Vol. 11 Chapter IV

An idle day in the outer suburbs. • Bread and cheese at the public house. • The showman's daughter Kit. • On the road. • Against a field gatepost. • On straw in a calf shed. • In a barn. • A masturbating miller's boy. • Epitome of voluptuous amusements with H. • A female trio and myself. • Copulation, fornication, irrumination. • Bum-digitation, cunnitonguing, and cunni-dildoing.

Later on this year came other luck for me. — On a muggy misty morning towards the end of October, I was at a sessions house at the extreme east of London, having to my annoyance been summoned as witness in action of a friend of mine, against a farmer whose cart had damaged his carriage when driving me. On arriving I found to my further annoyance that the trial was postponed. This information sent had never reached me.

It was near a poor village, a couple of miles from the Thames in an agricultural district. Having nothing to do and not having ever seen the neighbourhood, I strolled about, went into the church and so on. Then feeling hungry — having left home early — entered a small public house, in front of which stood three or four showman's vans. Inside at the bar were the showman and wife drinking beer and smoking, and a fine, strapping, light haired florid faced girl of about seven-teen — evidently a daughter — together with a much younger girl. I was amused at hearing them talk about a fair they were going to, and of "Jack" whom they were waiting for, who had gone somewhere to buy a donkey. — "I shan't wait much longer, it ought to a bin here afore us. — You'd better wait Kit, gie him another hour, and then come on if he don't turn up — leave word, he'll know where to find us tonight, you'll catch us up before we gets to * * *, we'll stop two hours there and grub."

I had ordered bread, and cheese and ale, things some-times good from a small country brewer even at a village public house, and that food I like. They had also a morning's paper with which and the food I sat in the parlor which was at one end of a long bar counter, a tap room being at the other end. The doors of both were wide open — I'd seated myself there with my back to the street window, to read better, and also be-cause the door being wide open, it amused me to hear the loud chatter of the showman and family, as well as to look at the daughter, whose sturdy legs and well fed, bronzed, but handsome face had made me speculate upon the beauty of her hidden charms. Then my cock began to swell, as she turned towards the mother, stooped, and by her movements I saw plainly she was tying her garters. There was no one to see but me and her parents, so there was no harm. But women of that class think nothing of tying up their gandters in public, simply turning away a little from those near them. The exposure of a good leg is to me always exciting, I think of the woman's cunt directly, and did so now.

Whilst eating and reading and every now and then looking along the bar, the showman said again, "Damned if I wastes time any longer, wait for Jack an hour, mind." Then he, wife and child left. "Go and sit down Miss," said the landlord at the bar. The girl moved straight to the parlor. — "Not there," shouted the landlord, "that's the parlor, to the side." But the girl was well in the room as he spoke. — "Never mind, sit down Miss, I'm going directly." — "Thankee sir," and she sat down looking pleased. — The barman came, apologetically to oust her, but I said the girl might remain, that I was going soon, so he departed. In a minute we had commenced talking, soon after she was partaking of bread, cheese and bottled ale which I ordered freely and I was looking at her healthy hand-some face, seized with what is cometimes called "a sinful lust of the flesh." My cock rose up prompting me so that I was obliged to push it into a convenient position between my trowsers and belly. — No one came in, for it was not the time of day for parlor customers, who are the evening topers in a village.

Was the ale good? "Ain't it just. We drinks four-penny. — Dad drinks beer." — She was delighted at talking to a gentleman and fed herself with freedom and the utter absence of that ill at ease, which I've so often found with servants whom I have taken to dine or sup. She told me all about the show, she slept in the last wagon with her sister. — "Mother and Dad in the other. — It's the biggest." — "And don't brother Jack sleep with you?" — Her ruddy face grew ruddier, she was confused. — "Course not, — there ain't no room till we are at fairs." — Then I heard that Jack wasn't her brother. Another bottle of ale opened her mouth more, and made me think how I could manage to open her lower mouth. I heard that Jack was a sort of partner, was her cousin — looked after the horses — went away the day before to buy a donkey. They wondered why he hadn't arrived, but sometimes he was away nearly a week when they'd business. — "Jack's your sweetheart." — "Well what if he be?" "He sleeps with you when you're at fairs. — "He don't" — "He does — "He don't" — "He does. — "Well what if he do, we're agoin to marry and Dad known on it?" At length she said, bursting out laughing.

