not manage it that way, I turned my rump round, H. delighted guided his prick to the orifice, and at one thrust he went half way up. A revulsion came instantly, "Pull it out," I cried. — Out it came, she laughed and there it ended. — I did not feel pleased with myself at all. — What is the good of my philosophy?

H*l*n's fingers had been feeling her own quim, al-most the entire time since we had all been together, and her face now looked wild with voluptuousness. — She cried out "Fuck me, fuck me" and threw herself on the edge of the bed, thighs distended, cunt gaping. But I knew my powers were too small that night to expedite my pleasure crises, and wished to prolong the erotic excitement, so would not fuck her nor let him. — But I gamahuched her. Then he did the same. She lay full length on the bed, he knelt between her legs, and whilst he plied his tongue upon her vulva, I laid on my back between her legs and his, and took his prick in my mouth. I felt her legs trembling and heard her sighs of delight, she was entering into the erotic amusement with heart and soul, cunt and bum hole as well, as I knew by her movements, ejaculations, and then tranquillity. She spent just as a rapid ramming of his prick between my tongue and palate, told me he was about to spend also. So I rejected his tool quickly.

With rigid prick and incited by H. he continued licking her cunt till she spent again. Then I laid them both side by side on the edge of the bed, he began frigging her, and I frigged him. — "It's coming" said he, and at the instant out shot his sperm in four or five quick spurts, the first going nearly up to his breast. — How the young beggar's legs quivered as his juice left him. Nelly leant over and looked as he spent. — His sperm was thinner than it should have been, tho he said he had neither fucked for a fortnight, nor frigged himself for a week. I believed he lied. — My sperm would have been at his age thicker after a week's abstinence. The last time he had fucked her before me it was much more and thicker. He reaffirmed that he had not spent for a week, and she declared he had not fucked her, so I sup-pose it was true.

He washed and pissed, again I played with his doodle and questioned him. He had he said buggered a man once, and frigged one. — Now he had a nice young woman, who let him have her for half a crown when he could afford it, but he only earned a pound a week and had to keep herself out of that. His prick was soon stiff again. — He gave her cunt another lick, and then we went to work in the way I had arranged with her when by ourselves. He did not know our game.

H. in our many conversations on erotic whims and fancies, had expressed a great desire to have two pricks up her orifices at the same time. She wanted to know if it were possible, if sexual pleasure was increased by the simultaneous plugging of cunt and bumhole, and wondered if it would increase the pleasure of the man. I had shewn her pictures of the positions in which the three placed themselves for the double coupling, and we arranged to try that evening. He was not now to know what we were at, his inexperience coupled with his excitement at being fucked by a most lovely creature, were calculated to leave him in the dark as to the operations at her back door. But we were obliged to be cautious.

He laid on the bedside his legs hanging down, whilst she standing with legs distended and enclosing his, leant over him — I watched the operation from the floor kneeling, and saw his doodle going up and down her cunt. Then when we knew his pleasure was in-creasing, I lubricated her bumhole with my spittle, and rising pressed my pego between her buttocks and against his prick, touching it from time to time as she moved her cunt on it. I did this as a blind. Soon after. "Do you feel my prick?" said I. "Yes." — He didn't, for I was then putting my finger against it, but he was too engrossed with his pleasure to notice it. Then she backed her rump artfully, and his prick came out, as she pushed her buttocks towards me, and she kept on talking to him whilst making a show of introducing his pego again to her pudenda.

At the first push my prick failed. It was right in direction — for I had tried the orifice with thumb and finger — all inconvenient nails removed — and, knew the road was clear. — Push — push — push with still failure, and then came nervous fear. There were the loveliest buttocks that belly ever pressed, or balls dangled against, smooth, sweet-smelling flesh, an anus without taint or hair, a sweet cunt and youthful prick, and a woman wanting the supremest voluptuousness. Every erotic incitement to sight, touch, and imagination was there, but all was useless. My nature rebelled. Tho I wanted to do what she and I talked of and wished for, my recreant prick would not rise to the needful rigidity — the more I strove the less my success.

