Vol. 10 Chapter XV

At a French seaport. • A café chantant. • Next day after luncheon. • Giulia and Elise. • Confessions of tribadism. • A tribadic orgy. • Erotic investigations. • Sodomy offered and declined.

I landed at the town of M**s****s on my return from the East, glad to see white faces and flesh again. For a month nearly no sperm had issued from my scrotum. At a cafe chantant I saw two finely grown and remarkably handsome women, one looking about twenty-five, the other perhaps thirty years of age. They were so quiet, that I scarcely imagined at first they were Paphians, especially as in the room were many well to do respectable women with their husbands and children. But seeing that men spoke to them, I got quietly the address of one and half promised to see her the following day. She was a sweet, modest-faced creature, with natural wavy hair of a light chestnut colour. Fresh as a daisy she looked, and had I been alone should have gone home with her at once, but having a friend with me had to maneuvre. Madame Elise was on her card.

After a good luncheon next day I called on her, and as going into the bedroom, saw thro a half opened door two women eating at a table. The bedroom was a hand-some one, but the bed was not made, tho the room was not in disorder otherwise. Almost directly Elise came in — Would I excuse her for five minutes, she was having luncheon, she had not — tho I had promised — much thought I should come. "Ah my God, that beast of a servant has not made the bed yet, come in here, sir." She showed me into a larger and handsomer room, looking out into a public promenade with large. trees. The sun came hot and powerful into the room for the time of year, that and the cloudless sky made every object, every speck of dust in the room visible, no blind was drawn down, no attempt to hide anything in darkness, the warmth was sought evidently. In the room by myself for some minutes I noticed every-thing. A large bed stood against the wall opposite the window and next to the side wall but leaving a passage way between the wall and bed was a long wardrobe with large glass doors; a wash stand, sofa, high chair and low chair, a large cheval glass, ottomans, pillows, and everything to make fucking easy and to see what-ever the attitude for that delicious conjunction of the sexes might be, and whether cunt, bumhole, mouth, armpits or fingers were the agents in the amusements. I saw all this quickly and that there were no baudy pictures, tho one or two nice engravings were there. The town has been notorious for centuries for its erotic tastes and habits.

Soon Elise returned, saying that her room was ready. "Why not this room, I like it better?" It was her friend's, but I could stay perhaps. Leaving the room she returned, saying that her friend expected no one and we could use it. "Who is your friend?" It was the dark lady who was with her at the concert, a Neapolitan named .Giulia, they were friends, and for three years had lived together, when one moved the other did, they had been in these apartments a year. Ever since Elise had been out, Giulia and she had been to-gether, knew each other when both were in keeping. So said Elise in answer to my questions whilst I was taking off my clothes. Should she light a fire? — "Presently," I said, for it was too warm, just then at two o'clock, tho it was March. But it was the sunny South.

For long I had not had a woman, nor seen one naked, and was dying to see the nudity of the sweet creature, but out of pure voluptuousness only — for strangely, at the moment I did not feel any sexual want. — Now I had this handsome full-grown woman all to myself and was delighted. She had on a loose silk peignoir over a chemise, and nothing else but slippers and silk stockings. I kissed her, pulled her to me as I sat, and putting my hands under her chemise felt a firm, large bum, and thighs and flesh like ivory. Then on to the hairy slit between her thighs my fingers found their way, entered it, and played between the full moist lips. Pulling up her chemise I saw the cuntal fringes, and kissed her motte and belly, clasping her to me by her ivory buttocks. — "Go to the side of the bed and show me your cunt my darling," for the smell of her flesh, and the sweetest mixture of the aroma from it, and from her fresh-washed cunt, began to make me impatient. That sweet, cock stirring smell, from a healthy clean woman's belly and genitals, how delicious it is to me.

She laid on the side of the bed immediately, showing a delicious pair of thighs, - large, round, solid, creamy colored, the color of a fine fresh English woman, tho she was French. The thighs joined together in a thicket of chestnut hair, soft, close and curly, just showing a little pout of the cunt lips and no more. It was the form of a superbly yet sweetly made woman. Her legs hung down, her head laid back on a pillow. As I drew my chair closer and took one of her little feet on to my lap, — "Open your thighs, put that heel on the edge of the bed just under your buttocks." — She wriggled her bum backwards on the bed a little, then put the left heel just on the edge and against her backside, and inclined her knees outwards. The cunt in all its size, fullness, and glory came into view now, slightly gaping, making a fresh red gap fringed by the soft curly chesnut hair. Lower down the globes of her bum pinched the cunt lips where they get smaller together, closing the furrow between her bum cheeks. — "Pull your cunt open, dear." Down went her hands, with two delicately shaped forefingers she pulled aside the lips, and I saw the entire face of the vulva, — the opening of the moist avenue to the cave of love, the avenue of man's pleasure. Then the smell of sweet flesh mixed with that of a sweet cunt, came up my nostrils stronger than ever, my cock began to swell, I to be randy.

