Vol. 11 Chapter V

A virgin youth with a harlot. • Questions in a cab. • A frisky triad at her lodgings. • A carroty cunted one. • A lescivious quartette at the abbess'. • Miscellaneous, meretricious, merrymakings. • An orgy.

Tho I no longer seize my opportunities, and do not see them indeed, letches at times spring up suddenly and I am led away by them — weak still.

In November of this year at ten o'clock one night I was going along a main thoroughfare, when just by a footway passage which led to another street, I saw a young and fairly well dressed woman, standing and threatening two lads who were following and chaffing her. — "Have you had it tonight, my dear?" said one, and so on. I stood amused, listening. She angrily said, — "I'll put a policeman on you." — They laughed and chaffed more than ever. "Put the bobby up," said the biggest, but the shorter one of the two slunk away. Suddenly — how like a flash of lightning — occurred to me that perhaps the lad was randy, had never had a woman, that his prick might be at that moment stiff. Then came my letch. — "He wants to have you," said I to the woman whom I followed down the passage way, and who'd reached the door of a public house. "The little devil does I think," said she laughing. "Give me a glass of wine." — The lad stood still at the corner of the passage way, watching us apparently. She was I saw a good looking woman of about twenty, with flashing dark eyes. — Then, "I'll give you a sovereign to let him fuck you, and me see him." — "Will you?" "All right if he'll come." — "Try him."

She turned back, the taller lad was still standing there, and beckoned him, whilst I stood by the public house. He approached her, but evidently feared a trap and stood at a distance. — "What are you frightened at? Come here." At length he stood by her, and I went up to them. "I'm going home with this lady, and she shall show you her cunt if you like, did you ever see a cunt?" — "Not a woman's," he replied saucily after a moment's hesitation. — "You shall hers and I'll pay her to let you." — He seemed flabbergasted at the proposal, said, "No," he must get home, but the invitation repeated, he at last consented, tho in a downcast manner, as if half scared, as if he wanted but was frightened.

Then asking him to wait, I bought with her in the public house two bottles of sherry, resolved to overcome his fear, if any. He was waiting and looking brighter, indeed had a broad grin on his face, which died away as we got into the first four wheeler, when he seemed anxious again. My brain was now seething with desires of all sorts.

She lived in a decent house at * * * *, and we were there in ten minutes, I talked baudy all the way, he was silent, seeming not to like much his position. He didn't know the woman he said but — "liked chaffing the gals." — He was at '' as an errand boy. "I think I'd better go," said he once when in the cab. —"What, not see my cunt?" said she. That quieted him. — In the rooms we plied him with the wine, but he seemed uneasy and I feared my letches which had been accumulating wouldn't be gratified; but he drank freely, and when she came in from the bed to the sitting room with a chemise only on, his eyes seemed ready to start out of his head, and he put both hands in his trowser pockets, rubbing them up and down there in an excited manner.

She began exciting him by tying up a garter, and showing one thigh plenteously. "Should you like to feel it?" — "Yes," he replied to her, sheepishly and hesitatingly. "Show me your cock," and she began to un-button his trowsers. "I don't want that," and he half resisted like a coy girl, but in a minute she had it out and pulled the foreskin back. — It wasn't stiff. "Come and wash it." — She pulled back the foreskin, and I saw it was in a state of randy efflorescence. She led him into the bedroom and performed the operation on it her-self. I followed looking on. His tool was now hanging out and he tried to hide it. — "Let me see it, I'm going to pay her to show us her cunt you know, if you don't you shan't" — and then he let me see it.

He'd only seen two girl's cunts without hair on them, and questioned monde closely, admitted one of them was his sister's cunt. "There — look." Saying that she exposed her charms. Very pretty they were and made me stiffen. He looked closer and closer, and up stood his prick at once without his touching it. Human nature and instinct, I believe, would make the prick of any youth at puberty stiffen, even if he'd never heard of or seen a cunt before. — He put his hand to her cunt. "No, not a feel, I didn't promise that." — "Oh do." — "Let me feel your cock and she shall," — said I. — "Oh do, let me feel her." — The next moment he was fingering it, and I at the same time handling a fair sized tool, crimson tipped and burning. I brought him an-other glass of wine whilst he was fingering her quim, but he was so engrossed that he didn't take it, didn't notice it — was fascinated with the red gap, till she rose and pushed down her chemise, hiding her charms. I went on questioning him. No, he'd never fucked but he had frigged himself. He told everything unhesitatingly now, in the cab he'd shirked my inquisitiveness. —"Would you like to fuck her?" — "Yes, ain't she lovely?" — "She'll let you but you must take all your things off, must make yourself quite naked." In a minute he had stripped off his dirty shabby clothing, and stood as naked as he was born, his cock standing up rigidly. — "Are you sure you've never fucked a woman?" — "No Sir, never." — "You'll have a virgin, Mary," said I. — "I've never had one yet," said she laughing and squeezing his cock, and looking at it attentively.

