Vol. 11 Chapter VI

At a Lancashire seaport. • A millhand. • The last night of harlotting. • At the brothel. • Singular beauty. • Singular history. • Two frisky workmen. • Caught by a rope. • Lewed talk. • Lewed wants. • A handy coffee shop. • One pleasured, one pained. • Another flagellation at the Abbess's. • A straight haired cunt tonsured. • H.'s letch for novelty. • The barrister gratified. • Fucking in masks.

In late autumn this year I was at a Lancashire sea-port town, and at about five o'clock one afternoon, wandering about looking at the shops, noticed a well made, well grown woman, with an absolutely lovely face and marvellously clear complexion — tho perhaps too white — who was sauntering along doing the same. I stood close to her whilst she looked at a bon-net shop, but she took no notice of me. Was she a har-lot or not, wandering about alone? I'd had no sexual desire before, now in a minute it overwhelmed — de-sire for her.

She was dressed like a genteel, poorish, middle class woman excessively plainly, but the dress was worn with such an air of distinction, that for the moment I chased the idea of her accessibility. — I followed her a long distance noticing the swing of her haunches, and the way she placed her pretty feet which were visible - for her petticoats were short. — Her boots tho neat were common and thick. She took no notice of passers by, nor they of her. She cannot be a strumpet thought I, but a handsome offer may get her if she's poor. — But where take her to? For I knew no place. Abandoning half formed intentions, yet with a voluptuous pego I stopped, and just then she turned round and re-traced her steps, meeting me, looking casually at me just as any other woman might. I turned round and followed her, still with undefined intention.

Again she stopped at a shop. I stopped too and re-marked that what she was looking at was pretty. She quietly looked at me and agreed that it was. Her manner made me now think she was to be had. She walked on and I did by her side. — "How lovely you are, let me go home with you." — "Ah! No — impossible — good day Sir," and she turned round. Yet there was some-thing in her manner — I knew not what — which faintly bespoke the courtezan.

With hope I turned round also, and walked by her side repeating my wish, asking her to have a glass of wine, and so on. — She begged me to go, was waiting for a friend, it would do her harm if she were seen walking with a gentleman. — Yes, she expected him every minute. — "I wish I were he, I'd give a couple of sovereigns to be half an hour with you." She stopped short at once and looked at me. "A couple of sovereigns! That would be a help to us just now." — She said this as if reflecting, as if speaking to herself. — Then again she walked on, I keeping still by her side but keeping silence.

"Don't come with me, I'm expecting my lad." Then she hesitated, then went on. "If he doesn't come by this, he can't come for two hours — tell me the time." — I did. "An he come, we'll be off together at once, if not and ye'll give me two sovereigns, ye may, but I ain't got no lodgings, I've given them up, for I'm off tonight and for good."

Then she said she must wait full ten minutes to make sure, she'd walk up and down, I was to wait at the corner of a street she pointed out, then if her lad hadn't arrived she be with me. — She spoke in broad Lancashire dialect, which I do not attempt to imitate, and which at times I could scarcely understand.

Never did ten minutes seem so long to me. — I counted every minute in a fever of impatience, pictured her secret charms to myself, wondering at split, motte, thighs, whether she'd fuck well, and if she wanted fucking. At times I furtively felt my pego which kept rising and falling with lust, and feared I should not have her, for full ten minutes had passed when she appeared. "Where shall we go?" said I. — "I've no lodgings now and only know a poor place about here." — I would have gone to a pig sty with her, and in five minutes the poor place held us. It was a little obscure house in a court, almost a cottage, with two rooms for hire, but the bed room was comfortable with a good fire.

"My lad can't be here for two hours and a half now, there be'ant another train yet, and ye'll gie me two?" said she the instant the door was closed. — My reply was to produce the coins and put them into her hand. — "It will do us a power of good just now, and ye'll be the last." — "Why?" — "I'm going away to night to be married." — I scarcely heeded what she said being so impatient for my pleasure, and put my hand up her petticoats. She repulsed them, and I thought for the instant she was going to bilk me.