It was a lovely cunt, with delicate little nymphae, and a pretty fullish nut of a clitoris. It looked altogether so small for so well grown a woman. The hair was thick, soft and rich in color, but only in quantity that of a girl's of eighteen, tho for beauty and sexual enticement there was quite enough. It was a young-looking cunt, tho all signs of defloration were gone, there had been plenty of fucking in that delicious gap. Enraptured I moved to all parts of the room looking at it as she lay. The bright sun and clear air was so strong in light, that I could have seen a crab's egg on her quim yards off had there been one there. Creeping all over now with voluptuousness, with cock standing stiff as a horn. "Suck my prick, faite minette," I said as I washed its tip and went to her. — "Gamahuche me and then I will play minette with you," she replied. "Do you like being gamahuched?" — "Yes, I like it before I fuck, and more after luncheon than at any time. I've just had my luncheon and only just washed it, shall I wash it again?" What a number of gay women have asked me to gamahuche them. I suppose they take special fancies to men as I do to females for that exercise.

I laid down, she put my prick in her mouth, and moved round it, one leg on the bed, on the floor and I felt her lovely cunt. It was of such a lovely crimson and felt so clean, that when she asked me to do it to her, I knelt at once on a pillow at the bedside, and began irritating her clitoris voluptuously. Then getting on to the bed and in the sixty-nine attitude, whilst my head laid on-her thigh I licked her clitoris again, and she minetted my doodle. We had not spent, were dallying with our wants, our arses and bellies were just quivering and glowing with the coming spend — but I didn't mean to do that out of its best receptacle — when the door opened. It was her companion, who saying she was sorry to interrupt us peeped in, could she come in, she wanted to get some linen. Of course we let her into her own room, and with tightening throbbing moistening cunt, and throbbing nodding prick, we stopped.

"It's Giulia whom you saw last night with me," said Elise — for the moment I had scarcely recognized her without her bonnet. After getting out her linen I saw the big dark baudy eye again. A more lustful, baudier eye I never saw, and yet it was so fierce with it. She had on a blue, loose gown open in front, her chemise beneath dropping from her neck showed half of a large breast, the flesh of the slightly brown Southern tint. "Stay with us," said I. "If you like." — She went to the door, locked it, and came back to us. I gave a hurried kiss on her breasts then thrust my hand on to her cunt, felt a hedge of rough hair, and a moist prominent piece of gristle between full lips. "Let me wash it," said she moving away, and without further ado she stripped off the robe, then her chemise, and standing naked all but blue woollen stockings — she had neither boots, nor slippers on — pulled out a pot, pissed, washed her cunt, and put a clean and exquisitely worked chemise on. I, sitting, looking on, Elise leaning against the side of the bed with one hand on her motte. The two splendid creatures formed a most voluptuous spectacle — a cock-standing sight, yet not a strictly baudy one, for it was natural.

Burning to see her sexual evidence — for in the cleaning operations I had only had a glimpse of its beginning where it parts the belly in two, I put her onto the bed as I had Elise. She was a bigger woman with fine massive thighs, and with hair strong, thick, wiry, and black as charcoal round her cunt, out of the lips of which projected one of the largest clitorises I have ever seen, with thickish nymphae hanging from it, twisting and folding together there, and in color almost a purple red. It was altogether as big in projection as half a large walnut, but lower down the nymphae got smaller, and smaller, until hidden by large pouting outer lips which were covered with the dark hair, meeting and hiding the nymphae split buttocks, furrow and bum-hole. It was the sort of cunt I never liked in shape or color, yet I pulled it about, opened it, and remarked that she had a splendid clitoris for flat fucking, at which both women laughed heartily.

Having examined both their privates and laid Elise on the side of the bed again, having first put Giulia lengthwise on it I placed Elise's head on Giulia s thigh a few inches from her cunt, and then it getting stiff, up into Elise went my prick and I fucked her, whilst with my left hand I pinched and twiddled, and frigged Giulia's clitoris, holding onto Elise's rump with my right hand. Then my sperm gushed out copiously, I had not had such a gush for many a day.