Then she asked him if he'd ever fucked. He swore that he hadn't. — "Come to the bed," said she hastily, for the idea of having the virginity of the lad made her lewed — as she told me afterwards. — She stripped off her chemise and got on to the bed. — "Come on." On he got, she closed her thighs, then he laying there hesitated. "Why don't you fuck me?" — "How can I?" — "There," — and she opened her thighs wide. — He turned on to and tried to get up her she helping him. He fumbled. "Not there, that's not the hole." — "Where then, that's it, ain't it?" — "No." — It was, but she wanted to worry him. — Up he got and his prick got flabby. — She frigged it stiff, and he began opening and looking at the lips of her groove. — "It's there ain't it?" said he anxiously. — "No, lower down, there" pointing. — "Why, your cock is not stiff." — Again she frigged it, and again he turned on to her, she guided his tool, and the next second he was up her. — "No, let him fuck you at the side of the bed." I said — for I couldn't see his face, and like to see the face of a man when he's fucking, and that of a woman when she spends.

She uncunted him and placed herself at the bedside propendly. He stood between her thighs and she put into her his prick. He needed no further education, for every male fucks naturally. His bum began to oscillate. — "Is her cunt nice?" — "Oh — yhes — lovely — ohoo." — "Is your spunk coming?" — He didn't reply.

— "Aharr," — and ramming as he sighed, all was over. He shut his eyes as he spent. She shut hers too, and jerked her buttocks rapidly, and both were quiet. — "You've spent too. — "Yes, I've taken his virginity," said she laughing and triumphantly, when she'd recovered from the pleasure. I was standing feeling his balls from underneath, his pego still in her cunt as I spoke, nor did they seem inclined to uncouple. "Is fucking nice?" — "Oh yes." "Would you like to do it again?"

— "Oh, yes sir."

I'd seen all I'd intended, had resolved when the letch first seized me to do no more than see the lad fuck her, but as I saw the state of her quim — in which was as much sperm as many a full grown man could have shed

— my lust was roused. — "Lay still, I'll fuck you." — "Let me wash." — "No, as you are." I fucked her and she spent with me, whilst he stood looking on feeling his prick.

We washed, and I washed the lad's tool, making him piddle first. The sherry — fiery stuff which nevertheless I'd drunk, — I suppose added to the state of rut I'd got into. Every sort of letch now arose in me, the difficulty was to know which to gratify. The lad's cock was a fair sized one, she and I handled it, he said he'd like to fuck her again. She frigged it till erect, he fucked her and I after him, then quickly I paid and de-parted, leaving him with her.

A week afterwards I called on her and tailed her. I had a long conversation about the lad who was not much over fifteen years of age, she was sure. She told me that she was also sure that he'd never fucked a woman before. She tried to get him to fuck her again when I'd left, but he couldn't. The idea of having taken his virginity pleased her mightily.

In the spring of the following year, the abbess one day said that she'd written to Black to meet us to make our lascivious trio, but she hadn't come, would we have another lady there just now, who was very young, but charming and "quite up to fun," by which the abbess implied baudy to any extent. H. and I consulted, I asked if she'd gamahuche, and finding she would give that labial lingual pleasure both to H. and self, we had her.

