Vol. 11 Chapter II

At the lapunar and peephole. • Alexandrine's advice. • Katie's instruction. • Marguerite's fornication. • Profits and losses. • A hairy arsed harlot. • About the propriety of seeing and feeling other men's pricks. • A double cunted strumpet. • Katie's eventful history. • England again. • Alteration in the arrangement of my narrative. • The philosophy of fucking virgins and juveniles. • H. lost and found. • Mutual friggings in a cab. • The snug accommodation house. • Baudy books and prints. • H.'s pleasure in meeting me. • Minetted by Misses R and Black. • Baudy triads. • A flagellation spectacle. • Three women and self. • An orgy. • Black becomes favourite.

Taking rest tho travelling, I reached the city of pleasure and was welcomed with open arms by Alexandrine, who. still retained her post. There was much change in the woman-kind in the bordel since last I was there - - a longish time ago — but enough of the old ones left to know me. — "C'est lui," — when I appeared in the salon. Marguerite was there as beautiful as ever, in-deed more beautiful in form. A wonder — for there she certainly has been seven years and more and Alexandrine tells me, never has less than five men, and frequently seven, in each twenty-four hours. "She makes much, as much as any three women. — But. Ah! — it all goes outside to some one." — "Un horn-me?" — "Je le suppose," and she shrugged her shoulders. I fucked Marguerite and told her she'd made a fortune. "But I spend it." — "How then?" — "In pleasure." — "Ah there is un amant de coeur." — "Peut-titre," — and she smiled. — She was a lovely creature.

I saw also about a dozen couples fucking, saw the Cyprians before it, enjoined them to shew off the men's pricks well, and was obeyed. The sight of a handsome stiff pego, I sometimes fancy now excites me more than the sight of the more secret female organ. — Why? — Is my desire to see this procreating tool improper or not? Prejudice and education in false principles would make answer. "Yes." — If it be so, then man made in God's own image, is in his nudity a thing to be ashamed of, and his pego obscene, filthy, abominable. Yet the creator has made him with that tool for the great puprose of peopling the world, of creating beings whom he then endows with souls. Strange that it should be thought abominable and immoral for a man to show it, or other men to see and touch it — simply ludicrous. — All males at some time have both exposed their own, and felt other men's pricks — perhaps only boys' pricks — but the act is the same. — Powerful organ which all love and women worship — why art thou called filthy and obscene?

One evening a nearly black haired woman came in to me, with a copious overflowing libation in her quim — fat spunk and lots of it. — I looked, investigated, said she might go, and proffered payment. "Mais baisez moi donc." — "Ah no I want it not." "But you must, you shall, you have not kissed me for three years." I had quite forgotten her, then recollected her hairiness which had displeased me than, and displeased me now. She was one of the hairiest in the region of cunt and bum hole I ever saw. From navel to arsehole, it was black, long, curly, thick, and hid everything. The gap was hidden by it quite, her buttocks were covered with hair up to the bum bones, gradually thinning off to those ossifications, but still black and thick. It must have been an inch long round her anus, and all jet black. It filled the hollow between cunt and thigh. As she knelt, it looked like the arse of a black bear and was ugly, yet such was her almost angry persuasiveness — such the excitement of novelty — that I fucked her, tho against my will as I did it, but I verily believe to her great delight.

"There is a fresh woman and she's two cunts," said Alexandrine to me as I entered one night. "Impossible." — "It's true, she comes from Marseilles and has been stopping at the F*r*y's and now is here." — I asked for Katie, and had a chat with her. — "Yes it is true, and she is in society now." — "Better and better," I said. "Let her come to me after." Awaiting her, I amused myself with Katie, who told me all about the woman till she entered.

I put her on to the bedside quickly. — She had heard of my letch — and opened her thighs. There was much thick sperm outside, what looked like any other cunt, and I said the two cunts was a joke. But Katie coming to my aid pulled open the lips, which so far resembled an ordinary quim, but down the centre of the cunt, was a membrane of diaphragm looking like one of the nymphae, extending from the clitoris to the lower end of the split. The two proper nymphae were in their place. I put my finger up. — "There is no sperm in there," said Katie, "look here" — and putting the central division on one side, there was the opening with sperm in it. I rapidly looked all over her two quims randy in mind, but was just then not strong, not well, and my prick would not stand. — Katie sucked it to a slight rigidity and I put it with difficulty up the spermy orifice. — It would not remain there, her cunt fell away from me. "There is not much spunk in you," — said I. — "Not much," said the Marseillaise, "it's all run out, but the Monsieur is waiting for me to go back." — So I let her go. She came back soon after with her cunt or cunts washed. — Excited and lusting for her, yet I now couldn't get my prick stiff at all so tried Katie's quim which didn't raise it, and in despair I left the house.