I was mad not for myself but for her disappointment — it was her letch. — We had discussed the subject many times, and I longed for her to have sperm shed in her cunt and fundament at the same time. Further trial was useless, his prick was again worked by her, and I knew by her manner that she was near her crisis, when anxious to give her other orifice, the pleasure, kneeling I licked her bum hole then thrust my thumb into it, took his balls in my other hand and thumbuggered her whilst I squeezed his cods. She cried out. "Oh — bugger, fuck," — when madly excited and both spent. Then his prick flopped out wet and glairy from her cunt into my hand which was still beneath his balls — I arose and so did sweet H. looking with bright voluptuous eyes at me. — He lay still on his back with eyes closed and prick flopping down, with a pearl of spunk on its tip. Then too late my damned, disgraced prick stood still like an iron rod, and could have gone into a virgin's arsehole twelve years old, or slipped into H.'s with ease. Sheer nervousness stopped it from doing duty, aided I think by a natural dislike — much as I desired the novelty, — novelty with her and for her.

The strongest fuckstress, with unlimited capability for sexual pleasure, the most voluptuous woman, the woman with the most thirsty cunt I ever knew, guessed my condition and state of mind. — "You fuck me, dear," said she, and falling back on the bed opened her thighs. Her cunt was glistening with what he had left there. — He'd not uncunted two minutes, nor she finished spending four, yet she wanted my prick — either to gratify me or herself.

Randy enough I went near and pulled open the lips, saw the glistening orifice, pushed fingers up and with-drew them covered with the products of her quim and his doodle, and looked in her voluptuous eyes. — "Fuck — come on — fuck me." — "You can't want it." — "Yes — do me — do it." — Harry then aroused himself, I caught hold of his tool still thickish. "Wash it, piddle, and she'll suck you whilst I fuck her." — He who only had spoken the whole evening in monosyllables, did that quickly. I laid him on the bed and she leant over him standing and bending, laid her face on his belly, her bum towards me. — "Suck his prick dear" — "I shan't" — She wouldn't, entreaty was useless, I could not wait, so opening her lower lips for a final look at the sperm, put my prick up her. — Oh! what a sigh and a wriggle she gave as I drove it hard against her womb. Her liking always was for violent thrusts, she liked her cunt stunned almost. — It gives her the greatest pleasure she often tells me. [When at a future day I dildoed her, she liked it pushed violently up her.]

I husbanded my powers, urged her to gamahuche him, hoping she would. — Her refusals grew less positive, and at last into her mouth went his prick but only for a minute. — "There I've done it," said she. — His doodle had stood, but drooped directly her lips left it.

She'd do it no more, but laying her face on his prick, wriggling her backside, saying, — "Oh fuck me — fuck harder — go on dear." What a fetch she has when she tightens her cunt round my prick and wriggles her lovely bum, it is almost impossible to stop thrusting!

But I would not finish, pulled out my prick and felt with pleasure its now spermy surface. I turned her round onto her back at the edge of the bed, and put him standing between her thighs. Then belly on belly to cunt, all sorts of postures suggested themselves to me whilst they posed so, and I varied them till I could vary no longer.

Then I made him kneel on the bed over her head, his belly towards me. His prick hung down still biggish just over her head, whilst into her cunt I drove again my stiff stander and fucked, bending my head towards him to catch in my mouth his prick. She laid hold of it and held it towards me, I took it into my mouth and fucked her, holding her thighs and sucking him. — The young beggar's prick soon stood again — went half down my throat. — "Is his prick stiff again?" said she, spasmodically. — "Yes" — I mumbled. — "Oh, we're beasts — fuck me, fuck." — But as my pleasure came on her mouth pleased me best, I let go his prick, and sinking over her put my tongue out to meet hers, and with mouths joined we spent. — He had slipped on one side when I relinquished his doodle, and when I raised myself and severed my wet lips from hers — our pleasure over — he was looking at us, and she with closed eyes had found and was clutching his doodle stiff still. What a treat for the young beggar. —Thous-ands would give a twenty-pound note to have seen and done all this. He had the treat for nothing. — All was her device, her lecherous suggestion.