Bending over her, prick in cunt till my pleasure was over, kissing her breasts, twiddling the other's clitoris,

— "You must fuck me now," said Giulia. — "Not yet."

— Elise and I washed, champagne was sent for, the women drank it all, then gay and all in shirt and chemise we chatted, talked licentiously and made enquiries of each other. They were soon under the champagne loquacious, said that they had each had a man the previous night, but not to sleep with them, both preferred sleeping alone if they could. "I spend with a man if he is nice," said Elise. "I spend always and as much as I can," said Giulia. "I love fucking and can always spend." — "And frigging and being gamahuched?" I asked:.: — "I love them all — any way of spending is nice

— the only thing worth living for. — What a lot you've spent, and fat spunk — when did you make love last?"

— This when I'd just got my prick out of Elsie, and Giulia had opened her cunt and looked at its condition.

Tho not liking Giulia's quim I grew curious about it, laid her on the side of the bed and examined it again. I noticed again the purple colored big clitoris and nymphae handing like flags, closing on each other and then lower down opening, yet seeming to want to close again over each other. I pinched them, rubbed them, then frictionized the clitoris standing out from the nymphae. — "Does it really grow stiffer when you're randy?" said I. — Giulia laughed, said that it did, began frigging it gently, and I swear that it got quite stiff. In all my life and long experience I never saw any clitoris get so hard to the feel before, but must add that I recollect but one or two which were so large.

"You are fond of fucking a woman," I said. — "What's the harm if we both like it — fuck me." — "I'm not stiff." — "Shall I suck it?" I would not let her, but got them again both on to the bed, Giulia next the wall, and next to her Elise, and put myself on the outside. Before I did so I made Giulia lay on the bedside with her back towards me, and have rarely seen a bumhole in a woman so hairy, with thick, crisp, but short and black hair. I fingered it and it felt like a loopha. It was black and thick in her armpits. She was fleshy, big thighed and fine bummed, her defect was her big pendulous breasts — big, but full and fleshy, not empty bladders. Yet she was not a fat woman, tho firm and full.

When we were all on the bed, Giulia put her chemise on again — for I had stripped her — and we talked. Both women were naked to their waists, Elise laying on her back feeling my prick, I her cunt, and now and then putting my hand across her and feeling Giulia's cunt, who like me laid slightly on her side. Observation, experience, and almost instinct, made me feel sure they were tribades, so I talked about flat fucking and buggering, and told them my free and easy philosophy in sexual matters. — Why should not men have each other's bums if they liked, why not women rub cunts together if it's pleasure to them? — Had I ever seen women do it, asked Giulia. I told her some of what I had seen. — She laughed, then she got baudier in talk, and began to feel Elise's cunt. Her hand and mine were on the cunt at the same time.

Then I knelt upon the bed, and opening Elise's thighs put a finger up her cunt, whilst Giulia was rubbing the clitoris. Elise said not a word but rubbed Giulia's clitoris. "Fuck her — fuck her," — I cried. — "Do it to her."

Giulia rose without a word, her face the incarnation of baudiness, and placed herself kneeling between the other's legs. — "Pull off your chemise." — Seeing I was in for a voluptuous treat, off it went and bending she kissed Elise's cunt for a few seconds. — Quite suddenly then she threw herself between Elise's opened thighs and began flat-fucking. I pulled Elise's chemise up all round her neck, so that their two breasts might meet, and their plump naked bodies touch everywhere. Giulia fucked at first with a sort of wriggling circular motion, she was getting her clitoris well on to the other's, but I thought it sham. — "Your cunt is not on hers," said I. — "Feel" — said she ceasing her movements. — Open your thighs a little then." I pushed my fingers past her hairy bum hole, and for an instant up her cunt, then out again and lower down my fingers went a little into Elise's quim, the two made quite a mass of hair and cunt together. I felt the meeting of the cunts in ecstasy, for their clitorises were close on each other. "Turn on your side and let me see," said I, for Giulia had recommenced her wriggling. She held Elise's buttocks just as a man would have done. — "Give us another bottle of champagne, — oh, look at his stiff prick," — said Giulia getting off Elise to my annoyance. The wine was sent for, I would have given them anything in my lustful state. Both rose and drank, then both. stripped naked, got on the bed together, Giulia again mounted Elise who stretched apart her thighs to receive her friend, and gave her same hearty kisses.