Not the first time that idea has come over me when with a gay woman. "Let's feel it." — "Wait a bit, you shall, don't fear." Composed in manner and as unlike a harlot as possible, she took off bonnet and jacket most carefully and then sat down. "Let's feel your cunt." — "I will." Stooping I pushed my hand up her petticoats, and felt the silky fringed notch. — "Ye're in a hurry" — laughing. "Take your things off and let me see your cunt." — "You shall. — you shall, — never fear — wait a bit." Slowly she took them off — I di-vested myself of clothing and showed my prick. — "Ohooo," she whispered, and stopped undressing. "Take them off." — "What, all? — There" — and she stood naked.

A more beautifully made woman I never saw, and for a minute was speechless with admiration, then folded her in my arms, kissing, extolling her loveliness, pressing my stiff prick against her belly with mine. — Then, — still both standing — my fingers were titillating her love seat, when quietly her hand stole down and clasped my pego, and so we stood silent, I'd roused her passion. "Let me see it." Without reply, on to the bed she got and laid with thighs apart. A hurried look at the pretty groove, a sniff a kiss on the motte, a finger thrust rapidly up and down the moist avenue. — "Let's fuck" — next minute we were embracing with voluptuous gentle sighs, my prick enclosed in her lubricious cunt and gliding up and down, our bodies one; and ah too soon, came tightening of her cunt around my prick, which throbbed and spent, and we lay quietly in each other's arms in soft repose. Then soon after. "You enjoyed it?" a foolish question but I always put it. — She made no reply, but patted my arse cheeks in an affectionate, coaxing manner.

I uncunted at last and she "It's cold. — Let me put on my chemise." She did, we rose, pissed, washed — the usual routine — then sat by the fire — tho it wasn't very cold weather. — She asked me to give her "a glass." — "What?" "Whiskey." — That was brought. I'd been wearing a cape which now I put over her, and put on my own frock coat over my shirt, then drinking we sat and talked side by side. The ecstatic sexual em-brace cools desire, and for a time erotic curiosity is al-most dead, but it soon revived in me, and I began twiddling her quim. "I ain't in a hurry," said she then, told me her history, partly before, partly after our second embrace, but its told here continuously.

"Yes, a millhand, at a cotton mill." — At seventeen the young master "did me." Her father was an engineer at the mill, found it out soon after, kicked up a row, and a hundred pounds was given him as dam-ages, for the damage done to her virginity. — The money unsettled him, he drank a bit, she left the mill, worked then steadily at home for a while, and no one entered her preserve, and then, somehow she "longed for a bit," she supposed — and got fucked again. — "Yes, for love only," and then turned harlot. A young man in the mill also a mechanician, knew her history, knew her father, found her out, fucked her harlot wise, fell in love with her, then fucked for love and she also with him. She saved money, and he saved a bit, her father approved and gave up what he'd not spent in liquor, her seducer had promised twenty pounds when they were married, and they were going to marry and open a little shop at * * * * where he'd found work. — He was coming there now to meet her when I had, if he could get away in time, but certainly he would get away in time, but certainly he would come by the next train. Her box was at the station, she'd given up the key of her lodging — that baudy house was the only place she could wait in "till I meet my lad."

"I didn't mean to let you — I've not done it for a week and told him I wouldn't, but money will be so useful to us at a start." — "Oh don't — you'll make me queer." — "Oh, don't talk of him — come on and do it then." Lewed she was with talk, with titillation, and her feel of my shaft, and on the bed again we fucked. She wanted it more than before, as I guessed by her clasp, the way her tongue met mine, her squeeze of my buttocks, her heaves, quievrs and love sighs.