In came she in chemise, a short girl not eighteen with the ndeddest hair I ever saw. I have had several of that color, but hers was exactly that of the brightest carrot, and the hair on her cunt the same. — Her split was one of those which are like a cut in an orange, a mere slit, it had scarcely a sign of the swell where the external lips are, and had but small inner lips and clitoris. The red crisp fringe from her motte descended diminishing in length, but a little way only down the sides of the split, which split shewed a pndetty coral line down the centre. The flesh of her thighs, belly and indeed her whole body was exceedingly white and soft, and the effect of the red centre line, carroty curly hair, and plump white flesh of the cunt sides was very pretty. For all that neither of us much liked her — we both together looked well at her quim, she gamahuched H. who afterwards frigged her, and then she minetted me without hesitation, and to please H. — who wished to see it done. — Afterwards I fucked the red haired gap. Then we sent her away and I tailed H. but we never had her afterwards. H. likes now to see me fucking a woman. The wench was only noticable on account of the peculiar redness of her hair, and the peculiar look of her cunt, quite a thing to recollect. H. had never seen a red haired quim before. I like to see her looking at another's quim.

We from time to time gratified our letches in the various ways already described and epitomized. The conversations we had at other times with Misses. R. and B. and occasionally with the abbess, were delightful. Both told us their experiences, and how, when, and where, pricks first penetrated their unscathed virgins' quims. The abbess told us of strange letches of her clients and of flagellation experiences. So here was nothing erotic that we did not know. Indeed there was little that we had to learn. Looking one clay at a print of two women and two men fucking altogether. "I should like so you to fuck a woman, whilst I am also flicked at your side," said H. I agreed that it would be delicious. At other meetings on recurring to the subject, we resolved to have that amusement and that Black should be the other woman. "But who the other man?" The abbess consulted said she knew a gentle-man who could be one, but would be masked. — I didn't like that, nor did H., but towards the middle of the summer, H. met at a town two miles from her residence, a gentleman who years before when she was gay, had tailed her. She'd talked and walked with him, he got passionate for her, her quim she admitted got hot, and forgetting all, — and she risked much, — let him strum her. Then her lusts fully roused, she'd gone to him again. When she told me of this I cautioned her, besought her. — "Oh! He has such a fine prick," said she laughing, as she drank a glass of champagne. Yet this woman really loved her own man, but as in years before let her passions conquer her. — At church every Sunday after this she felt she was not good enough to be there. Lust is omnipotent.

Then he worried her. She'd refused to let him have her again, unless he'd be one of the party of four (she said) . He, wild to possess her agreed, a day was named and Black informed. He was to be without a mask, I to wear one if I liked — for I didn't know what manner of man he might be, tho I'd no fear of a trap or trick on her part. — On the day H. was there with Black and this temporary sweetheart. I entered the room masked, we began with luncheon which I had taken, and champagne of very good quality which the abbess kept in stock — for none but gentlemen entered her house, — and when we'd finished two bottles we were all ready for any baudiness, our talk alone would have roused the prick of a dead man. Both the women had been sitting with chemises only on, we men without coats and waistcoats, for it was a hot day, the sun was shining, the sky clear, all was bright as day in that snug room, the scene of so much love making.

H. sat on her friend's knee (Fancy I shall name him), and pulled out his pego, which out of lingering modesty, at the unaccustomed exposure to another male I sup-pose, was not stiff, tho large and pendant. Black did the same to me, and my tool was in similar condition. — "Make his stiff," said H. laughing, which in a minute the girl did, for the sight of H. with her chemise now up to her rump, feeling his pego whilst he fingered her crimson gap, would have stiffened me without the aid of Black's fingers. His was now stiff and in handsome state. — "Isn't it a fine one?" said H. proudly. — I'd guessed before that her old letch had made her give herself to the man — a big prick was her delight, her ideal of the male. — His was bigger every way than mine, was, indeed, a noble cunt stretcher. I longed to feel it, but mauvaise honte restrained me. H., who from many a conversation knew what I should like, said. "Feel it — here," — giving it an inviting shake and looking baudily at me. Relieving mine from Black's fingers I went and felt it. — At once he grasped mine, and in silent delight we for a minute played with each other's ramrods. "Let me feel it too," said Black who came close to us and completed the group. — I put one hand between her thighs and felt her hot gap — gap now longing for a stretching, thirsting for the male libation — whilst I handled his stiff rod and H. handled mine. Hands across — a salacious quartette.