A woman in her lusts if she indulges in them is like a man. As years roll on fresh phases of lust occur, and each whim gratified begets another letch. Once I could not fuck before another woman, now it adds to my pleasure to have another woman assisting at my fucking — or a man even — and when H. was fucked by her lover, I am sure it added to her voluptuous pleasure to know that I was hidden and looking on at their enjoyment. She admitted that. — "Turn over and let me see your cunts together." — Slowly Giulia heaved over to the left, Elise put her left leg high up above the bum of Giulia, her lovely backside came partly into view, and looking underneath the fair fat buttocks, and furrow of deepening brown, I saw the two cunts seemingly to-gether for almost their entire length, the anus ends excepted. Giulia's big mulberry red clitoris must have been against Elise's pretty coral button, but the bulging lips and the hair of both cunts mingling, hid those sensitive vulval projections from view. Lower down, Giulia's fat cunt squeezed into Elise's, and pushed and pouted her cunt lips up in little ridges, visible thro the mingled thicket of black and chestnut hairs which curled into each other. The inner, sensitive, delicate lining of both cunts must have been nearly everywhere close together, and every movement of their bellies and bums must have frictionized the sensitive sur-faces. Giulia's clitoris, from its size, could have been almost slid into Elise's prick hole if she had wished it, I am sure, but the seat of pleasure for two women when flat fucking is not low down. It is in the clitoris and its vicinity where voluptuous feelings are generated, and as their two clitorises were quite against each other, all their nymphae and the neighbouring surfaces of their cunts must have rubbed together. I heard the cunts rubbing, smacking and slobbering together later on, when the women had once fucked, and their cunts were wet with their spendings.

Again I put my fingers to feel between the cunts. One finger just entered Elise's, then impatiently Elise turned on her back, Giulia on the top of her, and began cunt rubbing. "Don't move," I said. — They paid no heed. Giulia began with a funny, arse wriggling and shaking, half straight rubbing, half circular motion of her buttocks. She kissed Elise, Elise kissed her, then Giulia thrust her tongue into Elise's mouth, who now was quiet, with eyes closed. All was silent, no noise was heard but that of the movement of their bodies. Giulia began to breathe hard, and restlessly, then I pushed my hand between her buttocks to her bumhole and pressed it with my middle finger without meaning it for I wanted the cunt. "Push it up," she sobbed in broken sentences — for she was spending. "Your arse-hole?" —"Yhes — arse — erhole" — and wriggling violently, and stretching out her legs, her body quivered from waist to knees and then she lay quiet. All of us were quiet, absorbed in voluptuous thoughts. I slipped again my hand between Giulia's buttocks and felt her cunt, which was no longer on the other's, but which I saw beneath it, gaping as if a prick had just left it. — The room was so brightly lit I could see every-thing.

Giulia rose on to her knees and resting her bum on her heels, slightly opened the lips and looked at Elise's cunt, then turned her eyes flaming with lasciviousness on me, and with a baudy sigh dropped on to Elise again, and grasping her buttocks, recommenced flat fucking, her head now laying over Elise's right shoulder. Elise began to show signs of pleasure which she hadn't done before. Both now wriggled, I looked over the back of the bed in the wardrobe glass, and saw them badly reflected, it was better to see them close. After a violent rubbing and wriggling, both sighed, and shivered, stretched out their limbs and were quiet. Then they recommenced, neither of them speaking a word, now gently wriggling, now stroking, then violently fucking. Elise with eyes shut, the other's head buried on Elise's shoulder, both with sighs and murmurs moved rapidly. — Elise brought her heels up to Giulia's fat backside, and heaved up her arse, the bed creaked and groaned. Both gave a long sighing, murmur of pleasure, down flopped Elise's legs again, Giulia's thighs opened then closed, and she lay exhausted with pleasure on the top. — I noticed what I never recollect seeing with women flat fucking before, that both opened their thighs widish when in the midst of their spend or so it seemed to me — I would give something handsome to know what passed thro their minds, when wriggling cunt against cunt for the half hour they were at it.

So they laid, their bodies palpitating with soft pleasure, when Giulia got on to her knees again. Her hair was hanging down about face and neck, her face blood red and moist, her eyes swollen and slightly watery, looked softer, as if her lust was assuaged, but still they looked fierce and lewed. "You have not spent," I said with sham incredulity. — "I've spent three times," said she angrily. — "Feel my cunt — feel it," — I looked at it, and at Elise's. Both cunts were running with their spendings, with the usual pearly, thin spendings of a woman, — tho I've known some not pearly. — With one hand I covered Giulia's cunt pressing on to it, and at once it was covered with their spend. — My cock was standing. "Let's fuck you, Elise." — Giulia put on her chemise and laid down. In Elise's cleft I inserted my penis and fucked a little, but her wet cunt seemed quite large to my prick. Perhaps it was fancy, perhaps not. I wanted then to try Giulia's, and pulling it out moved on to her. — What a strong cunted lady she was. Hers squeezed my prick like a vice, and in the seventh heaven of lust I forgot her purple clitoris, her big nymphae, and spent, feeling Elise's cunt whilst my sperm gushed into Giulia's.