She was only eighteen and a half, yet her form was full and perfect as three and twenty. She'd the loveliest thighs, the sweetest little silky fringed notch, scarcely nymphae or clitoris — quite a young girl's cunt. — She was proud of her shape and willingly let me see all, de-lighted with my praise. Her manners were utterly un-like those of a whore. The hair on head and tail was light chestnut, no dark stain was on her bum furrow which was nearly as white as her buttocks, and they were ivory. It grew dark soon after I was there and we had candles — for which they charged extra — and I held one to the furrow to inspect her whilst she knelt on the bed. Then after a time unable to tail her a third time, I gave her pleasure with my tongue, and never licked a more delicate clitoris. She'd a face handsome in her bonnet, but it was far more beautiful without it. Her eyes were dark blue. — She hadn't the slightest look or allure of a strumpet.

The whiskey made her talk freely, and we had lots of time. Five shillings was her usual fee. — "For I don't dress like swell ones." — "No, not often ten — I don't like speaking to gents. — I've only been three months at the business and don't like it — nor the gals." "Why did I go to millwork? Father made me so as to look after me, he said, mother didn't want me to go. You may wait and see me with him but don't come near me, I'm quite sure he'll come for me. — I shan't tell him what I've done tonight, I wouldnt' ha' done it but we want money so." I waited in the distance, saw her meet and go towards the station with a decent young man, her lad evidently. — I've met from time to time some interesting harlots and this was one of them, so retain the narrative about her.

Late on a dull, moist, dark night in November, I was passing along a quiet street in a poor neighbourhood, when two women approached me singing and loudly laughing. They held a short rope between them, and as they came near, thinking them a common frolicksome and half screwed couple, I moved to the edge of the footway to let them pass. They larking, lengthened the rope, and caught and entwined me with it just below my hips, laughing heartily at their trick. — "We've caught you young man, what will you stand?" — It was close to a gaslamp, and seeing it was a handsome, bold faced woman who spoke. — "Stand my dear? — It won't stand any more, you've pulled it off with the rope, look for it." — I happened to have a hottish ballocks that night, and baudy replies came naturally — tho far from being young.

At that both laughed so heartily and I as well, and we standing close together — the rope still round me, — made such a noise, that some one on the other side of the way stopped to look at us. — "I can't see it," said the biggest and plump one, who looked about five and twenty. The other a slim, poor looking creature of about eighteen, only giggled, and then became silent. "It's between your thighs perhaps." — "Ho, ho, ho — it ain't you're wearing it still." — "He, he, he," giggled the slim one. — "No, between your thighs — let me feel there. — It was stiff and if I find it there I'll give you five shillings, and you shall put it back if you can, I can't go home without it." — "Ho, ho, ho — what?" — "My peg," — and I pushed at her clothes in the region of her cunt. — "Give me the five bob then and you shall." — "Polly — Polly — yer don't know what yer about," said the other remonstrating. — "His peg — ho, ho, ho," laughed the other.

They were game I saw, whores they didn't seem to be, but workers of a poor class and who decidedly had been drinking. That class doesn't mind baudy language, they hear enough of it. — "I call it a peg to ladies, but there's another name." — "Tell us." — "Polly — come along." — "Feel if it's on yer yet. — Ho, ho," and Polly laughed still, as untwining the rope she was putting her hands between the fold of my great coat, when the other pulled them away. "Polly — yer don't know what yer about." — "Shut up," — said Polly. "Come along." — "I shan't." "Let's have a glass of wine and I'll feel if you've got it about you dear," said I. — "You've got it right enough." — "Lord, so I have, and it's still stiff." — Then the other — named Sarah — again rebuked the elder, said she should go and was told she might, but, "Don't be a fool, come and have a drink with the gent," — which I'd offered. — "Follow us, there's a nice Pub around the next street," said Polly, who seemed to know the locality.

I was going to the pub, knowing that Bacchus helps Venus, and thinking I might somehow get into the plump one who'd excited my desires, when it occurred to me as not desirable to be seen by a chance medley of poor people, at a public house in a poor nieghbourhood now, and because she was so coarse and common — singular are my letches — and perhaps would have gone to the Pub, sooner than lose the chance of seeing what I knew was a spanking bum.. At the street corner was a poor looking coffee shop. "Let's go in here, they'll fetch us all we want," said I. — In we two went, the other loitered outside. — "I'll wait for you." — "Come in, don't be a fool," and in came Sarah.