Next day I had the same two women. Kate, because being English she interpreted for me when my French failed me, and I learned all about the double one. I saw her piss, felt one then the other vagina, felt to the top or bottom of each, rubbed the womb entrances, put two fingers, one up each cunt at the same time, and felt and pinched the gristly or fleshy division between the two. Every enquiry I made was answered with frankness. Katie gamahuched me, and so did "double cunt." — All was again useless, I wanted the woman, yet had a dislike to her. So tipping handsomely for the trouble I had given, I departed again with flaccid tool, and without having this time even got the tip up either of the double cunts, or the single cunt, for I tried Katie's — I had done for myself by recent amours I suppose.

The third time I was better, and had had a cock-stand when thinking of the funny fucking apparatus of the Marseillaise. It was in the afternoon after a good luncheon that I went to see her, and had her to myself for a couple of hours.

She was a well grown woman say five feet six high with firm fleshy large buttocks, scarcely any waist, thighs. From knees to ankles the legs were hairy and ugly. She had dark hair on her head, and a slight darkish moustache on her mouth, and dark eyes. Her face had a somewhat sad expression in it. — The hair of her motte had the growth of a woman of thirty and was very dark. She said she was twenty-three. — There was scarcely a sign of hair by her anus. Her cunt may be likened to one of the short leathern purses like a bag, which opens with a clasp, and shews inside a division or central pocket, with a pocket on each side of it. The cunt had the central division only and two pockets only, that is, a cunt — on each side. The centre division looked like one of the nymphae, but there were nymphae of the ordinary size and usual place, just within the outer lips — I am certain that a man not knowing of the peculiar physical conformation of the woman, might have put his prick up one of the cunts, fucked and finished, without knowing that another cunt was by the side of his penis — always supposing that he had been lewed and full of sperm when he began feeling, looking, and fucking. In brief, in the usual physical condition of a healthy man when wanting a woman. From what she told me on this and another occasion, she did not seem to have been conscious of her peculiar conformation till her menses began to show. She had them now from one cunt after the other — never at the same time from both. Each lasted about three days — under her true clitoris, but lower down and on either side of the central division of the two vaginas, were two little piss ducts, and she pissed first from one and then from the other. — These piddle openings were not just inside and near to the vaginas or prick holes as in most women, but higher above them tho both were hidden partially by the diaphragm dividing the cunts and by the nymphae and outer lips. I am sorry I did not see her piss.

She had pleasure she said in fucking, but could not say the pleasure was more from one cunt than the other. — She seemed from her description to have had the usual alloverish voluptuous sensation from both cunts when fucked. She had been in the family way on-her left side womb, and when four months gone and her belly much swollen, the doctors told her parturition probably would kill her, and so she procured abortion. — The central division where it joined the real clitoris, protruded like a second clitoris, the piddle vent holes a little lower were on each side of it. She could frig her-self to pleasure and a spend on the lower as well as the upper clitoris. Sometimes one cunt spent, sometimes the other, she didn't know which would spend when she frigged herself.

The doctors said that she had two bladders with two distinct wombs and adjuncts. How they were connected with her breasts for milk, they did not know. They warned her against breeding. — A person, a doctor, had offered her a large sum to go to America to exhibit herself, but she was frightened and refused. She liked whoring in her native land best. The doctors had passed implements and drawn off the water from each of her bladders as an experiment, to settle the point whether she had two bladders or not.