Generally if alone with a woman I get some facts from her. "I wish I was Jack, I'd marry you." — "Oh ain't yer a lying stiff," said she laughing heartily. "Where's your next fair I'll come and sleep with you." — "Oh ain't yer a chaffing, I must go." — "No, give me a kiss." — "Shan't, I must go." — "Damned if I wouldn't give a sovereign to sleep with you," I blurted out, ready almost to ravish her. — "No, none a that sir please" as I attempted a feel, after a kiss which she let me take. Then she gave me a sudden push — A very strong one — and laughing got out the door. — "Look," said I, randy mad and puffing out my flaming stiff pego. — "Oh — ain't you one." — She walked to the bar, but looked at my cunt rammer long, and laughed before she went. I felt sure I'd made her lewed.

Refreshed and meaning to have a look at the country, I paid and departed, winking at the girl, she smiling in return, in the way women do when gratified by lewed talk and sight of a stiff prick. — Every woman is really gratified by a man's desiring to fuck her, whether the desire be delicately implied, or quite coarsely ex-pressed. — "Good morning Miss," said I most politely. "Good morning Sir," and I passed out.

I strolled along a country road, flat fields with large ditches and big uncut hedges in each side, enclosing large spaces of naked arable land with occasional pasturage as far as I could see. At long distances apart, was a poor cottage or two together, at places here and there a shabby farm house or barn. Scarcely a laborer on the road and a cart visible about every five minutes. A duller district I have rarely seen, it was dullness itself. Not a breath of wind, made a rustle in tree or hedge, all was silent, mournful, yet the novelty pleased me, and on I strolled smoking, sometimes singing and stopping every now and then. At last I asked of a chance laborer the distance to * * * *.

A quick tramp and heavy footsteps in the distance struck my ear; footsteps as of some one walking much quicker than myself. Nearer and nearer they came and on turning round, there was the showman's daughter.

She smiled all over her face and so did I — "What you, Miss, where's Jack?" were my first words. — "Oh — he ain't turned up." — "You'll have no bed-fellow — you'll be cold." — "Shan't," — she replied laughing. — "I'll sleep with you." — "Will you now, ain't yer kind?" with a good humoured sneer. "Yes, and I'll give you a new dress." — "Oh — lor — who'd a thought it?" and she laughed heartily, as I did. There was a joking, yet voluptuous twinkle in her eyes which made me feel sure she felt lewed. — "Yes and would give it to have you ten minutes alone." — "Oh ain't yer generous." — "Yes and I'll give you this for nothing," pointing to my prick — at which she roared. "Don't walk so quick I shall lose that pretty face too soon." — "I must catch em up." — "You'll wear your boots out and it's going to rain. How I wish I were your boots." — "My boots?" looking quite astonished. — "Yes, then I look up and see what I'm dying to see, let me." — "Shan't, you beast" — and again she laughed, repeating "my boots — ha — ha — ha my — boots." — Two or three minutes more baudy chaff, and I'd taken half a dozen kisses.

Chaffing on more broadly still had made her quim tingle, for she now chaffed delicately in return, as we walked slower along looking into each other's faces. — We heard a loud crack of a whip, and a male voice loudly encouraging a horse, the hedges were thick and high with their summer's growth and hindered our seeing. "They're a givin it hot," said she. A field gate was near, we went to it, and saw an excavation in the field, into which apparently a cart had slid and partially the horse which a man was flogging to make it pull out and which with violent struggles it did. Standing close together there I put my arm round her waist, "Adun now," — but she submitted to a dozen kisses and gave one in return. Then inflamed by hugging her plump form, I put my hand outside her clothes and tucked them against her cunt. "I've had it stiff ever since I saw you — let us." — "Adun now I shan't" — but she didn't move from the gate. The man and cart had disappeared, the hedge hid us partially, and still I stood kissing, begging her to let me, she saying "I won't, you shan't" but not moving. — "I'll give you a couple of sovereigns." I would have given her more for I was mad with lust. — To that she made no reply. — Gold, omnipotent Gold! !

Then as I always do, always did — I wonder if all men do — pulled out my prick and forced her hand to it. "There's some one's coming — hide it," — said she scared. Sure enough there was the tramp of feet and soon a couple of farm laborers came by us, whilst we stood gazing over the gate, till they were lost in the distance.