They'd nothing but tea and coffee, but they fetched us liquor for which they charged highly. They sat at a table in a corner with me, the two drank gin and water, the eldest's tongue ran on incessantly, I chaffing baudily but without frank words, she delighted replying and looking in my eyes lustfully. Then under the table I grasped her large thigh outside her clothes, and nudged her belly. "Now, don't." — "It's there." — "It ain't." — "It is." — "What?" — "Don't, Polly," said the thin one again. — Just then in came one looking like a cab-man, who bought a roll and butter, and disappeared with it, but he'd eyed us so the whole time he was there that I felt uncomfortable, and so soon as he had gone, asked if they had a private room.

The mistress said "No," looked at the maid, and they held a conversation in a low tone. Then she said they had no private rooms, but there was one I might have till the house was closed. I accepted it, and we went up a narrow staircase to a bedroom. There the servant, "We don't let rooms, but this is it, five shillings — will you please pay first, Sir?" — I gave it her, the liquor was brought up, but Sarah wouldn't stop when she saw the bed. — "I shan't then — your agoin' on too far — yer don't know what yer doing." — Down stairs she went, and I was alone with the plump one. — "I'll take her some gin," said she, and pouring out half a tumbler, down she went returning alone, Sarah wouldn't come. "We'd best perhaps go down agin," said Polly thought-fully.

After seemingly a minute's reflexion, again she said, "Perhaps I'd better go." — "Nonsense, what did you come up here for?" — saying that I locked the door, closed on Polly, pushed her against the bed, and assaulted her privates. She'd so egged me on to baudy chaff and smutty suggestions, that I'd felt sure of having her, but as my hand touched her thighs she resisted, pushed down her clothes, pushed me away stoutly, laughing as if half pleased tho refusing, and squalling loudly. — "You shan't — don't now — a joke's a joke — I won't — I'm married." — "You're not — where's your ring?" — "Pawned." — "I will fuck you. "You shan't" and she scuffled as much as virtuous servants have done whom I've assailed similarly. I was so annoyed at my hindrance, felt so spiteful, that leaving off I angrily said, "You're not married, your linen's dirty, that's why you won't let me." I didn't mean it, but savagely wanted to offend her, to say something to annoy, and that came impromptu. I said much of the same sort, but all in the same strain.

"Dirty? Me dirty? Cleaner than you, I'll swear. Dirty! I'd wash my shift to rags rather than be dirty. — You have cheek. — Show me your shirt — look." — Saying that she turned up her petticoats to her garters, and I saw the stockings and all she had on was as white as could be, tho her ankle jackboots were muddy. — "Your cunt's dirty then." — "You lie, it ain't." "Let's put this up it," — pulling out my prick. — "Shan't." — But she looked at my cunt prodder which was in splendid force. She was lewed before, now leweder still and she laughed. I closed on her again, got my fingers on the soft slit with but trifling hindrance, and frigged away at it. — "Now don't — oh don't." Voluptuous sensations were conquering for me. — What woman can refuse a prick when the man's fingers have been in full possession of her cunt a minute? "Feel my prick." — She slid her hand down to it after twice saying, "Shan't" and in another minute it was up her cunt, as she lay at the bedside on to which I pushed and lifted her. Quiet, absorbed in carnal pleasure, the delicious crisis came on, and dissolved us, spending into immobility and silence.

Quietly she lay as holding up her thighs, nestling my pego into her, we looked into each other's eyes in silence, enjoying the carnal junction. Fucking is in its essential always the same, the idealities are everything, therein lays the charm of variety. I felt singular de-light in fucking this common woman whom I'd only seen half an hour. — It takes longer to tell than to act.

— Who might be married or single, or of any occupation, and whose cunt I'd not even seen. Relinquishing one thigh I pushed her petticoats up, and looking down saw a dark fully haired motte, the hair mingling with mine, and put a finger on to the clitoris — "Isn't fucking lovely?" — "Isn't it?" replied she.