I forgot to ask her about her virginity. She liked fucking she said — and when she frigged either clitoris she seemed to spend from one cunt or both, she could not control it, but both cunts did not wet. — Two friends once had her together. She stood over the one with the shortest prick, and the other pushed up her other quim from her rump side — the one she was on was well up her; but the other got his prick only a little way in, for it was difficult. Both spent up her and she spent — all three nearly at the same time — but she never could tell which of her cunts, or if both did, but she spent certainly. She was made so lewed when they did it she couldn't tell. Then both fucked her twice again, one after the other, both looking on alternately. "Yes, once in the other's spunk, the other time in different cunts." — "One liked fucking in the foutre?" — "Oui, like you," — said she with a smile. — She'd heard of me. —They were Frenchmen. — She was all the evening with them.

I saw her again some months after. She had then gone to another lapunar — all the clients at * * * * had had her. She did not take, few men had her more than once for curiosity. She didn't like them not to fuck her but many did not. — I went thro all the examinations again and heard the same story. — I got my prick first up one cunt then another, but could not spend, and MY. SECRET LIFE after trying in every attitude came away without spending. — She this time told me that she'd had two virginities, one her lover took — the doctor who examined her subsequently had the second.

I was resolved to fuck her, visited her again, heard all over again and a lot more. My cock stood so mounted her, I pushed my prick up her left avenue, then exchanged it for the right one. I wanted to compare differences of sensations — if any — and whether the cunts gave the same sort of feel to my tool as a one cunted woman gave me — but over-excited again, my tool to my annoyance began to dwindle and came out flabby almost suddenly. — The abnormal nature of the female's organ in fact gave me a slight disgust, but really tho curious, there was nothing in the slightest degree — as I now think of it — disgusting about it. Again by the help of her fingers and her mouth I rallied, and bringing her to the side of the bed, I first looked at her quim from behind her bum, then reversing her and lifting her heavy thighs up, I asked her to put in my prick for me. — "Which cunt?" — asked she. "Your left, the side you bred in." She placed it there, up went my prick, and I left my sperm in the favoured avenue.

Her cunts did not seem as nice and smooth as the ordinary female article — but somewhat fatigued, not much wanting it, and over-worked before — for my cock had recently gone into quite a dozen cunts and mostly smooth with sperm and I had seen thirty couples copulating — I was rather done up — I'd had difficulty also in finding where this woman had moved to, so I was not in a good state for judging, and felt all the time that I was fucking out of mere curiosity. A few months after I sought her at the same house. — She'd left. — Then I asked Alexandrine, who under pledge again (she'd told me before) gave me another address — but she had left, had gone abroad they told me. — Perhaps so, and all Europe may see this lusus naturae.

[I have always regretted not asking more and precise questions of this double cunted woman — but the excitement caused naturally by talking on the subject, and having the cunts at hand and the naked owner of them there ready and willing to fuck made me forget asking much which I intended. I should have written down my questions, and asked them seriatim. — But that might have scared her, and she would most likely have lied more than perhaps she did, but as far as I narrate I think it is all true about her. — I had Katie — the only English woman in the house, — to interpret and aid me. But above all, Alexandrine, who had been for a few years my friend, aid, and adviser in erotic business told me a great deal.

[Katie had a wonderful history. From being an ordinary harlot there, and first in London, then at Lyons, she married the nephew of the mistress of the bordel, and was for a time practically mistress of the establishment — and would with her husband have inherited it, with an income as far as I could make out of quite three thousand pounds a year. Good behaviour in her lodgings got her that marriage and that position, prosperity upset her. — She became a drunkard, quarrelled with the women, and caused rows in the house (never permitted in a French "maison de tolerance"), was rejected and dismissed — of course still married — and as far as I could learn, she was afterwards sent to England a confirmed drunkard, her husband keeping her here. — Her name had occurred in the original nandrative, but in the abbreviations those incidents had been destroyed — hence the need to preserve this short memoir of her here — an eventful history.]

My narrative is nearly finished, my amatory career ending. My sexual powers lessen tho still strong, but as the urgings of concupiscence are less powerful, opportunities seem not to occur so frequently and my sins against chastity grow fewer. The actors and actresses will henceforth be nameless or named wrongly for they are living and about. — The houses which gave me shelter exist, but must not be named. The amatory episodes were for the most part more briefly written by me than formerly, and need but little abbreviation. Their chronological order will not be quite followed in the interest of all the actors, actresses and self.

[Here is placed a loose paragraph — I fancy I have written a similand one before — but lest not so, it's well to preserve it.]