Again I showed it and she modestly shame-facedly felt it but saying, — "I shan't," — I'd just got my hand between her thighs, when, "Don't, there's a carriage coming." She was right, and again my machine was hidden. — An open carriage with ladies in it rolled past, the only genteel vehicle I'd seen. Again I kissed, again pulled out my tool. "If you don't let me I shall spend" — "I won't — we can't here — I shan't." "We can — only let me feel it nicely darling." Next minute my fingers were on her clitoris. "No — oho — no, we'll be caught — some one will be a comin by." — I was frigging her hard, my prick standing out and throbbing, she dying to be fucked.

Sure now of having her, certain that her cunt was thirsting for my spunk, quickly I stepped out into the long straight road and not a soul could be seen. Back instantly. "No one's about." — "I won't there" — but I pushed her gently without resistance, for she wanted a fuck — with her back against the gatepost, where the ground was higher than in the centre of the gateway. She was shortish, the hedge grown uncut round the post hid us well — and in a minute my prick was up her. She was young, strong and lewed, my ballocks were full, and in three or four minutes her cunt had all I could give. We revelled in the conjunction long after-wards, I holding her round her solid naked buttocks, she tightening me to her by my waist after she'd spent. We went on kissing, my cock still lingering in her, till she, "There's a man coming." — We both listened, prick and cunt still joined. — "I think it's Jack — it is.

— Oh, don't let him see you." — Out came my prick, down dropped her petticoats, she went into the road and walked on, I got over the gate and hid behind the hedge, my prick hanging out. I didn't want a scene.

A man passed by with quickish heavy footsteps, then over the gate I got and peeping round the hedge saw him ahead of her, and she squatting and piddling near the ditch. — It wasn't Jack. I joined her. — "I was in a stew," said she. — "You've washed your cunt." — "I ain't got no water." — "You've piddled, let's feel," — she wouldn't let me. — On we walked talking baudily as I could, delighted in doing so, she listening, at times laughing, for nearly an hour, till in the long distance I saw houses and smoke. — "That's where Dad stops."

— "Let's do it again." — "We can't now," — said she, looking at me as if she wished we could. More people

— all farm people seemingly passed and now appeared to look at us more curiously. It's not often that a gentle-man and a sturdy showman's woman are seen walking together along a high road. But I had no tall silk hat on, a hat which declares class more than any other part of a man's habiliments.

We dawdled, I pressed her to fuck. She feared, said it was impossible, and we turned to another field gate. In the field it opened onto there was pasturages and cows about tho not in that field. A little way back by a hedge in the field was a wooden shed half open but with a gate, a rough place looking as if built for sheep by laborers, not by carpenters. Thinking it might suit our amatory wants, I got over the gate — for this gate also was locked — and opened the gate of the shed which was fastened by a rough latch. In it was a grindstone and a huge roller. An inner gate shewed straw. I opened that and out rushed a calf nearly knocking me over, which limped far away, for it was lame and quickly went towards a hedge where were cows in a field beyond. It startled me as I opened the door. Seeing that we could fuck there unobserved, I stepped out and beckoned her. With the agility of a boy she climbed the gate, shewing her plump legs and dirty petticoats, and in a minute was in the shed. Fearing the animal had soiled its bed, I threw down some clean straw which was in a corner in the entrance division, she laid down at once quite ready, and I threw up her petticoats — the only thing she objected to and wouldn't have but saw fat thighs, a little light hair on a fat motte, and the ever adorable split in her belly. Then I pulled open her legs. — "Now don't do that." — I insisted and felt her cunt still soft and lubricated with my spendm, and next minute we were fucking, I with the pleasure which novelty and a pretty young randy cunt gives me. — "Listen," said she stopping my thrusts and nearly uncunting me. But there was no one, we had left the doors open purposely — I was just spending. "Be quick, I'm so frightened." — "Do you want it?" — "Yes, be quick, I'll do it soon" — and in another minute her cunt stood (as some French women say) gave grind and suction to my prick, out throbbed its mucilage, and her cunt gripping exuded its juices. Two minutes after she was back over the gate, and after having closed the shed door I followed her. — "Don't let us go to * * * * together," said she. — "Dad's there." — "All right, here are two sovereigns." She looked at them wistfully, then angrily, — "I know what yer thinks me but I ain't." — "I know that but take it." — "Thank you," — taking it she spat on it. — "How old are you?"