Catching hold of her thigh again, I squeezed my belly well against hers, feeling my pego to be dwindling. "Has your friend been fucked?" "Dunno, but she has got a lover." — "Where's your husband?" — "God knows, on the tramp I suppose." — "You are married."

— She nodded. "Who fucks you now?" — "No one."

— "What a story." — She laughed, and it squeezed my cock out of her. Then we washed in the same basin, there was no towel, so shirt and chemise did duty.

Afterwards — "Show me your cunt." — "All right, I'm clean, — look," — pulling her clothes up to her motte, she let me see, saying how clean her linen was. I saw a cunt fat lipped, and full fledged. "No, I ain't had a child," said she, noticing my investigatings. — Another letch came on. "I'd give you ten shillings to see your friend's cunt, and she ten to show it." — She seemed surprized. — "Will you? Don't think she will." — "Try to get her upstairs." — "I will, but she's a stupid, don't say you've done it to me." — Saying that, she put on her bonnet and went downstairs.

The two had as said "had a drop" before I'd met them. They'd had gin since, Sarah had had a tumbler more than half full to drink whilst down stairs. Opening the door I heard much laughing, and Sarah appeared, pushed up stairs by Polly into the room. No sooner there than I told her I wanted to see her little quim and would give her ten shillings — I'd got their names pat. "Polly says then she'll show me hers."

Tho slightly screwed she refused and there was much talk. — "We ain't whores," said she. — Polly pulled her petticoats up to her garters, and then she pulled out my prick, again fairly stiff. — Both laughed at it. — Polly said, "It's getting late — will yer or won't yer ? — I'll show him mine if you'll show him yours." — "Sup-pose Jack hears on it." — "Jack be blowed, how can he know unless you tells him." — I put on the table the two half sovereigns and they eyed them. — "Will you now? If not we'll go." — "It's agoin' too far," said Sarah — I put the money in my pocket. — "You show him first." — "There, then," said Polly, putting her bum on the bed and exposing her charms. — The other chuckled. — "He, He, He, look at you." — "You have seen it before, come on, show it him." — She went to Sarah and pushed her up chuckling. "He, He, He" but she was yielding, and next minute was laying on the bed, petticoats up to her navel, legs hanging down, her crack just visible, whilst Polly in a similar position but with thighs well apart, lay laughing by her side.

I investigated the cunts of both, but the young one didn't like that. — "You've been fucked," said I. —"I ain't." — "She has," said Polly. — "I ain't been." — "I'll fuck you then." — "No, you shan't." — She roused herself and half got off the bed, I promised not to at-tempt it and got her to lay down again with cunt showing. "I'll fuck you then." — "All right," said Polly. Next second my balls were banging against her buttocks. — "Oh! If Jack ever heard," giggled the slim one. — "Jack be buggered," said Polly, heaving her rump responsively to my thrusts. Silent were all three now as I fucked, feeling Sarah's thin thighs and quim. — "Aha — fuck — cunt," I cried. — "Ahrr — Ahrr," sobbed Polly. — "Oho, you hurt," cried out the slim one. In the paroxysms of pleasure I'd hurt her cunt with my fingers.

"We'd better get home or there'll be a jolly kick up," said the slim one whilst still my prick was in the other's quim. — I was in a hurry also, uncunted, and in five minutes was out of the house, after giving the two half sovereigns. — They were not sisters they said, which was all I could learn, excepting that they'd carried something home between them tied up with the rope, and had had a drop with the money they'd got. I think they were laundresses.

I enjoyed this chance amour immensely, it was so different from the business-like fucking with a har-lot, price agreed beforehand. But how strange! As we met as strangers in the street, who could have imagined that they'd show me their cunts, and that one would be fucked twice within an hour. These impromptu amours are delicious.

