Vol. 10 Chapter XVI

At a big Italian City. • Edith the frisky again. • My luck and opportunities. • The sick mother. • The table at dinner. • Baudy photographs bought. • Exhibition in a church.

Next day I left and journeyed to a large Italian city. Within a couple of hours after I was located at an hotel, to my great astonishment I met face to face in a corridor the frisky Edith. Her astonishment was as great as mine. After the first greeting. "I'm so glad to meet you, mamma has sprained her knee badly, cannot leave her room, and the doctor says she may be so weeks. I have written to my uncle begging him to come over to us, for we have no maid, no friend travelling with us and we scarcely know what to do."

Next day I heard from her that they had left England for good, and were going to reside abroad. Her mother's health was bad, the climate of England didn't suit either of them after living in India, England they found was also very expensive and so on. They were going to settle down in Germany or Italy. There seemed mystery about them and their movements — as indeed there always had been in England. — Before I left I'd heard it rumored that another suitor of Edith's had suddenly ceased his attentions. Not visiting them I had taken but partial interest in it, having indeed for some time thought them adventuresses, and that they had come to England to get Edith married. Perhaps be-cause that in India she'd tarnished her reputation. Yet there were very little grounds for these suppositions, or for the hints and suggestions that many had made about the two poor ladies [as I afterwards found.]

Concupiscence asserted its power directly. I was now in good health, and for months my opportunities for fucking at all had been few and far between, and as I sat at the table d'hote thinking of the books I'd lent Edith, and of our most extraordinary sort of intimacy (perhaps the most extraordinary event in my career) my cock erected itself and I longed to chat with her erotically again. Her mother ill, she all but alone in the hotel. — Oh, if I could get her into my bed room! Yet knowing how violently she'd resisted my attempt to feel her in a cab, the idea of fucking her scarcely entered into the possibilities. But to talk again about fucking with her opened a most delicious treat to me whilst I stayed there.

After table d'hote dinner I escertained that her room was next to her mother's, and was on the same floor as mine, tho in another corridor. I sat in the reading room and heard all she chose to tell me about her affairs. My cock tingled as I looked at her, I placed my legs so as to touch hers, and in a low voice said. — "Would you like another book?" She smiled and shook her head. "You would." — "Have you got any?" "Come to my room and I'll show you one." She shook her head again, looked round the room uneasily and went off to her mother. "Good night," said I squeezing and holding her hand. — "I shall have it stiff all night thinking of you." She smiled archly. I was now thrown most unexpectedly and luckily into her society, for, her mother in her bedroom Edith dined at the table d'hotes where I also fed. Next morning I saw her mamma in her bedroom, who sat up in bed dressed and who confided Edith to me, said it was dull for the girl, (she was nearly thirty) to be always with her, and when I offered to take her about the town which I'd not yet seen, she accepted it with pleasure, intimating delicately that with a man of my age and position, her daughter would be safe. "But not to theatres."

I went to a likely photograph shop and after seeing there some decent nudities, said I wanted something "piu-caldo." — He smiled and showed some. They were not "piu-caldo" enough. Then cautiously in his little sitting room, he produced a packet of the baudiest I'd ever seen. Women showing their cunts, others licking them, couples fucking etc. etc. I bought two dozen, went back with them and found Edith ready to go out with me. When well away from the hotel, "I've something to show you." — "What is it?" she asked anxiously. — "I can't show it to you in the street." — We walked on and every now and then. "What is it — tell me, do." — At last she laughed funnily as she asked. — "I will show in a church." — "Let's go there now, I'm so tired." — Into the nearest we went, looked about and then sat down, the church was nearly empty.

Directly we were seated. — "Show it me." "I forgot, I mustn't in a church." — "Why?" — "They are so naughty." — "Oh!" — "That's a lovely window." — "Yes," — said she hastily looking. "But show me." — I was dying to show her, she to see, but I made her wait to excite her. At length I produced a photo of a naked woman on a bed with thighs wide apart, and a man standing with his big poker ready. — "I won't look at it," — said she handing it back, after she had fairly well seen it. Her face flushed, and she was excited. She usually was so cool about such things.

Thoughtfully she rose to leave, I kept looking at her and smiling. "What are you smiling about?" —"At what you're thinking about." "I'm not thinking." — "You are about that happy couple." — "It serves me right," — said she as we left the church. Soon we entered another and she sat down -saying she was tired, she did it to induce me to show her others. — "Will you see another?" — "No, lend them to me." — "No, look," and taking the envelope out I showed one of two girls gamahuching. — She looked much more excitedly now. — "You do that." — "I don't." — "How do you get pleasure?" — "I don't that, and don't want any." — "Nonsense, you're a goose if you don't." — "As I've seen those you may as well show the others." — "I won't." — "Let's go home then." Back we went, I thinking her one of the most incomprehensible women I'd ever had to do with. At the hotel. "Come to my room and show all, you can talk with me as to a father, you know" — her own words once. — She smiled.