— "Just turned seventeen," she'd said it before. — "How long has Jack fucked you?" — She colored up.

— "Just a year ago on my birthday." "He won't marry you." — "Yes he will at Christmas, and I hope you ain't filled me." After our first coupling she let me say anything baudy, and I revelled in it but she wasn't a bit baudy herself. — I would feel her cunt again. — "Don't, my thighs are wet." — Then she started off alone.

I loitered till she was well out of sight, then started on to the village where were the show vans, and Dad smoking a pipe outside a public house. He stared at me, as I sat myself besides him after ordering a glass of ale. Then I entered into conversation with him about shows and fairs. — "Was you the gent at ****?" asked he. — I said I was, he took some ale with me, and for three quarters of an hour told me the habits of his class. I saw Kit go in and out of a show dwelling, and into the public house, and once on an opportunity winked at her, which she returned with a half smile. Finally the vans with all of them went off. Kit walked by the side of the second and nodded to me as she left. I wondered if she'd washed her cunt, whether my sperm had been absorbed into her, whether I'd filled her. — A most delicous day I'd spent. I'd walked seven miles, felt hungry, got some very tough beef at the public house, felt pleased with my morning's work, then thought of getting back. The landlord said there was a trap, but a man looking a compound of potboy, groom, and coachman, said that it couldn't go. — "As I'm to take Mrs. * * * * to station."

The fly — old, dusty, and discovered, was to call at some gentleman's house — I hadn't seen such a house on the road I'd walked — to a station on a branch line. Time was no object to me, so said I go by it as far as he could take me, and did at three o'clock. — "Go along that lane past the mill, turn to your right and straight on is your station, Sir," said coachman as I got out of the fly. Following his direction I was soon away from the high road, and in a cart road lane went leisurely along, smoking, thinking much of the hard rumped, tight cunted lass I'd fucked, till my prick stood again, and I lapsed into a state of general lewedness.

I've often proved the truth of the adage. "It never rains but it pours." — After a longish walk between fields I saw sheds and out buildings, and then a larger sort of shed. — The mist had gone, sky got cloudy, and rain to sprinkle, and having no umbrella I entered the shed, and the first thing I saw was a lad not I should say sixteen years old, white as if from a flour mill — which was the case — sitting on the ground, half reclining against a heap of matting, and frigging himself.

I was staggered and could only look. He, so soon as he saw me began hiding his pego. My erotic tastes then (spite of my two pudendal amusements) — blazed up again.

It is singular that now the sight of a stiff prick stiffens mine, and reckless of consequences, not indeed thinking of them, I said at once with a strong letch, "Go on, I'll give you five shillings to see you frig your-self." — "I beg yer pardon Sir," said he sheepishly, and rose up. — "Don't be a fool, I'll give you five shillings," and took out a handful of silver. — He looked at it and grinned. — I talked on desirous of seeing his pego, of seeing him frig himself, erotic wishes flashed thro my brain rapidly, I encouraged him baudily, the money tempted him. Monosyllabic replies now came from him. — "Yes." — "No." — "What are you here for?" — "D'ye know mastend * * * of the mill?" Then after satisfying himself that I was a strangend. — "Gie us the cash first," said he saucily. — "No, not till I've seen you." — "Yer won't tell will yer?" — "No." — "Look out and tell as if any one be nigh, and ye'll gie it us won't yer?" — There was no chance of any one being nigh, for now it poured in torrents and thundered, but I looked out. Whilst my back was turned he produced his prick and began frigging. Then I wanted to do the work. — "There, let me, and you shall have this," and I showed him a half sovereign. — "Take it." — He did. I fancied he might cheat me but he didn't — I took hold of his prick and frigged it, talking to him all the time about cunts. — Yes, he'd fucked two or three. — "But I cairn't allus get at em." — Then — "Oho — aha — its a comin' " — and out shot surprising jets of thick and thin cunt soothing lubrication. I frigged on till his prick dwindled, wondering at his boyish strength. He seemed delighted with the operation. To my questions, "Yes — I does it now and agin. It's a half day they've given me today — they are short of water. I said I'd wait here till another chap came." Then as quickly as possible I left him, wondering at my temerity, walked rapidly thro the rain to the station, arrived wet, but glad to catch the train.