A long time had passed since we saw the man birched, and H. and I wished to see another. The abbess said she'd try to arrange it, but some of her men strongly objected to be made a show of, tho one or two liked it. She didn't know when the exposants would come, or when we should be there, all was a mere chance, yet it was only on our being all there at the same time that it could come off. Three or four months ran away before it did. There one day, said the abbess, "If you'd like to see a birching to day, there will be a gentleman who likes to be looked at, but when I tell you, you must hold up your chemise and shew him your twatts, he'll see it, tho you may think he won't, don't speak a word and leave directly he spends."

H. wouldn't mask herself and went down with a lovely laced chemise only on. — I with a shirt on only but masked. Laying along a sofa, was a fair haired, bearded man whom I judged between thirty five and forty, with his face hidden by both hands. He was laying about three quarters on his belly, so that we could see his prick — which was not stiff — and balls. His shirt was tucked up to above his waist, his trowsers pulled down to his knees, and the whole of his backside and thighs were bare. We stood by his side and the abbess began. — Swish. She talked some nonsense to him, about her being the governess and correcting him, to which he made no reply. The swishing went on slowly at about a stroke a minute, gradually his prick elongated and the gland extruded itself completely, as his backside grew redder and redder. Then she struck more quickly. — "Ohoo," — he murmuringly whispered — "Ho —ho — I can't." — Swish. — Swish. — His backside began to oscillate, his prick rubbed between his belly and the soft white sheet which covered the sofa. Then as arranged, H., who stood nearer his head than I did lifted her chemise up to her navel, showing her lovely thighs and chestnut covered motte, she liked shewing it. I saw his fingers open so that he could look thro them at her, yet I couldn't see a bit of his face, he murmured something as if in pleasure, jogged his belly as if fucking, and his prick which I could see well now, shot out a lot of sperm on to the sheet. Then he ceased and laid quiet, she dropped her chemise covering her charms, and we both left. I paid for the sight, and dare say that the victim paid for the sight of H.'s nudity.

Miss R., the fat rumped, had long ceased to be seen, and Miss B. at times could not be had tho both of us liked her, for she was a demon at minetting, and with difficulty could be got away from H.'s quim when once her mouth was on it. She had also as said a lovely cunt in size, shape, color, and growth of fringe. So fucking her from behind whilst she gamahuched H. gave infinite pleasure to us all.

The abbess liked to introduce others and no doubt got paid for it. One day a Miss D**sy was named. --"Speaks three languages, has been kept, not long been gay, and now only on the quiet, quite up to fun." — So we had Miss D. a tallish, quite fair haired woman of say eight and twenty, a genteel woman who spoke French and German as I found, and who really knew much about Europe. She like all the others took a letch for H. — they all do — and of course I fucked her whilst minetting H. — the usual formula. But somehow her cunt didn't fit me at all, and I cared not about fucking her. Yet we had her several times, she was so conversable, and talked erotic philosophy in chaste language in the way poor Camille used, and for some reason or other — who can give reasons for letches tho we try? — the two women used to examine very curiously each other's cunts — a thing which usually H. did not care about doing, tho she'd frig any cunt near her when I was fucking her.

Miss D.'s cuntal fringe was silky but not very curly, and at half way down the sides of the lips the curls long. It continued so nearly round the division between prick hole and bum hole, and when she squatted to piddle — of course I made her do that, her cunt looked — as indeed it did when she stood upright or lay on the bed with thighs apart, — not unlike the end of a broom. I told her of this, saying it was ugly. — H. agreed with me.

Miss D. said she didn't like it and looked carefully at H.'s one day — whose lips as they die away towards her bum hole are slightly covered by the shortest hairs with a charming tendency to curl — I said that if D's were clipped short they would look nicer to me —tho perhaps not to others, for tastes vary. — It ended in my artistically trimming Miss D**sy's straggling cuntal fringe with the scissors. — Next time seen she was de-lighted, for the short hairs had actually curled partially, she examined them with a hand glass before us, and we without the glass. The beauty of her cunt was really enhanced by my tonsorial skill, and particularly when she knelt on the bed and we viewed her quim from behind.