Then all stripped to our skin, put the looking glasses so as to reflect us, and in varied groupings viewed ourselves. It was, "Do this." — "Lay hold of his prick.' — "Let Black hold it as well." — "Oh! You hurt my cunt." — "Feel H.'s cunt, Black," — etc. etc. Not minute were we in the same position, restless letches were in all of us, bums to bellies, prick crossing pricy we men placed them, both pricks stiff as horns. The women delighted, Black knelt down and took my prick in her mouth, her bum towards a glass, incited to that by H. Stooping I took his noble tool into mine, and so on, till stimulated by these lascivious preliminaries "Oh! — my God — fuck me," said H. Going to the bed and pushing the glasses into position, she mounted it in a minute Black followed, and we men were by the bedside ready to cover them.

All had washed pricks and cunts at the beginning and all were ready for the luscious games. — "No, at the side," said H. changing her mind. There she got, and Black laid by her side. Both opened wide their thighs H. lay with her handsome central furrow, of deeper crimson tint now than years ago, wider spread and fuller now are the curls around it, shining like satin was the surface of the pretty gap. Black's pretty youth• ful black haired slit shone like coral, showing its tiny nymphae as she lay with finger on her clitoris, put there in her impatient randiness to give incipient pleas ure, and make we men more lewed. — "I'll fuck you dear H." "No, Fancy shall fuck me, you fuck B." — The biggest prick and the novelty fetched her. I threw myself upon my knees, and licked all over the smooth and pulpy surface of her sweet scented cunt, whilst Fancy seeing my initiative, licked the other's little randy split. — "Oh — Fuck — fuck" — cried H. im patiently. Rising I clutched her thighs and drove m3 glowing prick right up her cunt. "You shan't fuck me with that mask on," cried she, and ere I could prevent it uncunted me and drew my mask from off my face. "Let Fancy fuck me first." — Reckless now, glad to be rid of the mask which heated my face, I let it lie where it fell, and turning round again I felt his noble shaft, just as he approached the eager slit of H. Then I went to B. and drove my pego up her. The next second his balls were against H.'s bum, his shaft engulphed, and mine up B.'s little cunt.

This with loud and baudy talk, then all was quiet. Pleasures too great were ours now for utterances, as pricks and cunts were joined, and we fucked close to-gether, side by side, the women's thighs touching, the glass sideways showing us all. Each could see all — the women's legs held up, the men's arses oscillating with the up and down, and in and out movements of their pricks, in the warm moist quims. Putting one hand out I felt his buttocks. — H. tried to put her hand on to B.'s motte. —"Oh! Look at us fucking," — cried she. She loves the spectacle of naked copulation, and we never fuck in this house without fixing our eye upon the glasses, where we see our every movement.

She sighed "Ahaa," — her belly heaved — B.'s ivory plump buttocks reciprocated my thrusts, she pushed her legs up higher as she felt my prick's friction. — Rapidly both women's arses now jogged and heaved, as our pricks rammed harder, faster, and wriggled in the cuntal depths. "Aherr — spunk — fuck," — cried H. — She loves the baudy cries. "Fuck." — "Are you spending, Black?" — "Aha — yes — spunk," — cried B. sympathetically. — "My spunk's spending in your cunt dear." — "Aher." — "Yhes — fuck," and in a Babel of lascivious cries, bodies heaving, arses joggin short jogs, cunts wriggling and gripping, bellies ar thighs shuddering with the luscious pleasure, out she our spunk. Then bending over our women, with gentlest movements squeezing our pricks into the cunt gorged to overflowing with the soft mucus, in soothing baths of our blended spendings lay our pricks welte-ing, all of us quiet, exhausted, dying away after the delirium of the crisis, dissolving in the lingering, bliss ful, soothing voluptuousness of our sexual pleasure, of livious of all but the blessed conjunction of prick and cunt.

Such bliss can't last forever. — With senses returning we men stood erect, pricks still in cunts, but dwindling in the lubricious emulsion of our making. We take still holding up the women's legs, who lay with hum] eyes, glad to retain the pleasure giving implements t them. "Has he spent much H.?" — "Lots, I'm full, it running out of my cunt," said H. — for I thought of he first. — "Let me see." — "You shan't you beast," - laughing. — "Don't let her legs close Fancy, — keep your thighs apart B." — Fancy entered into the fun and withdrew his dripping pego as mine quitted B.'s glutious gap. I closed on H., and saw fat sperm rolling from her heated quim — opaque and thin together. - He'd spent fully, I had deluged B.'s little tight vulva H. opened wider still her thighs for my inspection. I had left the women, having, it seemed, no taste for the glorious sight, and began washing his tool.