Then we all washed, drank more champagne, and after a slight rest we both felt Harry's pego. Taking it into my mouth it stiffened. — "Can you fuck again?" — "I'll try," said he.

Ready as if she had not been tailed for a month, her eyes liquid and beaming with voluptuous desire, she turned at once her bum towards him at the side of the bed, and gave him free access. I guided his pego, and the young chap began fucking hard again. — Then I laid myself on the bed, her face now on my belly, but spite of all I could say she would not suck me. Was she frightened that he would tell Donkey prick of her? Annoyed I arose, and slipping my hand under his belly, frigged her little clitoris whilst he was fucking her at her back, I could feel his prick going up and down, in and out her cunt, and felt even his balls — which are small. — From time to time I left my post to view the operators from afar, to see his bum oscillate and her thighs move. — It was a long job for him, but she spent soon. — The more she spends, the more violent at times seem her passions. — "Ah — don't stop, Harry — fuck — let your spunk come into my cunt," she cried as she spent. He didn't spend but worked on like a steam engine. — "Spunk — Spunk" — she cried again. Flap, flap went his belly up against her fat buttocks, the sound was almost as if her bum was being slapped by hand. — I thought he'd never spend so long was he in her, till I saw his eyes close. — "Are you coming?" — "Yhes." — "Ahaa — fuck fuck," — she screamed again, her whole frame quivered, then action ceased, she slipped a little forward fatigued, his belly and pego following with her, and there they still were in copulation both silent and exhausted. — Soon after she un-cunted him, and without a word turned onto the bed and laid down — I looked at her cunt and squeezed his prick, felt madly lewed but had no cockstand — I dare not ex-cite myself too much now — I was envious, dull at not being able at once to fuck her again.

She lay with eyes brilliant, humid with pleasure and a little blue beneath the lids, and very red in face. She looked at me intently. "Do it again," said she. — "I can't." — "You can, I am sure" — leaning on one el-bow she raised her upper knee, her cunt slightly opening, and I felt it. He was washing. — "Put it in for a minute." — "It's not stiff." — Reaching out a hand she gave it a grip. — "You can fuck," said she edging herself to the bedside again and opening her thighs. "Do it this way just as I am lying." — I could not resist and put my pego where she wished it — would do anything to bring my prick to touch her cunt. — It was not three inches long — but directly the tip was on her vulva and she rubbed it there, it began to swell. Stiff, stiffer it grew as she nudged it into her cunt. "It's quite stiff," said she — I feared a relapse and set to work vigorously, sucked her sweet mouth, exhausted it of spittle which I swallowed and then we spent together, he now looking on. — It was an exciting but killing fuck to me — my sperm felt like hot lead running from my ballocks, and the knob felt so sore as I spent, that I left off thrusting or wriggling, and finished by her repeating cuntal compressions and grind, in the art of which she is perfect mistress. — When I first knew her and her cunt was smaller, she never exercised that grip even if she had it — now her lovely avenue tho certainly larger to the fingers, is fatter inside, and has a delicious power of compression.

Harry now was silent, and she at last seemed fatigued, yet sitting by his side began again restlessly twiddling his cock. There were evident signs of its swelling — I felt it, but my lust was satisfied and I cared no more about feeling it. We chatted and drank awhile, and then she laid herself along the bed as if going to repose. Not a bit of it — her lust was not sated yet. She put a hand on to his tool and said, "Fuck me, dear." He said he could not. "Try — I'll make you." H.'s eyes when she wants fucking have a voluptuous expression beyond description. — It appeals to my senses irresistibly — It is lewedness itself, and yet without coarseness, and even has softness and innocence so mixed with it, that it gives me the idea of a virgin who is randy and seeking the help of man, without in her innocence quite knowing what she wants, what he will do, and that there is neither shame nor harm in trying to get the article of which she does not know the use. Her voice also is low, soft and melodious — I sitting when I saw that she was now in furious rut. — I've seen her so before — and she said to the lad "Get on me — lay on me dear." — "I can't do it." — "You shall," said she impetuously. "Lay on my thigh." The slim youth turned at once his belly on to hers. He had now no modesty left — we had knocked that out of him quite.