[How similar for the most part have been my temporary amours. How similar the behaviour of the women who have procured me the virgins. Whether L*l*e, F**z*r or others, all were similar. All the virgins were got for money. What pleasure also the Paphians had in exciting the lasses, and for their own lust in seeing the hymens taken — in including the girls to fuck. — What complete unanimity in opinion, that their little proteges would soon be fucked by some one if not by me. What tales they told me of the nascent desires, lewed wishes and erotic knowledge and habits of the girls at that early age, and the encouragement they gave to the males — mostly lads a little older than themselves and of the same class. — Verily a gentleman had better fuck them for money, than a butcher boy for nothing. It is the fate of such girls to be flicked young, neither laws social or legal can prevent it. — Given opportunities — who has them like the children of the poor? — and they will copulate. It is the law of nature which nothing can thwart. A man need have no "compunctions of conscience" — as it is termed — about having such girls first, for assuredly he will have done no harm, and has only been an agent in the inevitable. The consequences to the female being the same, who-ever she may findst have been fucked by.

The first week of my return I telegraphed a meeting with H. Getting no reply I went to her house which was empty. I telegraphed the scout, got no response, went there and she had flown, but I found that her letters were sent to a neighbouring chandler's shop — I wrote there naming an appointment in the dark near **** and there found H. waiting. All was changed, she lived in the country, was not sure if she could meet me, but if so at great risk, didn't know when or where but in a week would let me know. We drove through a park which was on the road to her station and felt each other's carnal agents, I besought her to get out and let us fuck against a tree. She was indignant at the proposal, and it ended in our frigging each other in the cab, face to face, kissing and tonguing, to the great injury of her bonnet, and a little soiling of her silk dress and my trowsers. Who would care where sperm fell in such an entrancing ride.

A week after, a place of rendezvous was found, at a convenient snug little house where we met generally. — Before she'd taken anything off but her bonnet and I my hat, we fucked on the bedside with intense mutual delight. Directly I'd uncunted, we both stripped start naked and got into bed, drank champagne there, and fucked and fucked again till my pego would stiffen no longer; fucked four times, a great effort now for me, but not for her. But frigging and gamahuching always satisfied her as a finish — luckily.

Then our meetings were at longer intervals apart, which only made them more delicious. But I alas, am obliged to husband my strength more than formerly, so the long intendvals suit me better.

When next we met, we found that the mistress of the establishment had voluptuous photographs, pictures, and engravings by hundreds, and one or two chests full of the best and baudiest books in English and French. — We revelled in them that day for all were placed at our disposal. — We sat feeling each other's genitals between our fuckings, looking and commenting on the artistic display of nudities and erotic fancies, and wishing we could participate in such performances our-selves. They awakened ideas which had slumbered in me certainly. She said in her also, but she always declared that I had put desires into her head unknown before. We were well matched.

Living far off now, without a male or female friend with whom to talk about sexualities, more than ever now she looked to our days of meeting, and hours of unrestrained voluptuousness. After hearing all she had done at home even to domestic details — which she was fond of telling as showing her domestic comfort, — lust and love in all its whims and varieties we talked about. "Did you ever do that?" "Do you recollect when I showed you ***'s prick?" — "When did so and so occur?" So ran our talk. How often he'd fucked her or gamahuched her, how often she'd frigged herself, the sperm he spent, and all the domestic baudy doings were told me with delight, and similar frankness exacted from me. — Then came wishes. "Let Mrs. * * * * * get us another woman, you fuck her whilst she gamahuches me," was a request made whilst after fucking, we laid reposing in the bed. — I agreed. — "Let her be stout, I'd like one as stout as Camille," — these are the very words said funnily enough in a half shamed faced way — for absence and the change in her circumstances, at first seemed to impose some stupid modesty on her. — But both of us liked to call a spade a spade.