Yet as her cunt after several trials didn't fit me, we discontinued seeing her. She was soon after again kept by a gentleman, the abbess said. — She was a conversable woman, and no doubt her cunt had found a suitable partner. — Some cunts never seem to fit me — others are delicious.

A couple of years nearly had passed since the erotic quartette. We often talked about it and H. wished we could play the same games again, but I had no such intention nor could afford it. I saw however from the tone our conversation took, that she wanted to have an-other man. "Shouldn't you like to see me fucked? I should like to feel your prick whilst he fucked me," and so on.

We talked so before the abbess one day, who said "and I know one who is dying to have her." Then it transpired that a frequenter of the house had seen H*** when going away one day, and had fallen violently in love with her. "Has he a big prick?" asked H. eagerly. The abbess said he had, that he was a gentleman, a barrister, but poor. We talked over this and agreed to have him. He was spoken to, and it was ultimately arranged that we should all be masked, and that he was to fuck H. whilst I was present. The big prick, the prick she'd never seen, made H. ready for anything, and she didn't disguise the pleasure that the novelty would give her.

This took some time to bring about, they never knowing long before hand, when habitues may arrive. One afternoon the abbess said as we entered, "He's coming, I've just got a letter and have sent for a lady for him, he'll consent to masks, or anything else to have your friend." We were a little startled at first. H. said she couldn't till she'd seen what sort of man he was. She wasn't going to let any ugly, old, common man have her.

When he arrived she went down to be introduced him, and came back approving, he was a fine tall handsome man of thirty and wanted to fuck her there and then. Her eyes glistened with lust, she had the exquisitely, voluptuous look in her face which she has when randy. I layed down the conditions. He was to be naked all but his shirt, I to see his prick, and feel it if I liked. — "No," said the abbess, "he won't allow that." — "Then he shan't have her." — Down the abbess went and returning said that I might feel him if I liked. — "Let him come," — said I impatiently. Up he came with mask on and soon divested himself of his clothes. H. without mask sat on his knee and pulled about a grand, stiff tool, triumphantly, whilst he fingered her quim. He was well made but rather hairy on his legs which I didn't like — many men are hairy legged.

Then she played one or two baudy tricks, and lastly turned her bum to him whilst he sat on a chair and got his prick up her. I sitting on a low chair opposite saw it hidden in her cunt, his balls hanging outside, his hands round her belly, one finger rubbing her clitoris. — "Aha, go to the bed," murmured he. He didn't at-tempt to disguise his voice as I did. To the bed they went where side by side she fondled his love staff, then he mounted her. — "You shan't fuck me with that on," said she, and suddenly pulled off his mask and dropped it on the floor. He cared about nothing now but possessing her, put his prick in her cunt rapidly, whilst she raised the thigh nearest the bedside high up, so that I who approached the bed could see his prick ramming between her cunt lips — see the in and out movement, an exciting sight.

He'd given some rapid strokes when I threw up his shirt to his waist, to see the wag of his buttocks which were white but nothing remarkably handsome, and I didn't admire a central furrow strongly haired up to his backbone, but the come and go of his priapean shaft pleased me. He gave a sigh of pleasure and then I laid hold of his testicles. — "Ho," said he with a loud cry, and with a violent start uncunted. "Don't do that." — "What is it?" said H., ceasing her bum wagging. — I told. — "Fuck me, put it in, let him feel them, you will like it." Before she'd said it all, his glowing tipped machine was again hidden, his balls wagged more than ever, soon the violent movement of her thighs and buttocks heralded her coming joy, and I heard, "Fuck dear — aha — spunk," and heard his murmurs of love. His ample balls were now soon steady over her bum-hole, and both were quiet. She with closed eyes enjoying the blissful oozings of her cunt, the soothing influence of spermatic injection, his buttocks moving with the slightest gentlest jogs, rubbing his tender gland within the innermost recesses of her sexual treasure, whilst I held his balls, he seemingly unconscious of it.