Wildly almost, she pulled his head to hers and kissed him, her eyes closed, her bum jogged, down went one hand between their bellies, a slight movement of his buttocks, a hitch of her bum, a twist, a jerk, then up go her knees and legs, her backside slips lower down, and by a slight twist she had got his prick into her. Then she gave two sharp heaves, clutched hs backsde and was quiet — her eyes were closed — I would give much to know what lewed thoughts were passing through her baudy brain just then, a flood of lascivious images I'm sure, whilst her cunt was quietly, gently clipping his doodle. She opened her eyes when I said, — "Fuck her well." — "Fuck dear," said she to him and began gently her share of the exercise. He began also shagging, but quietly. "Is your prick stiff?" said I — "Yhes." — A strong smell of sperm, prick, cunt, and sweat, the aroma of randy human flesh now pervaded the hot room, — the smell of rutting male and female, which stimulated me in an extraordinary way. I got lewed, my prick swelled, and for a moment I wanted to pull him off and fuck her myself, but restrained myself and put my hand under his balls to please my lust that way.

If he was a minute upon her he was forty. — Never have I had such a sight, never assisted at such a long fucking scene. She was beautiful in enjoying herself like a Messalina all the time — I squeezed his balls and gently encouraged him with lewed words, she with loving words till she went off into delirious obscenity. With her fine, strong, lovely shaped legs, thighs, and haunches she clipped him, he couldn't if he would have moved off of her. Every few minutes she kissed him rapturously crying, — "Put out your tongue, dear, kiss — Kiss. — Ahaa — fuck — fuck harder — put your spunk in my cunt." — Then came prolonged loud cries. — "Ahrrr — harre" — and she violently moved her buttocks, her thighs quivered — and after screeching. — "Aharrr" — beginning loud and ending softly, she was quiet and had spent. But a minute after she was oscillating her bum as violently as ever, and crying, "Spend Harry, spend — kiss — kiss — put out your--tongue — kiss — you've not spent — spend dear, kiss" — and her kisses resounded.

I moved nearer to her, and standing, slid my hand under her raised thighs and gently intruded my middle finger up her bum hole. — Her eyes opened and stared at me baudily. "Further up," sobbed she in a whisper, her bum still moving. Then she outstretched her hand, and grasped my prick, and I bending to her, we kissed wet kisses. His head then was laying over her left shoulder hidden, he was ramming like a steam engine, and neither knew where my finger was, nor thought of aught but her cunt, I guess.

Again he put his mouth to hers, their tongues met, and she still holding my pego, on went the fuck. The ramming indeed had never stopped for an instant. My finger was now well up her bum, his balls knocking against my hand, and each minute her baudy delirum came on. — "Now — spend Harry — spend. — Oh God — fuck — fuck — bugger. — Aharrr — aharrrr." — Again a screech, again quietness, and as languidly he thrust again she stimulated him. — "Fuck dear, that's it — your prick's stiff — isn't it?" — "Yhes" — "Your spunk's coming." — "Y — hess." — "Ahaa — spunk — fuck. — Ahharr" — she screeched. The room rang with her deliriously voluptuous cries, and again all was quiet. So now was he for he'd spent, and out came my fingers as her sphincter strongly clipped it and she spent.