All was accomplished. The abbess as I shall call her, we ascertained would procure us every pleasure, tho only cautiously and from time to time she disclosed her powers. A very plump and almost fat, handsome woman of two and twenty was our first companion. — "Don't let me ask her, you say that you want her to lick my cunt — I don't want her to think that I wish it," — said H. So it was done, we had champagne, I stripped the plump one, then asked H. to look at her quim — which she was longing to do — and then incited her to the gamahuche. Baudy talk and wine raising our lust MY SECRET -LIFE made us friends soon, and Miss R. jumped at the idea of gamahuching the other. Then naked all three (warm weather now). Looking-glasses arranged so that H. could see all, she laid on the bed-side whilst R. gamahuched her. On the bed by H.'s side I also laid, she frigging me during her pleasure. "Aha — God — lick quicker. — I'm spending," — and she spent nearly pulling my prick off during her first ecstasy.

Pausing for a minute, R. recommenced, for H. likes to continue uninterruptedly at that luscious game, till she has spent at least twice. It was a lovely sight to see H. with her beautiful thighs, and the coral little gash set in the lovely chestnut hair, which R. held open for a minute to admire. Then her mouth set greedily upon it, her hands under H.'s buttocks, the dark hair of R.'s armpits just peeping, her big white buttocks nearly touching her heels. I stooped down this time and peeped along the furrow past the bumhole, and could just see the red end of her cunt with the short crisp hair around it. Then straddling across her waist, my prick laying on her back between her blade bones, I watched the lovely face of H. which in her sexual ecstasy is a lovely sight. "Fuck, fuck her," she cried to me. But I wouldn't. Next minute saw H.'s lovely eyes fixed on mine, whilst with soft cries she spent.

A rest, more champagne, a discourse about the pleasure of woman cunt licking woman and of men doing it, and H. again was on the bed. — "Oh, I'm so lewed I want a fuck so," said R. — "He'll fuck you, won't you?" — I complied. Further back on the bed now the better to reach her cunt with her tongue, with pillows under her head lay H. when R. recommenced her lingual exercise on the sweet and fresh-washed quim. I standing up now at R.'s back. — "Fuck her, and spend when I do," said H. — R.'s bum towards me was almost too fat an one as she bent, so I made her bend lower, and then between the buttock went my prick, dividing two well haired, very fat lips of her sanctum of pleasure. She adjusted her height to the exercise when my tip was well lodged. My balls were soon against the buttocks, every inch of my prick up a cunt deliciously lubricated by its owner's randiness. — "It's up her cunt love," I cried, began fucking and R. began gamahuching. All now was silence but the lap now and then of R.'s tongue on H.'s cunt. "She's coming darling — I shall spend," — I cried at length. — "Oh —God — fuck her, fuck, slap her bum," cried H., writhing and sighing. — My slaps on the fat arse re-sounded, as R. wndithed and shivered with pleasure whilst licking on, and both of us spent as H. spent un-der the tongue titillation. Then with slobbered prick and wet cunts we got up. Soon after standing by the bedside I fucked H. whilst she frigged Miss R. Never were there three baudy ones together who enjoyed the erotic tricks more than we did.

These delightful voluptuous exercises were repeated with variations on other days. R. sucked my prick and took its libation whilst I was lying full length on the bed, H. kneeling over my head, I licking her clitoris the looking glasses so arranged that H. could see all. An-other day I fucked R. whilst she frigged H. Then I put my prick into both women and finished in R.'s cunt, which completed that day's amusement.

Soon afterwards we noticed wales upon R.'s capacious white buttocks. It was from her last whipping she said. That disclosed what in time was sure to have become known to us. That the abbess was an expert it flagellation, that swells both old and young came under her experienced hand. Questioned, the abbess told us all, was indeed proud of her performances, shewed us the varied apparatus with which she either tickled or bled the masculine bums, and women's as well, o: superintended men flogging female bums. Such as the fat arsed R.'s were preferred, tho some she said like( younger and thinner buttocks. Some brought an( birched a woman whom they liked and fucked, some a special woman to birch them. They all paid very hand somely for bleeding a fair pair of buttocks.

R. told us that flagellation of her backside made he lewed an hour after or so. She liked the birch just to hurt slightly the cunt lips. Then if she couldn't get man, she frigged herself — that some girls said it di( not affect them lewedly — others that it did. — W talked quietly with the abbess about this. Both H. am I desired to see the operation, and heard that some men liked to be seen by other men when being flogged. If we would come on a certain day, there would be then a gentleman who had a taste for being made a spectacle, and she would arrange for us to se — for pay of course.