H. who knew my letch and had her own, tho saying "Beast," remained quiescent, expectant. — She kite the sight would stimulate my lust, and I felt her love lubricious gap with one hand, and with the other B mucilaginous vulva. How smooth and large cunts feel after their spend, and the male libations are in them. — I plunged for a second my fingers up both cunts, I paddled in the sperm and my prick stiffened, pulsated with desire. Old letches came on me, I put my prick up H. But when half entered, shaking her head silently she pushed me off and winked, looking across at him, with his rump towards us was still washing I under-stood, she didn't wish him to see that. Soon after he did.

Then all washed. The women squatting, H. beginning to piddle after ablution. I put my hand and caught the amber stream, at which he laughed. — Naked then all sat down, the abbess brought more champagne, and said it was a pretty sight to see us naked. As we drank, H. with one hand was feeling his prick as they sat together on the sofa. Black sitting on my thigh was feeling mine. — Isn't his a fine prick?" said H. It had swollen again. The abbess felt it, chuckled and said. "Ain't it a beauty?" Then after feeling mine and patting H.'s haunches. — "Hasn't she a nice bum? — two pricks standing. — Oh! What a pretty sight," and then she left the room.

We put on chemises and shirts, for hot as it was, in our climate long continued nudity often causes chilliness. Talk of prick and cunt and fucking them went on, and of but little else, every now and then feeling our pricks and cunts quite indiscriminately, he mine, I his, lifting shirts and chemise at times to gratify our eyes, H. now feeling his and mine at the same time, H. lolling baudily on a sofa with him, B. and I lolling upon the bed.

More champagne and more pissing. I held his tool to see the watery spout. Then we placed the women against the bedside with bums towards us, to compare the beauty of their notches, then slapping their buttocks with our pricks, pulling the hairy lips apart, tickling the stripes with tongues, and other lascivious whims and fancies, our passions were soon roused. H. said, "Let's fuck," — before we men were ready. — I knew the lot of spending she could give, the fucking she needed when in rut as she was today — the day long anticipated and prepared for. — Again all stripped and went to the soul stirring, delicious, sexual embrace. The embrace when man and woman are angels to each other, tho the power of fucking is the gift of every animal in creation, is the function of a beast. But how Divine the pleasure in body and mind when doing it.

"I won't fuck yet I'll gamahuche," — said I, wishing to husband my sperm. H. ready, opened her thighs, and my tongue tickled her till she went off shrieking in her voluptuous delirium. She was frigging B. with one hand, holding Fancy's prick — which now again stood nobly — with the other. — H. and I suggested all, he seemed passive but ready. — "Gamahuche me," said she to him directly I had given her pleasure. Down he knelt and licked her vulva which she'd only wiped. She didn't disguise her pleasure, gave way to it with all its delirium of movements and words. "Oh — God go on — ahrr — feel his prick — is it stiff?" I felt his rigid staff with lascivious delight. — "Stiff as a poker." "Ahaa, — I can see you — aha — frig it." — I did. — "Aha, I shall spend — don't make him — spend. — Aha — spunk — fuck," — and again her cunt gave out its pearly juices whilst violently she frigged Black who lay on the bed next her with head turned towards, and watching her raptures. Up he got with moistened lips, and without a word plunged his big pego up her, she nothing loath. I watched them for a while, then looked beneath his ballocks which was ample in size, well wrinkled, then took it in my hand and squeezed it gently. A shudder of delight passed through him. "I'm feeling his balls. — Suck my prick, Black dear." — "I want to frig her," said H. —"No, come." — B. came and stooping took the red tip of my pego into her mouth, and tongued and licked and played with it, whilst I held his balls, looking at H.'s face. And he fucked on till her heavenly smile came. Then he groaned lightly and again filled her vulva with his sperm.