I thought all was over but it was not, her rutting was unabated. "Keep it in dear — you'll spend again" — "I can't" — "Yes, lie still." — Again her thighs clipped his, and her hands clutched his backside. I felt under his balls the genial mucilaginous moisture of their passions oozing. His prick was small and I slid my finger up her cunt besides it. — He never noticed it. "Don't you beast," — said she. — "Give me some champagne." I withdrew my moistened finger, gave her a glass, filled my mouth with some and emptied that into hers. She took it kissing me. She was mad for the male tho she murmured after her habit. — "Ain't we beasts?" — "No love, it's delicious, no beast could do what we do." — He lay now with eyes closed, almost asleep, insensible, half only upon her, his face half buried in the pillow. — She raised her head partially, not disturbing his body, I held up her head, and a full glass of champagne went down her throat. — Then she fell back again and put her hand between their bellies. "Is his prick out?" said I.

No reply made she — I put my hand under his buttocks, touched his prick which was still swollen, found she was introducing it to her quim and it touched my hand in doing it. — I saw that heave, jog and wriggle of her backside, her legs cross his, her hands clamp onto his buttocks, the jog, jog gently of her rump, then knew that again his pendant doodle was well in her lubricious cunt, and that she'd keep it there. — "How wet your cunt is, H*l*n," said I. — "Beast" she softly murmured and began fucking quicker, tho he lay quite still. — Her eyes were again closed, her face scarlet. "Feel his balls," said she softly. — "Do you like my doing it?" — "Yes, it will make him stiff — do that again." — Her eyes opened on me with a fierce baudiness in them as she said that. — The exquisite voluptuous look, the desire of a virgin was no more there — delirious rutting, obscene wants in their plenitude was in them, the fiercest lust. — Up went my finger in her bum, — "Aha. — Aha — God" — sobbed she in quck staccato ejaculations. — "Fuck me dear."

He roused himself at that, grasped her buttocks, thrust for a little time then relaxed his hold and lay lifeless on her. "I can't do it, I'm sure." — "You can, lay still a little." — Still he laid like a log, but not she. — An almost impreceptible movement of her rump and thighs went on, ever and anon her eyes opened on me with a lustful glare, then closed again, and not a word she spoke whilst still her thighs and buttocks heaved. — I knew her cunt was clipping, was nutcracking his tool, — often times I've felt that delicious constriction of her cunt, as in baudy reverie I've laid upon her, half faint with the voluptuous delight of her embrace. — Some minutes ran away like this, whilst I was looking at their nakedness, feeling his balls withdrawing my finger from her, then gently, soothingly replacing it up her bum, frigging my own prick every now and then — none of us spoke.

Then more quickly came her heaves, he recommenced his thrusts. "Fuck dear, — there — it's stiff. — Ahaa — yes — you'll spend soon." — "Yes" murmured he. — "Yes, — shove hard — give me your spunk." All was so softly murmured and with voices so fatigued, that I could scarcely hear them. Again I took my finger from her bumhole (for the positon fatigued my hand), on they went slowly, again he stopped, again went on, each minute quicker, and soon furiously rammed hard whilst she heaved her backside up and down, thumping the bed which creaked and rocked with their boundings, and the champagne glasses on the tray jingled. Up into her bum hole went my finger. "Aharr," she shivered out. — "Bugger — fuck — fuck Harry — quicker — aharr — my God — I shall die — y'r spunk's — com — corn — aharr — God — I shall go mad." — "Ohooo" groaned he. Her sphincter tightened and pinched my finger out, another bound up and down, one more scream, then both were squirming, another scream from her, a hard short groan from him, and then she threw her arms back above her head, lay still with eyes closed, mouth wide open, face blood red, and covered with perspiration, her bosom heaving violently.

He rolled half off of her, his prick lay against her thigh dribbling out thin sperm, his face covered with perspiration and again half buried in the pillow and laying nearly a lifeless mass at once he slept. Her thighs were wide apart, no sperm showing: his spend must have been small. Both were fucked out, exhausted with amorous strain.