All had done with sham or false modesty. — Giulia felt her own cunt, saying I had spent much. — "Most natural I should of course." — Had I really been three weeks without a woman. — "Yes." — Had I frigged or had I buggered a man, or boy? — "No — no spunk has come thro my prick for nearly a month." — Oh must I not have enjoyed it then. — In this strain we talked on, they told me their life, and asked mine — yes, they flat fucked often — they slept together. — Both said they spent when men fucked them if they were very nice. — But they liked each other best. — "Why not?"

More champagne was had, they did not want it, but I did, feeling fatigued. The wines you get at such houses in France are better than at similar places in England. They washed their cunts and Giulia washed my prick

—I looked then at their sexual parts in the minutest way, and with the tranquillity which a couple of spends leave me in. — A French woman is so delightfully complaisant, and seems proud of her cunt being looked at. I placed them both at the bedside together and compared their size and appearance. "I should like to see your clitoris against hers, Giulia." — "I'll show you — you've seen cunts so before I expect — polisson." — "Show me again." — Both were now excited, chattering, and slightly noisy and we were the jolliest trio — Elise then laid at the bedside, Giulia stood between her thighs, Elise wriggled her bum down to the edge of the bed, put her legs very wide apart, her cunt opened, the moist lining of the prickhole glistened a rich pink, the rest was redder, her clitoris shewed a little. Giulia approached her cunt, her big clitoris sticking out of her full nymphae touched and covered the little clitoris of Elise. My middle finger passing down by the side of the two clitorises, then lay between them separating them. As I removed it, — "Ouf," said Giulia, and began rubbing her cunt against the other till Elise made her stop. "Go on so — do it again, and I'll give you each two pair of gloves." — Then Giulia holding up Elise's thighs, they flat fucked in that position. — It was an intensely voluptuous, lust stirring, baudy, cock stiffening sight. They didn't spend, it was only to show me how two cunts met for flat fucking. Again we sat, drank, and talked and Giulia lit the fire, then pissed.

"Were you ever fucked when flat fucking?" I asked. — Yes, a lover did it to Giulia one day. "Show me how." — Elise opened her thighs and her legs hung down, Giulia closed hers and covered Elise putting her cunt against the other's and bending over Elise then said, "Put your prick in me now, my cunt's on Elise's." I put it up Giulia for I was stiff, but not enough so, and out it slipped when they began movements, and Giulia's backside went to and fro.

"Ah you are not stiff enough." — I rested awhile, and Giulia sucked me till up to the mark, then again we posed and my prick went up her cunt. She flattened hers on Elise's and recommenced, but it was no go; directly she began wriggling, out came my rod. — "Come tomorrow," — said she knowingly. We sat and talked awhile. — They would get me a love of an Italian boy to bugger — fifteen years old, no more, a love.

— "I'd sooner do it to you. — "Vous pouvez m'enculer,"

— said Giulia. — She was in earnest but I was joking.

It was she who now did all the talking I am sure there was nothing that Giulia had not done with man or woman nor that which was possible which had not been done to her, and that she liked every variety of fornication. She was a woman after my own heart, would have gloried in seeing a virginity taken, or a sphincter cracked, and would have frigged herself when witnessing it. — She understood every physical pleasure to be got out of anybody.

After looking at their charms and trying various attitudes, I gave it up,_ saying I could fuck no more and went away. — I shall never again see so voluptuous, complete a spectacle of women taking sexual delights with each, other. The scene in a French baudy house — already told of I think — had a baudy house manner — this was private, domestic, natural, and done with delight by the two accomplices in lust.

Next day I called on Elise, gamahuched her, and she me. Then we fucked, Giulia looked on, and I made her afterwards put her cunt against Elise's again. She was pleased to do it, and showed me every movement. — "Look I'll put my clitoris into her cunt." — She did and I felt Elise's little button, whilst the big one was in the mouth of her vagina. Then they got on to the bed, both widened out their thighs, their clitorises met and rubbed, the surface of the lower ends of both cunts were exposed, the lips open, and I could see both their bum furrows, a philosophically baudy sight. — Giulia wanted to teach, please, and excite me at the same time. I re-warded both liberally.