We went on the day but the man didn't appear. Two ladies were ready waiting to flog him. The abbes said it didn't matter, something had detained him that when he disappointed he always paid the money for all concerned. One of them was dressed as a balk girl, the other only in chemise, such were his orders. — She in chemise, was a sweet faced, dark haired short ish girl of nineteen, with fine teeth. We asked her t our room to take wine, and it ended in H* * * frigging he and my fucking her, then in my fucking H., whilst she looked at the other's quim, and we agreed she would be better for our amorous games than R. — I will call this dark one "Black." She had one of the most delicate, refined, cock stiffening, slightly lipped, slightly haired cunts I ever saw: it resembled H.'s cunt years ago. Black took at once a frantic letch for gamahuching H. — and who wouldn't? — When my mouth covers it, I can scarcely tear it away from it.

At our next visit the flagellation came off. As H., who'd only her chemise on, and I my shirt and wearing a mask, entered the room, there was a man kneeling on a large chair at the foot of the bed, over which he was bending. Over the seat and back of the chair was a large towel to receive his spendings. He had a woman's dress on tucked up to his waist, showing his naked rump and thighs, with his feet in male socks and boots. On his head was a woman's cap tied carefully round his face to hide whiskers — if he had any — and he wore a half mask which left his mouth free. — At his back, standing, was one youngish girl holding a birch and dressed as a ballet dancer, with petticoats far up above her knees, and showing naked thighs. Her breasts were naked, hanging over her stays and showing dark haired armpits. Another tall, well formed, tho thinnish female, naked all but boots and stockings, with hair dyed a bright yellow, whilst her cunt and armpits' fringes were dark brown, stood also at his back — a bold, insolent looking bitch whom I one day fucked after she'd gamahuched H. — tho I didn't like either her face, cunt, form, or manner — but she was new to me.

What he had done with the women before we entered we were told afterwandds by yellow head, was very simple. He'd stripped both women naked, and saw the one dress herself as a ballet girl, nothing more. Neither had touched his prick nor he their cunts. When the door was closed after we entered, he whispered to the abbess that he wanted to see my prick. Determined to go thro the whole performance, I lifted my shirt and shewed it big but not stiff. He wanted to feel it but that I re-fused. "Be a good boy or Miss Yellow (as I shall call her) will whip you hard," said the abbess. — "Oh — no — no pray don't," he whispered in reply. He spoke always in whispers. Then he said H. was lovely and wanted to see her cunt, which she refused. He never turned round during this but remained kneeling. Then after childish talk between him and the abbess (he always in whispers), "Now she shall whip you, you naughty boy," said the abbess — and "swish" the rod descended heavily upon his rump.

"Oho — ho — ho," he whispered as he felt the twinge. I moved round to the other side of him where I could see his prick more plainly. It was longish, pendant, and the prepuce covered its tip nearly. — Swish — swish — went the birch, and again he cried in whispers. — "Ho, ho." — H then moved round to my side to see better — Yellow head from behind him felt his prick — The abbess winked at me — Then he laid his head on the bedstead frame and grasped it with both hands whilst very leisurely the birch fell on him and he cried "Ho — ho" — His rump got red and then he cried aloud — "Oh I can't — then sunk his voice to a whisper in finishing his sentence — Yellow head again felt his prick still not looking round.

Then was a rest and a little talk, he still speaking in whispers. The abbess treated him like a child. I felt Yellow head's motte, she looking at H. to see if she permitted me the license. Yellow head then took up the birch, and H. and I moved to the other side of the bed. Both of us excited, H.'s face was flushed with lust, I felt her cunt, and she my pego, now stiff. "Look at those two," quoth the abbess. We, and both the women laughed. — The patient had turned his head to look, but could see nothing but us standing. — Swish — swish, fell heavily the rod on his arse, now very red indeed. — "Let me lick her cunt," whispered he, nodding at H. — She refused. — "I'll give her five pounds," he whispered. H. hesitated, but short of money as usual, at length she consented, beside she was lewed to her bum-hole — "I shall spend," she whispered to me as she got on to the bed and saying aloud, "Five pounds, mind." — "He'll pay, he's a gentleman," murmured the abbess.