Taking my prick from out B.'s mouth I pushed it between his buttock furrow, till it touched his ballocks — out came his prick, and at once I went between H.'s thighs, caught up her drooping legs, and rushed my prick now bursting with desire, up her lubricated cunt, overflowing again with his mucilage. She laughed aloud now, and so did he. Champagne was doing its work, all modesty, if we'd had any, was gone. I thrust and thrust, glorying in its lubricity, in being in the soft avenue his prick had quitted. — B. sprang on the bed. — "Show me your bum," said he. — With her buttocks turned towards him. — "Fuck me so," said she. — But he'd just spent, and to see me fucking was his pleasure. He hadn't washed. — "Let me feel your prick," said I. — "Let me feel it," cried H. with excited eyes. Relinquishing one of her legs I grasped his tool — a fine big handful even now — and pulled him by it close to me. H. put the leg I'd dropped up and resting on his haunch. Then feeling him, looking at B.'s little black haired notch pouting red from between her buttocks, I fucked and spent, and that randy devil H. spent again.

"Why didn't you fuck me?" said B. angrily, as I pulled my prick out of H.'s cunt. She was a little elevated and quarrelsome. — "Gamahuche her," said H. who sat up looking now fatigued in her eyes — no won-der? — "You didn't spend with me," said I. — "I'll swear I did." — I knew her force, her stirring lewedness, but liked to tease her so. I pushed her back and put my fingers up her cunt, whilst watching B., who in a temper pushed Fancy off, who was gamahuching her. "You don't do it nice." — We all laughed. — "Fuck me." — "I can't yet," said he. — "I'll frig my-self, let me feel your prick." H. got off the bed. — B. layed herself lengthwise on it, and felt his prick he standing by her side, whilst she frigged herself. Then — "Fuck me, I hate frigging," and getting off she rushed to the champagne. — There was none. — "You have had enough," said H. — "I haven't, and you've had all the fucking." — "What if I have?" — H. was on the pot pissing as she spoke. — Then was a wrangle, in which H. told B. she'd come there to help to amuse us, and might leave if she liked.

More champagne, Black got quite screwed and outrageously baudy, mad for prick. We were all getting screwed and Fancy particularly so. An hour ran away, H. wouldn't minette me or him. — "Gamahuche me B., and when stiff I'll fuck you," said I. — "No, you fuck me whilst I gamahuche him." — H. was then handling F.'s tool but relinquished it. I laid on the bed and B. minetted me to rigidity, then I tongue tickled her quim a little, then on the bedside kneeling over her, she sucking me, Fancy fucked her, looking at my rump, H. looking on and feeling his ballocks from behind.

"Suck on," I cried. But B. who had before half frigged herself spent and let go my prick leaving me un-finished. — "He's a fine prick," were the first words she uttered. — "He has," said H. eulogistically.

More champagne and sweet cakes sent for. "Let's fuck on the bed, side by side." — "All right, I'll piddle first." — "Do it in the basin." — "All right." — Both women ready for anything, mounted the bed and pissed in basins, we watching the streams. — Black lost her balance, fell back, and tilted over her basin towards the bedside. — We pulled her up to the bed edge and she completed her shower. — Then he held the basin under B.'s bum, whilst he opened B.'s cunt lips, and I pissed against it. All this with laughter and shoutings — all lewed to our backbones. The abbess came up, said we were making a dreadful noise, and some friends of hers were below.

A little quieted, soon after we put both our pricks into both cunts, and talked about that. Then we mounted the bed, he flicked H., I fucked Black, both couples side by side and close together. We had fancies even then, and lying on the top of them felt each other's woman, and showed our pricks. — Then encouraging each other baudily, we fucked till we spent amidst a chorus of lustful words. Just then in came the abbess, again, and smacked my rump as I was lying on B., and giving her the last wriggle with my prick.

Then we had tea — then more wine — and again in-cited each other to further exercise. — Groggy, weary, fucked out all, yet lewed still, we kissed all round and then left one by one, I first, and never shall see the like again. — It was an orgy.

At our next meeting, H. and I talked about nothing else, particularly of Black's sauciness and of F.'s propagator. "We had B. to amuse us, and suppose she hadn't been fucked at all," said H., and — "Hasn't he a fine prick?" She wished we could have it all over again. — "Philip's prick gives you just as much pleasure." — "Yes, but I like to feel a big one" — I reproached her for what she had done, for the risk she ran of destroying her position and happiness. — "He'll be always after you." — She replied that it wouldn't mat-ter, that they were going to move miles away, that he was going to America. But she was frightened, and would never see him again she said [so it eventuated].

[All the erotic whims which two men and two women could do together in five hours, I think we did. This part of the narrative is just as it was written at the time.]