My strength had been gradually returning, and prick stood like a horn as I felt again his prick, and thrust my fingers up her lubricious cunt. No heed took either of my playing with their genitals. — I forgot the pains in my temples — cared not whether I died or not, so long as I could again penetrate that lovely body, could fuck and spend in that exquisite cunt. Pouring out more champagne I roused her and she drank it at a draught. "Am I not a beast?" said she falling back again. — "No love, and I'll fuck you." — "No, no. You cannot, I'm done and you'd better not." — "I will." Pushing the lad's leg off hers — he fast asleep — and tearing off my shirt, I threw myself upon her naked form and rushed my prick up her. Her cunt seemed large and wet but in a second it tightened on my pego. — Then in short phrases, with baudy ejaculations, both screaming obscenities, we fucked. — "Is my prick larger than his?" — "Ah, yes" — "longer?" — "yes — aha, my God leave off, you'll kill me — I shall go mad." — "Ah, darling — cunt — fuck." — "Aha — prick — fuck me you bugger — spunk in me arsehole fuck — bugger — fuck — fuck." — With screams of mutual pleasure we spent together, then lay embracing, both dozing, prick and cunt joined in the spermy bath.

"Get up love, I want to piddle," said she. I rolled off of her belly. — She rose staggering but smiling, kissed me and looked half ashamed. Her hair was loose, her face blood red and sweaty, her eyes humid with pleasure, and puffy and blue the skin under her eyes. She sat on the pot by the bedside looking at me and I at her, and still with voluptuous thoughts she put up her hand and felt my prick. — "You've fucked me well." — "My God! aren't we three beasts — I'm done for." — "So am I."

I'd fucked her thrice, he thrice. — She spent to each of our sexual spasms and many more times. During their last long belly to belly fucking she kept him up to it for her whole and sole pleasure, for she was oblivious of me. — She must have spend thrice to his once, for her lovely expression of face, her musical cries, her buady ejaculations during the orgasm — I know them full well by long experience — were not shammed. That would have been needless and impossible. — The tightening of her bum hole on my finger told the same tale, for the sphincter tightens in both man and woman when they spend. — She'd also frigged herself, been gamahuched by both of us, and spent under all. For two hours and a half, out of the four and a half I was with her that night, either finger, tongue, or prick had been at her cunt and for one hour and a half a prick up it.

Impossible as it seems even to me as I write it — absurd, almost incredible — she must have spent or experienced some venereal orgasm — something which gave her sexual pleasure, which elicited her cries, sighs, and flesh quiverings, with other evidences of sexual delight, from twelve to twenty times. She may not have spent always, her vaginal juices may have re-fused to issue, their sources may have been exhausted after a time, yet pleasure she had I am sure. There was no need to sham, why should she, for she gained no more. The amusement was planned by us — so far as such a programme can be, jointly for our joint erotic delight. — Harry was but a cypher tho an active one, a pawn to be moved for our mutual delight, and nothing more — tho of course much to his delight — lucky youth.

I thought of the orgy perpetually until I saw her again three days after. I couldn't get to her before. — She looked smiling and fresh as ever, not a trace of fatigue was on her face, but she admitted that she was quite worn out that night, and had spent as nearly as she could tell, twelve or fifteen times, had laid a bed all next day, drank strong beef tea, and that such an-other night would almost kill her. — Never had she spent so much, never had had such a night before and should recollect it to the last day of her life. She hadn't seen Harry since and didn't want. — "We must not be long, Philip is coming to town tonight and will stop a fortnight, he'll be here in two hours, so get away soon." Her cunt had got its cherry red on it again, its delicate scent filled my nostrils and excited my brain, I gamahuched it, fucked her twice and left. — As I drove off I saw a cab with portmanteaus on the top going in the direction of her house. — Instinct again helped me, and stopping my cab, telling the driver to follow me, I walked slowly back, and when in sight saw the cab stop at what I suppose was her door. — It was, I found afterwards, her protector, and I'd been nearly caught there.

[Lascivious orgies I've had of various sorts — maddening, exciting, all — but for a refined voluptuous evening none ever came up to this. — To the last day of my acquaintance with her I shall recollect it. — We often talked about it together for some years after. [I altered but very slightly the wording in place this narrative, omissions were not needed. Would that, could illustrate it by pencil.]