Now fond brevity sake I epitomize the narrative of my doings with H*** during this year and years after. At intervals we met and indulged in every lascivious ca-price. I had taken home from *** a fine dildo which squirted liquids, and which it amused her to be fucked with. Then I fucked her with it, licking her clitoris whilst I did it to her. Then Miss Black licked her clitoris whilst the dildo was working up H. — Then with the dildo strapped on to her, H. dildoed Black. Then she dildoed Black whilst I fucked her from behind. Then I fucked the pretty little black cunted lass whilst she gamahuched H. — Another time I dildoed H. whilst laying on her back, and B. licked her clitoris, and at the same time and unknown to B., — for H. objected to any woman knowing that I played with her bum hole — put my middle finger up that tight anal orifice, and H. spent in ecstasies during the dildo fucking, finger buggering, and cunt licking. I could feel whilst up her bum the dildo moving up and down in her cunt, and H. grew a little fond of that double insertion. — We kept it to ourselves, tho often talking about it when alone, with her never failing remark, "Ain't we beasts?" and my reply, "No, beasts don't do that."

After that she dildoed R. who was fattish and big arsed. — H.'s taste was for fat women to gamahuche her. — Then she frigged R., whilst standing in the rear I fucked the fat arsed one. Then we had R. and B. to-gether, and I gamahuched H. whilst she frigged both women who lay one on each side of her. Then the two quiet strumpets — they were not street walkers — gamahuched each other whilst I fucked H. All these pranks were reflected in large cheval glasses, so that we could see every posture. At intervals of rest we drank champagne, eat cakes and sandwiches. Every woman as she pissed I made to mount the bed, and squat over a basin, whilst I kneeling on the floor in front of her, contemplated the amber jet from the crimson gash. How we laughed one day when B. let a little fart when piddling, and how annoyed she was, how modest, how she blushed — harlot tho she was — but it's a fact.

I now gamahuched H. as much as she liked it done to her: the broad lick of her sweet vulva, the plunge of my tongue up the soft avenue was delicious to me, but her great pleasure was in frigging another woman whilst I was titillating her clitoris with my tongue. Then I had a whim which she didn't like but to which I made her yield. I laid on my back on the bed naked, H. naked knelt over me, a knee on each side of my head, her cunt on my mouth so that I could lick her clitoris easily, whilst I grasped her satiny buttocks. Then one of the women — either R. or B. — gamahuched me and took my libation into her mouth. In the glasses H. could see all this. I with mouth on her cunt, and head enclosed by her lovely thighs could not. I could tell always when H. was about to spend, by the trembling movements of her thighs, and shiver of her belly and bum, and her cry. "Oh — I'm coming — suck his prick — spend dear — aha — spunk." — She used these licientious ejaculations always now. She'd spend twice before I did once for I'd usually fucked her once before, and was longer in coming than she with her lustful capabilities. Indeed this double minetting was usually the termination of the day's amusements, when all three had been fucked, frigged, or gamahuched.

Of course as said all these amusements were not had on the same day, this is an epitome of what took place from time to time during this and a few years after. — Each day's amusement was noted down by me soon after, but are condensed here. Our meretricious tricks were nearly always played in the afternoon in broad daylight, beginning soon after luncheon, and in a room on which the sun shone brilliantly most of the day; often times on prick and cunt fell the warm sunbeams. The room was one where none could see or hear us, and where the amiable assistants got for us were mostly young and handsome, and who could bear any amount of light, any inspection of their secret charms, and who full of hot blood and the voluptuousness of youth, and stimulated by champagne, loved the baudy tricks and spent freely.

And to complete this catalogue of letches, and de. lights, — it occurred two years later when I findst dildoed H. — I had an umbrella with a smooth handle o: peculiar shape, and H. was delighted to let me fuck he] with it till she spent.

Indeed most things that a man, and three women could do together we did. What was wanting to complete the variety was H. to gamahuche me, but she's neither do that, nor gamahuche the other women tho she'd frig them till they could spend no longer. — In after years once under pressure of circumstances H took my libation in her mouth, and once sucked me up to rigidity only.