"Get off," said she. Without a word off he got. here she lay with overflowing cunt, thighs wide apart, looking lewedly at me who had withdrawn then to the bed's foot. Holding his tool as he got off of her, he picked up the mask, put it on, and went to the washing stand. H. lay with thighs apart and pointing to her cunt. I had had no intention of having her so, had said so, but the sight overwhelmed me. Going to her, she moved herself to the bedside silently, knowing the de-sires she'd evoked better than I, filled with luxurious desires herself. Next second my pego was engulphed in her lubricious avenue, I rammed like a steam engine, her eyes glared at me with lust, and both spent almost directly, whilst still he was soaping and slopping his privates, never looking round till she'd got off the bed and I stood looking out of the window. I must have spent in a minute, never had I spent more rapidly wrought up by what I had seen. Then I sat down whilst he was pulling on his trowsers.

He said not a word and would I think have left, but H., — "What do you put your things on for, ain't you going to have me again?" "Oh yes, if you will." — "Take your trowsers off then and give me a bottle of champagne." He did — we'd been already drinking champagne.

Again we talked and drank. She washed her cunt, again sat on his knee, played with his pego, never ceased handling it, shewing it to me. — "Feel it, isn't it a fine one?" — "No — no," said he sharply — "you said you would let him feel it." I felt modestly the gristly elastic propagator and then he felt mine. They kissed and toyed, his fingers on her cunt. He whispered something. — "Had I fucked her in his sperm?" — she told me afterwards. — She'd answered, "No." — So drinking and talking, at intervals she feeling both our pricks at once, time ran away and his prick grew stiff. Then at her request he took his clothes into an-other room, remaining in his shirt and socks, and again fucked H., whilst again I held his balls, and then he left. We afterwards enjoyed each others genitals, she had her fourth spend, and with my spunk mingled with his in her cunt, we slept for a few minutes.

The abbess came into us. He was about leaving and had been extolling H.'s charms who wanting to see him before he left, quitted the room and was gone sometime. Returning, "He's fucked you again." — I saw it from the lascivious circles round her eyes and from her manner. "Yes," — said she in a half shamed way, "and he never made me a compliment." — "Did you ask him?" — "No, but he might have done so, he's had me three times." I, half disgusted and a little screwed, — "I'm glad he didn't, am surprized you wish to be treated as a whore. — You wanted a change, a fresh prick, a big one — be content." She was very angry with me for saying "Whore" and I was with her for desiring money. — The old leven was in her still, she wanted her pleasures but to be paid for them. No doubt, the abbess got money tho she said he'd only paid for sending for the other woman and his room.

H. said she believed he'd given the abbess five pounds, and that he might have given her half a dozen pairs of gloves. A month afterwards the abbess said he was there and wanted H. but I wouldn't let her, nor did she wish to go, and never saw him afterwards.

"Fuck me," said H. a quarter of an hour after. — "I cannot." — "Try." — "I can't." — She was in full rut, one of her lascivious frenzies was on her — her eyes were voluptuous, were wildly luminous with sexual passion — but oh! So beautiful. — Laying hold of my pego she frigged it but uselessly, then talking all the time about his prick, ever and anon thrusting her tongue into my mouth, lascivious enough to stir a dead man, — she was partly screwed which increased her recklessness. — "Lick my cunt then." — "Piss then." — "Let me piss in your mouth, I've done so." — "I wouldn't." — "Lick me then." — I began. — "Suck my prick, my darling, till its stiff, and then I'll fuck you." — Voluptuous thrills ran thro me as I tasted the salt of her cunt. "I can't, I don't know how, I never have, but I will kiss it," and she kissed it from bum hole to tip. Then in her raging lust she yielded to my repeated wishes, into that lovely cherry lipped mouth went my prick, whilst with my nose up her vagina, I licked her clitoris as she knelt over me and clasped her ivory buttocks. — It took effect — the gentle rub of her mouth, the smell of her cunt. — "There — it's — stiff — fuck me now." — Agile as a monkey, she got from off my mouth on to her back, and lay with thighs wide apart, shewing the crimson gap. — She had her way. — I fucked her long, long, deliciously, whilst twice she spent to my one libation.