Then was a spectacle such as I never saw before nor shall again. H. settled on the bed, thighs wide apart, quim gaping, legs over the bed frame, cunt close up to the victim, but too low for his tongue to reach the goal. The abbess, Miss Yellow head and I, pushed pillow after pillow under her lovely burn till it was up to the requisite level, and greedily he began licking it. I moved round him again, looking curiously at his prick which was now stiff. —"Let him feel it," he whispered more loudly than usual. I felt and frigged it for a second. Whilst I did so, swish — swish — fell the rod on his rump, which writhed. — "Um — um — HUM," — he murmured, his mouth full of H.'s cunt. "Ahrr," sighed H., whose lovely face expressed her pleasure, for she was lewed. Yellow head laid hold of his prick, gave it two or three gentle frigs, and out spurted a shower of semen. Then he was quiet with his mouth full on H.'s open quim, still Yellow head continued frigging his shrinking organ. — "Have you spent?" — said I. "Damn it, I was just coming," said H., jogging her cunt up against his mouth, wild for her spend. But he was lifeless, all desire to lick her had gone.

At a hint from the abbess we went to our bed-room. — "Fuck me." — On the bed she got, her cunt wet with his saliva, my prick nodding its wants and lust, up I plunged it in her wet cunt, thrust my tongue into her sweet mouth, our salivas poured into each other's, and we spent in rapture, almost before we had began the glorious to and fro of my prick in her lubricious avenue.

Neither of us had seen such a sight before, never had either of us even seen any one flogged, and we talked about it till the abbess came up. The man had left, but only gave three sovereigns for H.'s complaisance. "No doubt she's kept the other two," — said H. after-wards. The young ladies were still below, would we like to have a chat with them? Our passions were well roused, H. at once said "Yes," and up they came. We had champagne, giving the abbess some, then all talked about flagellation. The younger woman showed marks of the birch on her bum, and when the abbess had gone, we heard more about the rich victim, whom both had seen before and who was between fifty and sixty. He always had two women, but not always they two, they'd never known him allow strangers to be present when he was flogged, and he wanted to know if H. would whip him some day. (She never would.) Then we all four stripped, both women gamahuched H. and whilst the younger one was doing that I fucked Yellow head, whose cunt I couldn't bear. Then she gamahuched H. and I without any effort fucked up the other girl and found her cunt delicious. — In the intervals we laid pell mell on the bed together, topsy — turvy, — arsy — versy, and any how and in all sorts of ways, looked at each other's cunts, the two women both sucked my prick to stiffness but no further and Yellow head put her finger up my bum as I fucked the younger girl at the bedside feeling H.'s lovely sweet cunt whilst I did so, and as her rump was towards me I paid the finger compliment to her bum-hole. — We had champagne till all were tight, and gloried in most un-restrained baudiness in act and talk. We all pissed, and I felt their amber streams whilst issuing, and pissed myself against Yellow head's cunt, H. holding the basin. — Then fatigued with lustful exercises — H. excepted — we had strong tea, and went our ways. A veritable orgy, and an extravagantly expensive one.

Now it was very clear and frankly avowed by H., that our meetings were the delight of her life, that tho happy at home they were friendless nearly, and she looked forward to meeting me with the greatest pleasure, not only to tell me all, but to indulge with me in reminiscences, and have baudy afternoons with other women. "And it's your fault, you've told me more than all the men and women together whom I've known." — But there were hindrances. Sometimes two or three weeks intervened between our meetings at the abbess'; tho each meeting brought some baudy novelty.

When next we met we had little Black and not Miss R. for our companion, and Black and I together gave H. her complete dose of pleasure. Two fucks, a frig, and three or four gamahuches, some by me, some by Black, seemed the quantum which she called a jolly baudy afternoon. All were pleased, for B. loved gamahuching H., and being gamahuched by me, and tho so young, willingly sucked my pego to its liquid culmination. — H. still refusing to do that, or to touch B.'s quim with her tongue. — What with conversation about fucking in general — of the erotic caprices of men, of money gained and spent, sexual incitements, etc. etc. — in which conversations the abbess joined now at times — we passed most voluptuous afternoons or evenings. — But the cost was heavy — for the abbess' house was quiet and expensive, and champagne and a second gay lady added much to the sum total of the expenses of meeting H.

The abbess was the most kindly woman of her class I ever knew and superior to her business, her house the nicest and quietest.